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  1. There should be a turnbuckle attached to the overcenter spring. That adjusts the tension for the clutch to return.
  2. And what is your price? Maybe someone would call if you listed a price.
  3. The cost to have the plastic recast on one of these wheels is about $2000. This is the smaller shaft wheel as it's from a DeSoto. It's the same wheel for 6 cylinder Chryslers. The 8 cylinder Chryslers have a larger hub and steering shaft. The ring in the hub outside the horn button is chrome plated steel. This one looks good. Plating of this ring is extra cost. I've had a set of these rings made in stainless for future recastings of this wheel. If there are no cracks or crazing on this wheel, it's not a bad price considering the cost to recast this wheel.
  4. There should be a clutch return spring to pull the clutch pedal back.
  5. It's not 1978, maybe 1979, but better pictures would help identify like a full picture of the wheel.
  6. Post this in the Lincoln section below and I think you will get the answers you need.
  7. You've been around here for a long time. Always enjoy your posts; they remanded me of what I was doing at your age. Love those Imperials
  8. Interesting collection of materials. I've bookmarked the site. Funds for this activity are limited, they should consider joining the efforts of the AACA Library which has a much more extensive and comprehensive collection.
  9. The one on my '60 was a domed standard freeze plug that was dimpled to expand it and then it was staked in place. I had to grind the stakes marks out to remove it and restaked the new plug.
  10. I had to replace the plug in my '60 Buick. It took a standard size flat freeze plug. Drop it in and stake it. Easy fix other than having to pull the manifold.
  11. I understand you will have to change the crank shaft in the engine.
  12. This tread is 19 years old. Why don't you post a new tread here with your question. Not many people want to scroll through two pages of old posts to find your question. BTW stay with the original points. When Petronix fails, your dead in the water. With points you can limp home or file them on the road.
  13. Before you replace the shocks, have you filled them with fluid. Use hydraulic jack oil and top them off. I don't see any signs of leaking, so they should be good. After you fill them, bounce the car to bleed the air out of the shocks.