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  1. Mark_Blodgett

    Heater Core

    That was a cool video, I worked up a sweat watching, so I am going to make a few martini's. ? Everything working now?
  2. Mark_Blodgett

    New to the group

    Welcome to the Club Canadian Girl. You will enjoy the newsletters.
  3. Mark_Blodgett

    15 TC's for sale!

    Price is a bit high, maybe some one who has the space could offer 8 thousand? How many are in great shape? I love my 91 T/C do not need 15.
  4. Mark_Blodgett

    Fuel door levers for sale

    good info to remember. Many members are always looking. Good job.
  5. Mark_Blodgett

    trunk struts

    go down 5 letters and look in the one listed Labron Wagon. You will find the answer "Lift Supports Depot. Com
  6. Mark_Blodgett

    Lebaron wagon

    I have used them, very reasonable, nice people.They replaced all my struts on the T/C . Hood, Trunk, Tire compartment.
  7. Mark_Blodgett

    Brass Nameplate

    If you have the old plate with another person name on it, take the plate to a trophy shop they can smooth the old name off and put your on it.
  8. Mark_Blodgett

    Restoring leather seats

    I have sheepskin seat covers over fifteen years on my 91 T/C. They look as good today as they did when I bought them,(cool in the summer/ warm in winter). I think it gives a richer look to the car, top up or down. As you get older the comfort feels better. Good Luck.
  9. Mark_Blodgett

    89 tc 2.2L4 turbo problems

    If everything is running keep it and drive it. More fun than you can manage. As for size take the top off easer to get in and out . You'll get use to it. Take it from a round man 350lb. It's my daily driver. Cosmetics come second year around. Keep the car and enjoy it.
  10. Mark_Blodgett

    Trunk Problem

    I got mine from WWW.LIFTSUPPORTSDEPOT.COM or email LOU@LIFTSUPPORTSDEPOT.COM trunk supports run 40.95 pkg of 2.
  11. Mark_Blodgett

    Carlisle Shootout Success

    Congratulations from every T/C member and owner you did us proud, Your a Super Star.... Great job, Thanks for the info.
  12. Mark_Blodgett

    Engine shuts off

    I go north a lot to Santa Maria . Love to have coffee.
  13. Mark_Blodgett

    Engine shuts off

    Go out this weekend and drive that TC like you just stolen it from someone in East LA...... You will know if you fixed it correctly. Have fun and enjoy, glad to see you are up and running.
  14. Mark_Blodgett

    Avoid this Ebay Seller If You Can

    Maybe we should get a group of T/C members together and pay this guy a visit?
  15. Mark_Blodgett

    Porthole window

    Try using a small hand held hair dried on high heat. I would think it would warm it up enough to pry it off. Only a suggestion.