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  1. next week driving to Auburn In for AACA meet, car all cleaned and waxed
  2. thats how i got mine wanted to add one extra day,, Tuesday arrival ,, said to call back in two weeks for that
  3. when i called your not making the reservation with the hotel its with the main reservation site ,,the hotel dosent make reservations itself
  4. Took a ride along Lake Erie in Ohio with the 73 Regal stopped at a couple of our lighthouses Port Clinton Light and Marblehead Light both on Lake Erie,,,couldnt get car in the pics
  5. i set up a watch alerts on ebay
  6. having problem door lock parts for my 90 Regal GS seem to be discontinued, Part cant be found thru my dealership where i work. I cant lock and unlock the door with buttons on inside of the car door. Is there a place with new old stock parts ,i have the part number but comes up discontinued on Buick parts. Part number 10060557 Plate, FRT S/D A/RST MT WoodGrain W/Express down LH
  7. Took my 90 Regal to work to exercise her when noise under hood started air conditioning compressor went bad for 3rd time.under warrenty thank god
  8. Fellow Buick chapter member and i went to car show today in Amherst,Oh Slimans Dodge dealership his 69 GS and 66 GS and my 73 Regal
  9. yes i did ,i went to Buick GS Nationals in Bowling Green Ky show and race this past week , took 2nd place in Front Wheel drive class and took a picture with the worlds fastest Regal at the track
  10. took a long drive ,took the 73 and went to Canfield Oh Swap meet at Canfield county fair grounds ran into a fellow Buick club chapter member there from southern Ohio
  11. does he allow you to stop by and look around
  12. My niece Sue Myers picture from 1985 with my 1985 LeSabre My niece Sue picking up her new Buick Encore in 2018 My niece picking up her NEW Buick Encore GX 2021
  13. took the 73 Regal today and drove down in Ohio Amish country beautiful weather 80 degrees stopped at some antique malls found some Buick ads to add to my collection and a 1972 Buick brochure getting car show withdraws, looking forward to Auburn spring show
  14. got my room last week Red roof looking forward to this the buick shows doa
  15. where is the link to register say if your a AACA member regester on AACA site Auburn not listed
  16. sorry never mind what was the price,,,,,,,,,,mine i had it worked on by some guy in Hemmings mag charged 142 $$ and its still worse then when i took it to him cant keep it on a channel keep turning turner knob
  17. Another beautiful day in Ohio 64 degrees drove down to Utica, Oh Since theres no car shows, where my grand parents cemetery and mom born
  18. First day of spring in Lorain, 61 degrees,,, take your car to work day,, it got a bath during lunch
  19. Annual BOP show Valley View Ohio at Quaker State and Lube, invited any Buick owners in Ohio ,Cleveland area all welcome ..hosted by Northern Ohio Oldsmobile club.
  20. looking for a am/fm radio for 73 Buick Century Regal
  21. out for a ride today fill up the tank 60 degrees in Lorain oh at Lake View beach park Lake Erie in back ground
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