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  1. Where are you going that you need that much luggage space isn't the trunk large enough?
  2. Think it could be an old Mary Kay car, ?
  3. Have you tried WWW.LIFTSUPPORTSDEPOT.COM ? They carry all of them.
  4. Nice, I agree with you. Many cars i have had, my all time favorate is the
  5. I would take it to a upholster shop and have them just make a piece for the dash. Mine is shrunk, but it is under a black dash cover I bought years ago from Pep Boy's.
  6. Contact: Joseph Baca, Alameda,CA. 94501 @joseph.baca@yahoo.com He is the Bay area person
  7. Very good , it would be very helpful when you do it with the brakes. More RED the better for the person behind you to stop.
  8. Are you the same guy a few months ago that wanted to have the same run to Malibu and back via Mulholland Dr. and West Lake Village?
  9. Excellent video, almost wants me get into mine and drive to the East Coast. Well done , Thanks.
  10. Very good presentation , clean car. Nice job.
  11. I have had my windshield replace a few times (the Insurance co said it can be replaced every year at no charge). They have always had the right clips.
  12. That was a cool video, I worked up a sweat watching, so I am going to make a few martini's. ? Everything working now?
  13. Welcome to the Club Canadian Girl. You will enjoy the newsletters.
  14. Price is a bit high, maybe some one who has the space could offer 8 thousand? How many are in great shape? I love my 91 T/C do not need 15.
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