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  1. Very informative information. Good to know and keep a copy of it in my T/C folder. Thanks Jim.📁
  2. I hope this helps, Prices may have changed. This is a old flyer.
  3. You could try some thick weather striping .
  4. Jim, check "Lift SupportDepot.com." or call 866-969-5438 reasonable and in stock,
  5. You can go online " Lift Support Depot.com" or call them at 866-969-5438. They have them in stock , and very reasonable. I just got new ones for the hood.
  6. Napa carries a good line. I bought mine their and they also installed them FREE.
  7. Try Condon Skelly, phone # 1-877-371-9774, Email: CondonSkelly@yorksg.com Great rates, better than Hagerty(who I use to have some years ago).
  8. Right on Hemi. Tell it like it is. If you ever have owned a T/C or driven one, you would know what a comfort it is to drive in style, luxury, and class.
  9. OK guys, I like Hemi I buy the cheapest gas I can (regular) find. Highway speed 65-75 I get 30 mpg. Once a year I put a can or bottle of Chevron "Techtron" in. At over 200k miles (bought new) still runs great. I have seen Melcher, CHS, and other gas hullers fill the tanks at all major gas stations. So it's a crap shoot where you buy it anyway.
  10. Thank You. Better driven, than dead for 5 or 10 years.
  11. Where are you going that you need that much luggage space isn't the trunk large enough?
  12. Think it could be an old Mary Kay car, ?
  13. Have you tried WWW.LIFTSUPPORTSDEPOT.COM ? They carry all of them.
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