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  1. Ghostly, you are of course absolutely correct. It goes to show why people think our TCs are LeBarons. An additional large give-away is the lack of the tonneau cover, though the antenna on the left quarter panel just adds to the fact. I first saw the photo on my i-Phone and replied with a congratulation too quickly. My excuse, "I just came from the eye doctor" he declared me "Blind in one eye and can't see out of the other"
  2. Replacing the gear/s in the odometer motor is a job for someone who has done it before, successfully! Replacements from Larry or having yours repaired through Larry is one way. Otherwise, be sure that the person you find locally is experienced with this sort of repair. Many foreign cars have the same issue and some foreign car repair shops that deal with BMW or VOLVO cars could be able to help you.
  3. This is a common condition that occurs when the TRANSAXLE CONTROLLER has been replaced with an UPGRADED one. The replacement controller itself is accompanied with instructions that tell you what to do if this occurs. It is a matter of 'CUTTING' and taping back the #49 conductor (wire) under the cover of the 60 way connector at the transaxle controller.
  4. I might add, for those of you YOUNG ONES who have 8Valve TCs with a lot of miles and even low miles and engines that have not had the head gasket replaced EVER or in the LAST 10 YEARS, I would recommend that you think HARD ABOUT the wisdom of upgrading because higher boost increases both the combustion chamber pressure in your engine AND 'YOUR FOOT TO WANT TO STAND ON THE 'LOUD' PEDAL LONGER'. Just a little advice from an OLD guy who knows better! This in no way is meant to discourage any who have engines that are up to the additional internal pressures produced by the additional boost and the RPM you will be running these 'old' engines at.
  5. Have you had the transmission controller replaced lately? If so, there is an easy fix for your question? Send me a message through the PM process here. Thank for your question.
  6. Rinnie, you are a Buick guy and here you send us all the sightings of TCs, that's pretty good! Thank you. We better get busy and look for Reattas.
  7. Thanks Ronnie, that is a great picture on your flat-screen. 👌
  8. Try calling them. Tell them BRISTOWS Auto Repair in Washington State purchased an evaporator from them within the last 2 months.
  9. A friend replaced an evaporator core with one purchased through VINTAGE AIR which fit perfectly.
  10. I once bought an Evaporator Core for a job I was replacing the heater core in a TC. I chose not to use it due to being a poor fit. I hope you can find something that is a better fit.
  11. You have answered your own question already. Replacing the AC core is the smart thing to do and be done with it. The good thing is that you already know the drill.
  12. Thank you Marty Mopar for your diagram of the cable routing and the OE MOPAR Part numbers.
  13. "I assume, in order to replace the entire Parking Brake Cable section, I have to get all these components, correct?" If you wish to replace the cable from the foot lever (RAYBESTOS BC93822), the cable (RAYBESTOS BC93471)going to the 2 cables that run to the brake calipers, as well as those 2 cables, then the answer would be No, the bottom cable (ACDELCO 18P575)) is a repeat of the top cable (RAYBESTOS BC93471), and you would need 2 of the (REAR) (RAYBESTOS BC93583) cables.
  14. I would choose the word, remove it CAREFULLY. Maybe this photo will help a little as to where the fasteners would go. This was done in 2011, so I cannot tell you more, it's just a matter of looking for all the fasteners, it takes a little patience.
  15. You should never send anything like that which is removable when you have anything rebuilt, re-housed or whatever.
  16. Just purchase a ‘variable load’ flasher, at any major parts store.
  17. For those of us who never ruined a retainer clip that bad, recognizing it was not so obvious. If you would have bent it around to approximately its original shape we might have recognized it immediately, but after straightening it out, not that easy.
  18. EXACTLY the question I would ask. 😂😂😂
  19. Listen Reaper, 🤣 I’m listening to NASCAR ‘The Morning Drive’. 😩 Everyone crying about Kyle B. 🤭 I think your engine compartment looks “GREAT”. You have kept us posted on nearly every bolt turned. I hope you will really enjoy this unique car, you did a great job!
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