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  1. I sent E-mails to Martin and Larry but haven't heard from either yet. I think I found one with a guy on the TC Facebook page.
  2. I have a floppy passenger side headlight because of the broken part in these photos. In the one I am pointing at where it goes, which you access by removing the cornering light housing. Any ideas where I can get one? I sent E-Mails to Martin at Arizona Parts and Larry at TC parts a couple of days ago but haven't heard back yet.
  3. Ok One front one also burnt out and one socket was intermittent. I bent the center electrode to make better contact with the bulb and they all work now.
  4. I just started looking into it today. Both front side marker bulbs were bad. They work now. Both front park light bulbs are ok and I stopped there. Ill be testing for 12V and grounds on my next day off. I pulled the bumper to make it easier to get to everything, including getting WD-40 onto the front marker housing bolts. Very rusty but they came out ok.
  5. Hello all, None of the parking lights in the front end of my '91 are working. Everything else works including the front turn signals and cornering lights. Someone on Facebook said that there was an article about this in the Newsletter some time ago but couldn't remember when. Has anyone else had this issue and more importantly, cured it? I know the wires to them are black/yellow and green but I haven't gotten into this yet. Thanks in advance.
  6. I bought 207610 last month. Original owner in CA owned it until 2013. I am the fourth owner. Information listed is correct. The car is in incredible condition.