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  1. Yes, but you can still buy them new if you have the $$$.
  2. Hey all. I am the one who picked up all the dealership stuff that was advertised here. I am planning on entering my car into the Survivor Tent at the Carlisle event and using the dealership signs to educate people about these cars. It would be nice to have a 16V car sitting beside mine. Anyone have a survivor 16V car that may want to enter it? To enter you need to E-Mail Mel K. Major at mkmajor@verizon.net.
  3. Mine has been replaced and I have a spare. In fact, the entire TEVES unit still looks brand new. I hadn’t posted it yet, but I cured this by simply bleeding the brakes. The fluid was pretty dark and there was definitely air in the system.
  4. You mean 61 year old, correct? If not, you are really kicking butt for an 80 something year old. I’m 59. Except for two BMWs, one of which, a 750iL I still daily drive, I have had nothing but Mopars too. Just got my first TC this year. It’s a real time capsule.
  5. This may have been posted before, but it's a far more fair article. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/1989-1991-chryslers-tc-by-maserati
  6. I haven't had a chance to check. I'm off on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  7. Hey guys. I am having an issue with the TEVES MK2 ABS system. Everything was fine until the other day. I was coming to a stop at a light and when I got almost stopped the pedal went almost to the floor and I had essentially no brakes. I lifted and hit them again and had brakes momentarily and then the pedal went down again. Driving along and hitting them hard seems to work fine, as does coming to a regular stop, until your foot has been on the pedal for a bit then it goes soft. ABS and Brake lights are both on and stay on. No signs of fluid leaking anywhere. All around the unit is dry as are a
  8. Hey guys. I have some money burning a hole in my pocket and I'd like to have one of the Miller Special Tools Antilock Brake Service Module test units for the TC's TEVES ABS brakes. Anyone have one laying around that they don't need? I have some troubleshooting to do now but I'd also just like to have one for any future issues.
  9. My TC has a brake issue. When I'm coming to a stop, just before completely stopping, I hear a clunk and the pedal drops and goes soft. Pumping them again helps. Hitting them hard or at speed causes no problem, it only happens at very low speed. When I start of again they're fine until I am almost at a stop again. Any ideas?
  10. I sent E-mails to Martin and Larry but haven't heard from either yet. I think I found one with a guy on the TC Facebook page.
  11. I have a floppy passenger side headlight because of the broken part in these photos. In the one I am pointing at where it goes, which you access by removing the cornering light housing. Any ideas where I can get one? I sent E-Mails to Martin at Arizona Parts and Larry at TC parts a couple of days ago but haven't heard back yet.
  12. Ok One front one also burnt out and one socket was intermittent. I bent the center electrode to make better contact with the bulb and they all work now.
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