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  1. marty14


    replace all bushings! take pictures before you take it apart so you can assemble correctly
  2. marty14

    Another one bites the dust

    4463002 is the rear fascia or bumper cover 425.00 NOS plus shipping I have all the other parts that got with it too if you need any of those 480 966 6683
  3. marty14

    Help finding ignition points screw

    here is what happens when you NEVER throw anything away even though I have no use for them: 1969-73 I owned seven D-24 1946-48 Dodges....wish I still had the business and club coupes now............ here's the distributor SPECIFIC screws I still have from that time long ago and yes they all had enlarged heads do any of these seem to be one that you need? 500.00 each (these are platinum plated) plus 50.00 postage and sent in a brown bag by DHL or FREE if you send me an envelope/postage many times people have claimed I have a loose screw and here is proof!! 480 966 6683 call me!!!!
  4. 1855238 NOS VALVE ROCKER ADJUSTER SCREW 1959-1983 6 Cylinder Have 101 of these at 2.30 each plus shipping 480 966 6683
  5. marty14

    George laurie

    just takes forever and doesn't answer emails lousy way to do business
  6. marty14

    Heater Core

    no workie!!!!!
  7. fits:1939 Dodge, Desoto, Chrysler
  8. 1621069 Deluxe 1955 Chrysler Deck opening nameplate have 2 26.00 each chrome is perfect 1866626 Custom Qtr panel nameplate 1959 Plymouth NOS 30.00 used and perfect 16.00 1540170 Park Lens 1954 Plymouth have 4 NOS 17.00 each 1598208 (molding on the right side) Right rear window belt molding 1955 Chrysler 2 door 15.00 used and perfect 1494416 (molding on bottom) 1954 Desoto Left Front Fender Deflector NOS 28.00 have 2 and one used (pictured) 17.00 480 966 6683 I have other parts for Mopars in the 1930s up to the present
  9. post it here also
  10. I have part books going back to 1936 and up to 1999 which I believe is the last year for printed books. Most of the ones in the 1980s on up are NOS. They are heavy and without binders. The truck books and the car books are separate. The truck books tend to be more than one year i.e. 1984-86 trucks are combined. Rarely are the passenger cars more than one year. I also have a massive collection of owners manuals, accessory books, superseded books, sales brochures, shop manuals, promotional items and other assorted factory literature from the 1930s up to the present. NOTE: Accessory books often have lots of numbers not in the regular part books. Also have a huge amount of part books on microfiche and one reader too......yeah I know REALLY old technology. If you need something let me know the Year & Model and I can let you know what I have for it. 480 966 6683
  11. #1064662 8 Cylinder Water Pump 1941-42 Chrysler 125.00 plus shipping is best 480 966 6683
  12. Dana Bros. Dodge early 1950s to the mid 1970s 1st dealer I ever bought parts from. Still have the 1946-48 Dodge part book they gave me as I was in there endlessly pestering them about parts for my D24 coupe I bought in 1969 Phillips Desoto/Plymouth was a garage in the early 1970s when I went in there and they still had some NOS then. most of these are the Phillips dealer receipts all of them have 2 carbon papers in them The box weighs about 10 pounds that they are in how about 20.00 for all of them plus shipping????? 480 966 6683
  13. marty14

    seat control buttons

    4221983 switch used 1984-91 3 buttons if I remember got lots of them if your mountings are broken
  14. marty14

    89 TC Grill

    sent you a PM on those
  15. marty14

    89 TC Grill

    Grille parts: 4463078 grille 4463079 grille frame or molding 4463080 grille seal 4463086 grille medallion have all of the above NOS