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  1. If you aren't in a hurry watch ebay. I got a rebuilt complete unit for $600. I have also gotten 4 spare wheel sensors, two spare wiring harnesses, a spare relay box with relays, another spare accumulator, and two spare ATE TEVES control computers.
  2. www.odometergears.com They are nylon so they will last a lot longer than the originals. Get both, the big one and the little one.
  3. I had to replace the fuel pump in my '87 GLHS before the filter needed changing.
  4. Martin has them at Arizona parts.
  5. I ordered a new top and will be installing it when I have the time. I'll document everything and post it here. I'm going to use photos, not video, so you don't hear the colorful language that is likely to occur. I got the nice Haartz Stayfast canvas that is on it now, not the Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl that other Chryslers of the time had. Has anyone else tackled this? Any pointers?
  6. I'm staying original and bought spares just in case....
  7. Hemi nails it as usual. The car really was not overly expensive. It only had two direct competitors: The Buick Reatta, with less available power, and not as nice or nice looking as a TC at the same price, and the Allante, also with less available power and at $20K more.
  8. Yes, Two way speakers (woofer/tweeter} are listed as two speakers.
  9. I use Amsoil Premium Protection or Z-Rod in all my cars. Have for years. The V12 in my '90 750iL still looks new inside with 172,000 miles on it. The original owner used Amsoil too.
  10. My car came with a photocopy of the original window sticker but not the actual one. I did a reconstruction based on it and a color picture of anther one. If you haven't seen one, this is what they looked like.
  11. Does it still have the transmission cooler?
  12. Yes, but you can still buy them new if you have the $$$.
  13. Hey all. I am the one who picked up all the dealership stuff that was advertised here. I am planning on entering my car into the Survivor Tent at the Carlisle event and using the dealership signs to educate people about these cars. It would be nice to have a 16V car sitting beside mine. Anyone have a survivor 16V car that may want to enter it? To enter you need to E-Mail Mel K. Major at mkmajor@verizon.net.
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