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  1. Our Catalina had a almost full Bonneville interior including the Lurex threaded full carpet. The things my Dad deleted off that was a aluminum strip across the center of the dash. the dash grab or assist bar on the dash and the most important part according to my Dad and he was adamant that the dash was steel - because my sister's 57 Ford Fairlane 500's padded dash sagged after 2 years. Although the car was raced in "A" stock in 59-60, my Dad did a lot of street racing and our car was a Tri-Power 389 so My Dad deleted the Tri-Power front fender badges when he ordered the car. The car came with a 3.08 Safety track for the street and a 3.90 and 4.10 for racing.
  2. Bloo you are correct ! The floor on a 50 G.M. "A" body, and probably "B" and "C" bodies as well are flat and you can whisk out the car in no time. A 1959 Pontiac has deep wells in the floor and the job is harder - so those cars are vacuumed instead. As far as carpet and rubber mats go; a 1950 Chieftain standard gets rubber mats all round. A Chieftain Deluxe gets carpet un the rear seating area only and rubber mats in the front, only the convertible and the Catalina Hardtops get full carpeting. On 59 Pontiac's, the Catalina get rubber floor mats / Carpet combination or mats sewn together, or the transmission hump gets the carpet part. Bonneville's / StarChief get full carpet with "Lurex aluminum thread" woven into the carpet. There are exceptions, my Dad ordered a 59 Catalina hardtop coupe out of the zone office with a NASCAR prepped engine, Police/Taxi HD 4 speed Hydramatic with a Bonneville tri color leather interior and a Bonneville only exterior color. About those window shades; They are a factory accessory for a 1950 Pontiac. They were in the accessory book for VW cars of the 50's 60's and 70's and They are in the Accessory book for 2021 NISSAN. I had to drive down to Phoenix yesterday from my house in Prescott and I saw a set on a new car.
  3. My Dad also carried a small Wisk broom ( still have it) in our 50 Pontiac. He did not carry it in our 59 Pontiac. Any Ideas why? John348 should know the answer.
  4. Pfeil


    Sorry Walt, I'm with JamesR here. Like= I refurbished this car so I can drive it safely. Or I refurbished the engine so I could drive it to work. I refurbished the door to close. Patina= a fine old, worn car that is at a point whether it can either be forgotten and go back to earth or has the potential to be a candidate for restoration.
  5. John, To prove a point about So. Cal's diversity a bunch of us guys in our H/S years set out to prove that point. On one day we surfed for two hours in Manhattan Beach, went to Marine stadium in Long Beach and water skied for a couple of hours, then drove to Mount Baldly and snow skied till dark. Point is, we did spend some time in snow.
  6. John, My Dad had those tire tracks in our 50 Pontiacs trunk, until now I never knew what they were for. Thanks!
  7. Garage music afterhours and a couple of cocktails = MITCH & MITCH of course! Mitch & Mitch - Live at Pohoda 2018
  8. first drive in restaurants is 1921. First cup holders in a Pontiac glove box lid is 1955.
  9. Contact Oldsmobile club of America or the National Oldsmobile Club. You might also find that information with members here like Joe Padavano or Rocketraider. Also ask your question on the OLDSMOBILE site here in the forums. Someone is sure to help you.
  10. I live in Prescott AZ. I am at 5,000 ft. elevation. I run 87 octane on all of my cars for 80% of the year. The only time I switch to 92 is in the heat of summer ( that's not all summer). The new NISSAN's (2) run 87 all year round, the two mid 60's VW's run 87 all year round. The 76 Oldsmobile is no problem with 87. On a 90 degree day my 428 Pontiac Catalina with 10:00 to 1 compression, my 455 Tempest with 10:00 to 1 and my 389 Catalina with 10:25 to 1 will need 92 octane, but otherwise 87 octane. When I lived at the beach ( sea level ) the Pontiac's always needed at least 92 and if I raced them 100LL or 110 racing fuel for sure. It's amazing the difference 5,000 feet makes. BTW filled the NISSAN truck yesterday at $2.69 a gallon.
  11. Although I agree with CarlLaFong that this is not the place on the forum ( Pete should have moved it to the Dodge truck section) , I agree with Rocketrader that the transmission problem is driving it. With that being said you could source something like a 57 Dodge Coronet with a flat six and a PowerFlite automatic which came on those cars.
  12. I'm sorry Frank. You are mistaken, the turn signal lens and housing are not VW.
  13. If you want I can Post every type/year VW Beetle front fender turn signal and later turn signal driving light. The ones on that car aren't VW. Also the THING uses the same lens and housing. The Thing fender has a bump out that matches the curvature of the beetle fender so the Thing can use the same part.
  14. A good place to start would be to get the G.M. Art and color book which explain the how and why's. G.M. cars moved the front grille back in 1933. Pontiac's grille was called the Bentley grille. Chrysler gets IFS in 1933. So how does the front grilles get back upright? Sales charts and marketing. Chrysler Air Flow didn't fair too well in the marketplace. Integrating the headlamps require more fender room although Packard was one of the ones who held out longest and started integrating in 1941. Not so much functional but retro looks for styling purposes would come back. For example that "V" look in the hood in a 1939 Pontiac remains with Pontiac and although blunt remains until 1954 and then reappears in 1965 in a up to date form.
  15. You can pressure wash, spot prime and spray on a 2500 SQ. Ft. stucco house single story in my neighborhood in 4 days and that includes window taping. Just my wife and me. And I do have a commercial sprayer. But that "all wood house" with all that trim would take forever with all the sanding, priming and a first coat of different color paints which all have to be done by brush. Further coats on large pieces can be sprayed, but the important sanding, priming and first coat must be done by hand or you'll be doing it again much sooner than you think.
  16. Fortunately those rocks don't grow.
  17. Guys, don't get me wrong on that house - I like it. When I was in my 20'a 30's 50's my wife and I loved the Victorian, Tudor - Half Timber, Cape Cod and Craftsman style houses. We still do, however our bodies have a rough time doing all the delicate and time consuming type of prep and finish work these type of houses require. Below is a picture of one of the houses in our neighborhood in Prescott AZ. I don't know the style you would call it but these houses are easy to paint and maintain and they need to be because at 5,000 feet they must endure snow and heat low humidity. When you get older your priorities change in the decision making of buying a house. I would love a Victorian, but these days I would like to love it from afar rather that being a slave to it.
  18. Only problem with houses like that are maintenance. Just painting alone on the outside is like taking on the painting project of the Golden Gate bridge. By the time you finish, it's time to start all over again.
  19. I think you did forget. Uncle Sam gets that money to give to you from all us taxpayer saps!
  20. I would look for Bonneville's that are for sale and with their pictures they display a PHS or a original Pontiac window sticker. That sticker will tell you the base car and what options on other cars are standard on Bonneville. Listed below the base car is the options. For example this 65 Grand Prix window sticker; Below is a 63 Bonneville. Remember if you are looking at a car with eight lugs that you know the difference in the years. 63's are different. This 63 has the correct eight lugs ( the center cap is the difference) The white walls are incorrect width. The 63 below has incorrect newer type hub drum center cap type, but the White wall is appropriate width.
  21. I doubt you hate to go OT, otherwise you wouldn't have asked the question. I still stand by my answer and what I read to substantiate it. Lets drop it , shall we?
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