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  1. Matt, you are correct. They both judged in Charlotte this year.
  2. Yes, you would need to provide factory documentation on an optional tire. If there is a question from the Judging Team, the Captain will approach you. Best place to look first is in the owner's manual. The Best way to deal with the fact that you cannot find the right size tire is to contact the VP of Judging. There are owners who want to run radials when they are not showing, so they buy two sets of proper wheels. "Tire Documentation Owners not able to find a correct replacement tire should send a letter to the VP Judging indicating the specific size of the correct tire and that at least two tire manufacturers have been contacted and the correct tire is not available. Tires one size larger or smaller are acceptable. A letter from the VP Judging is the ONLY AACA ACCEPTED documentation regarding a vehicles' substitute tires. Any letter issued by the VP Judging should be shown to the Team Captain at the time of vehicle judging. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THE TEAM CAPTAIN ASK FOR DOCUMENTATION FOR ANY TIRE THAT IS QUESTIONED BY THE CHASSIS JUDGE OR DOES NOT MEET THE FIRST YEAR OF MANUFACTURE GUIDELINES LISTED BELOW. Some manufacturers offered a radial tire – for specific vehicle(s) - as a factory authorized option to the standard issue ply tire. The use of red line radials on a vehicle should be accompanied with documentation. It is advisable to seek documentation from the vehicle 2-23 owner when a tire size or type is in question. This is especially so in cases of limited production, specialty vehicles, and foreign made vehicles..." "b. RADIAL TIRES (e.g., 185R14, 175R13, etc.), Domestic Cars. (Factory documentation is required for any vehicle with radial tires prior to the years listed below.) Some domestic manufacturers offered these tires as early as 1967, such as Buick and Oldsmobile. It is possible that others may have offered them as well. BEFORE taking any deductions, the Team Captain will ask the owner for documentation. Note: European built vehicles can be much earlier. Japanese vehicles 1967, possibly earlier. c. LOW PROFILE METRIC RADIALS (e.g., P195/70R13, P195/70VR14). Domestic Cars as early as 1979. European cars 1969*, Japanese cars 1975*.
  3. Take a look at this page from the AACA Judging Guidelines. There are also Driver's Participation and Historic Preservation of Features awards, where cars are evaluated, not point judged. We can't have you coming to our shows and not have you know what's going on. 😉 Do a search for AACA.org/Juding Guidelines to learn more.
  4. Well, I don't find much history on the History Channel, but one can always hope... Sounds like the emphasis is going to be more about the people instead of the cars, but one can always hope! Online description: "The Cars That Built The World tells the story of a group rival engineers who created a revolution in transportation and forever changed the world in the process. Driven by innovation and rivalry, their genius created the most transformative invention of the 20th century, spawning new industries and bringing about a freedom never imagined before the birth of the car. Exploring over a century of innovation and covering Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, Ford, Porsche, Rolls Royce and more, these are the dramatic stories behind the biggest names in the auto industry."
  5. Purple is a color of mourning. I do remember funeral homes using small purple flags on a hearse and sometimes on the family cars in the mid 20th century. In 1937 North Carolina added a section to the Motor Vehical Act which refers to purple flags and purple lights.
  6. I'd guess not many.... Each book held 1200 stamps!
  7. Autofair no SE Spring National yes, at Embassy Suites
  8. Let me suggest you go to aaca.org. Under Publications, download the Judging Guidelines and start at the back in the Appendix Section with 4-4. It gives the "family tree" of AACA awards and shows how our 400 points system works.
  9. I was fortunate enough to know several of Andy's friends in Mt Airy, and worked for several years with one of Andy's former pastors. Each one spoke of what a wonderful person he was. Yes, there are several places worth seeing in and around Mt Airy. The surrounding area is great for touring!
  10. In the 50s Holden did assemble Pontiacs from kits imported from Canada. By the 60s they did build the Canadian versions of the Pontiac but with Chevy drivetrains, etc.
  11. Yes, Hershey is the "big show", but it is not a Grand National. The Grand National in 2021 is in Minnesota. Should not be a problem getting it evaluated at Hershey.
  12. Yes, but I'm also smart enough...😎
  13. "There will be no refund of the entry fee in the case of the event being cancelled due to any UK Government restriction or directive after Sunday 4 October 2020." --as stated in entry form.
  14. It is.... Years ago a friend, who had to drive from Alabama to Atlanta, GA on Monday mornings, told me he had to wait till the sun came up to leave for Atlanta. Otherwise, he'd have drive with mobile homes being towed illegally at high speeds into Georgia.
  15. Mark, Glad you got the info you needed! I'll be interested in what works out on the Glidden rotation. I guess 2020 will be a footnote on a future list.... Sorry, Cheryl and I will not be at Gettysburg. I had three other judges from HNR talked into it. But now they have all decided to stay home. Oh well... Tell Marion we said Hi, we'll miss you guys. I've sent you a PM on your other issue. Phillip
  16. Come to think of it, Marty Roth probably has the dates for 1990 and 1992. 😉
  17. Mark, This may help your search: List of long-timers from last year's Glidden. Steve and Blanche Gordon, Thomasville, Ga, Steve = 52 Gliddens Walter and Margie Frantz, Warfordsburg, PA, Walter = 41 Gliddens Ron and Jan Shanholtzer, Dayton, Va, Ron = 40 Gliddens Ray and Nancy O'Hanlon, Putnam Valley, NY, both = 37 Gliddens Don't know what kind of record keepers these folks are.... If all else fails, try Bob and Sally Murray, Lisbon, Ohio. Sally knows the answer even before I think of the question! Phillip
  18. That truck now rests its toes in the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle, WA.
  19. Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen... I've never liked that much vinegar in my cake, but to each their own! Having chaired eight national meets and two tours over the last decade, along with tons of help from my region's membership, I have to say we've always received encouragement and support from the national office and board both for meets and tours. Come to think of it, much of the wisdom I've received came from people like Wayne and Mark. I've met many wonderful people showing, judging, and touring and I'm thankful for each of them. I perfectly understand the tension that Covid and a multitude of other things is placing on all of us. I spent four decades dealing with such things in my professional life. Now is not the time to turn on each other, get angry, or presume that the negative rumors are true. My plan for when we get beyond these trying times is to enjoy our hobby even more!
  20. The dealer installed options have to be factory approved . You should anticipate being asked for factory documentation.
  21. X2 to Matt's suggestion you try class judging first. Without some idea of how extensive the undercoating is, it is hard to say the amount of deductions.
  22. As she slowly rowed him out to the deep water, he said, "Honey, you know I can't swim!" Smiling she replied, "Yes, I know...."
  23. Bill, Logistically, the Glidden has multiple planning issues which prove difficult even under "normal" times. If we had faced last year what you faced this year, I'd still be trying to recover! Hang in there! Phillip
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