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  1. 69bird

    For Sale Metz parts

    Unfortunately no I am actually looking for an external engine Oiler for a 1906 Orient Buckboard I recently acquired if anybody has one, I would be interested
  2. I would suggest not wasting your time calling this guy. Very unprofessional. First two conversations he was very cordial, I explained I needed someone to move my sons car and some apartment items from LA to NY and provide the date that they needed to be picked up. He quoted a price and agreed to the load. He then sent a text confirming our conversation and quoted price. My son called the next day to provide measurements of all items and to confirm the date, he then said he couldn't fit everything because he was picking up other loads. When I called to discuss this with him, and that we discussed booking the whole trailer, he hung up Glad I found out now as oppose to the day he was supposed to show up
  3. Can help with delivery to Hershey this week Thanks Greg
  4. Thanks for the comments Still for sale
  5. I've decided to sell my Buick. I don't take it out much anymore, so it is time for someone else to enjoy Good condition. Runs well, Paint is about 10 years old, never any rust, but now has some scratches that should buff out. New mohair interior. New door handles and window cranks Exterior chrome is good. Still needs some finishing Car is located in Nanuet NY Send a pm with your email and i will respond Asking $15,000
  6. Does anybody know if the Waltham Museum is having their annual get together this year? If so, is anybody going? Greg
  7. Jerry, Have you thought about trying to make it to the Waltham museum this year. They usually hold a Metz get together in July. Maybe we can put together a small tour that week Greg
  8. I used gas tank sealer from Bill Hirsch Auto http://www.hirschauto.com/prodinfo.asp?number=GTS
  9. Hi Jerry, I'm sure someone a lot more knowledgeable then me will chime in here. But I did learn one thing when I was having the same problem. (i think this info is in an earlier thread) The drive plate should not be smooth, there should actually be circular grooves in it. I did learn that the drive plate can be flipped around. Remove all of the screws and you can use the other side. A couple of other things, yes, there should be a spring on the foot pedal, but I believe that is there to return the pedal to the "neutral" position. (pushes it back up) The drive plate is adjusted by the foot pedal. It angles the drive plate slightly to make more contact with the friction wheel. Only push down enough to make contact. the further you push it down the worse it is and then you start "smoking" I ahven't found the thread with more info yet. It may be in the Yahoo Groups Metz site. You can try there
  10. 69bird

    2013 METZ MEET July 13

    Thanks for posting Bill. So, who's going this year? Who is bringing their car? I have some spare parts I can bring, couple of spare engines if anybody is interested.