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  1. I fount the plug in the firewall and got it pulled out after a little battle with it. Was beginning to think it went all the way to the trunk! The cable is catching on the floorboard somewhere when I tried to pull it out to the engine side. Guess i need to pull more of the lower console out. Thanks for the help.
  2. Trying to get the cable out of my 90 3.0 with A406 transmission. Any suggestions?
  3. Registering as an antique will save you money in FL. I use American Collectors Insurance.
  4. Going to add a ambient air cooler to my trans, but was thinking thru the radiator cooler first then ambient air cooler then return to the transmission. The return is on the top of the radiator cooler isn't it? Any thoughts?
  5. Working my way thru replacing lots of parts (mechanical), just because they are original. Should I do anything to upgrade the distributor from the original?
  6. looking for the stainless above the right rear wheel well please.
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