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  1. Holiday Inn and Super 8 hotel ustj off I 71 on Royalton Road (RT 82) Strongsville ,Ohio
  2. https://www.hotels.com/de1497493/hotels-strongsville-ohio/ https://www.expedia.com/Hotel-Search?endDate=2019-10-07&gclid=Cj0KCQjwt5zsBRD8ARIsAJfI4BgXRFDWvHcb1YLN0NO9-uZmLvxha769-6Eez_y6hWV_SKqxCiZuirwaAqF8EALw_wcB&locale=en_US&regionId=7115&semcid=US.UB.GOOGLE.DL-c-EN.HOTEL&semdtl=a11618221778.b179089241394.r1accef86db10ed824cbecbb615dfe4b316ac8e8efcf41cd320f32d9bfe78e3d3a.g1kwd-5615549804.i1.d1362900549729.e1c.j19015272.k11023593.f11t4.n1.l1g.h1e.m1&siteid=1&startDate=2019-10-06
  3. At Last nite North east Ohio Buick chapter it was announced Host Hotel is full for the weekend of the National Buick Meet.. Super 8 Hotel https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/super-8/strongsville-ohio/super-8-strongsville/overview?brand_id=SE&sessionId=1569104354&radius=25&rooms=1&adults=1&children=0&checkInDate=9/21/2019&checkOutDate=9/22/2019&iata=00093796&latitude=41.31438259999999&longitude=-81.8358073&referringBrand=SE&useWRPoints=false is next door to Holiday Inn and the OBM Arena within walking distance of show field and Holiday Inn.https://www.google.com/maps/@41.3121288,-81.8075669,275m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en
  4. ok got the car back last week ,the shop put in a new small block v6 3800 runs great going for 200 mile oil change to check oil been driving every day sure missed this car the past year drives great for 29 yrs old ,cant wait till Strongsville 2020
  5. Have a question on judging, my 1990 Regal GS had a bad rod making a loud noise. The first engine shop i i took it to had the the car for 3 months never touched it short of help. The next shop i took it to said its a bad rod so they changed the motor said its a new engine 0 miles on it. My question is now that it has a new engine how do the entry form for the next years Buick meet. Since its not a matching engine numbers car what category do i put in in?
  6. Nice to hear ,,at our monthly meeting update on hotel,,rooms filling fast other events going on that week get your reservation in fast.
  7. i just called the number 440-238 8800 and they answered they know about the show im member of North East Ohio chapter
  8. i also looking for pics from the 1977 Strongsville Oh meet and also 1981 Sandusky Cedar Point Oh meet. Found old Bugles at Oak Meet for 1977 and 1982 meet
  9. yes its guaranteed 109.00 plus tax call direct 15471 Royalton Rd, Strongsville, OH 44136 Phone: (440) 238-8800
  10. i just left there on way home from work and made my reservation
  11. Flash back!!! 1977 National Buick meet Strongsville ohio Jan 1977 Buick Bugle ,,got this in Midwest Ok national meet
  12. I was at this years Meet with our club members and chairperson for next years meet . We were handing out these and and info for next years meet. You can start registering for rooms after July 14-2019. Be sure to call there is a soccer tournament the same week in Strongsville. Rooms are 109.00 plus tax
  13. how many cars entered looking forward to this ,,thou flying in
  14. Yes im leaving here Tuesday June 11 flying in from Cleveland looking forward ,,i heard several members of our chapter North East Ohio are driving in , i couldnt get enough time off work to drive
  15. Iv been to ten i think,first few car wasn't old enough to be judged just display,, looking forward to going to Oklahoma flying in, then 2020 its in my neck of the woods Strongsville,Oh our chapter working on plans on a great show.
  16. yes Im flying in coming in Tuesday couldnt get enough time off to drive heard some of our members are driving in from Ohio
  17. well bought my air fare for Ok Buick meet haven't flown in 20 years bit nerves looking forword to going signed up for just one tour
  18. was there a price change in the hotels i got a reservation at the Hampton Inn and price they say is $124 per nite,,in the Bugle info on hotels say group rate is $119 ill try calling again tomorrow durring the day
  19. my dealership i work at looking for a steering wheel for 70 Wildcat 2dr convertible
  20. thanks shop had new top on in just a few hours bought vinyl materal from http://www.newstalgiaparts.com/ mine cost 212.00 dollars