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  1. Maybe will help. Mine was converted long ago
  2. can someone remove this topreleasein1 post. Its for a flower design, not a car top.
  3. Hi shelbyone. Wow you worked on your car 20 days straight. Could you mention what you worked on and would you be willing to pass on some of that knowledge? I just drove my 89 900 miles, smooth as silk.
  4. Some where I saw a list of all the lift supports for a Chrysler TC. I have an early build and a later 90. Can someone please list what to look for. Or tell me where this list is? Any names to steer away from? Thanks Mr Wild Bill
  5. Where did you get your hood? I could use a good black one. Not many parts Cars in Colorado.
  6. I just opened this one. I was wondering if you had your pull down assembly installed?
  7. Don't have a 16v, but this is picture of my 90 v6 where push rod goes to.
  8. It's better to start your own post, and not put your question on something unrelated. For parts there are TCParts.com, Arizonaparts.com. Also put on your own post not this one the parts you want, many people have some car parts. Also more car info like engine, car color, last numbers of vin. And last welcome.
  9. Hi TC KER, I am no car repair guy, but wonder if a low ac charge would cause this?
  10. Welcome Jaah. The tools I use most are this forum, anything Hemi says, and newsletters from the TC America club.
  11. Door Armrest padding needed because it corners on a dime.
  12. This pink one 5319 is not on the vin list
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