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  1. Solved my hard brake problem, replaced accumulator received from vonblood, brakes working fine, so far, brake warning light no longer comes on. Thanks to all for the help.
  2. Would like to purchase the accumulator for sure and would also purchase the other components if the pump is working properly, is it? Would like to correspond with you with email, my address: tiger.185709@yahoo.com.
  3. Would like to acquire an accumulator if someone has one available, or know where I can obtain one. I will be doing an online search but from what I've heard they are very hard to find, if at all. Want to try to repair my system before trying to replace it.
  4. Question, what component in the brake system would be the most likely cause of the "hard brake" condition or is it a situation where the failure of any one of the components are equally subjected to failure? Also, what other vehicles besides the 89 Lebaron that have a brake system that will fit the 89 TC?
  5. What are the details regarding the acquisition of a "standard brake system"? What brand, what sources, are component part numbers required, etc. , any estimated cost info would be appreciated. I'm having brake problems also. My tc is 89, 4 cyl, SOHC.
  6. Checkmate, what were the specifics that led you to having to replace your accumulator. I'm having brake problems (see my post) also.
  7. Brake light suddenly started coming on as I applied my brakes. I also hear a clicking noise as I apply my brakes which I assume to be the switch that controls the light. Checked my fluid and was ok. I did notice a small accumulation of fluid (don't know what type) under the engine. If it is brake fluid, this could be related to my problem, maybe a leaking hose or component. Will be doing some troubleshooting in hopes of finding the problem. Would appreciate any inputs of anyone who has experienced this problem.
  8. Pickup coil brand name was Standard, made in Mexico, and thanks to all for the additional info.
  9. Want to thank all the members who helped me finally solve my starting problems, after replacing many parts as indicated in my previous posts, it turned out to be a faulty hall effect coil in my distributor. I replaced that component at the very beginning of my problem but still no starting. Turned out that that component was, unbeknown to me, bad right out of the box. It caused me replace other components that were perfectly ok. I can only say I learned a valuable lesson, brand new components can be totally faulty. Thanks again for all the help and concern.
  10. Thanks Dude, the rotor do'es turn and engine sounds like it has compression, I ordered a new pick-up coil and hope that is the problem.
  11. Tach does not bounce or move, will replace HEP, hope that solves the problem. Codes were 12 and 55, which I checked previously and didn't give any info.
  12. Anyone know the testing procedures for the hall effect pick-up coil for 89 TC, SOHC, 4 Cyl turbo? Have a no-start, no-spark situation and trying to determine the cause, already changed out various components as indicated on previous posts, now starting to re-troubleshoot to determine if any of the new components are faulty.
  13. Factory SMEC ok, assuming it has the 14 and 60 point plug-in receptacles.
  14. Will check out everything you specified. Have question, would any of these conditions prevent output voltage (no spark) of coil even though I have 12 volt power at the primary terminals on the coil during starting?
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