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  1. Bill, Each of those should be one deduction. A total of seven deductions are allowed for the HPOF certification.
  2. Several years ago I donated a very clean 1981 Buick Skylark four door to Goodwill and later received my $200 donation letter from them. About 6 months later, I received a certified letter from a towing company about 90 miles away for payment of a $500 storage bill. I call and told them to contact Goodwill as I signed the title over to them. A few days later, the towing company called back saying Goodwill said they didn't have anything to do with it because they sent the car to auction and the title is still in my name so I owe the towing and storage bill. My calls to Goodwill were about as
  3. Post this in the Maxwell forum below and I think you will get an answer. This is basically a wet clutch as it runs in an oil bath.
  4. Another thing you should consider. Have you driven your Chrysler in the mountains like the ones you want to trailer around. How did it drive and were you comfortable with it? If so, you should be comfortable with a trailer. Your brakes on the Chrysler should be in excellent shape including he emergency brake. The comments above about brakes on the trailer are good ones.
  5. You shouldn't have a problem. The transmission is up to it as it is really a four speed syncro transmission with hydraulic controlled shifts and a fluid coupling. You also should have a 3.73 rear end. Expect to have to start in Low range and manually shift to High. Also note that the transmission freewheels in the lowest gear of each range, so you have no engine braking in first or third gear. The owners manual explains how to force a shift from the lower gear to the higher gear if engine braking is needed at a speed below the governed speed for an upshift by depressing the clutch moment
  6. John, I reproduce the early 1937 lens. Dave Bowman D&D Automobilia, LLC www.danddautomobilia.com
  7. There was a problem with the online Judges Registration. It is now back up and you can register to judge in Charlotte Dave Bowman Chief Judge AACA Southeastern Nationals
  8. In AACA National judging, the function of accessories and lights is not tested, but the vehicle must drive onto the show field under it's own power. Ted is correct on the spotlight. You should find factory documentation that it is a factory accessory. These spotlights were very popular aftermarket items and many were installed new by dealers, but for judging, you will need to document it as a factory accessory, not an aftermarket item.
  9. Brian, Some changes came up late last week concerning the Charlotte National. I reviewed the updated flyer late last week and assume the updated information and registration will be up later this week. Dave Bowman Chief Judge AACA Southeastern National, Charlotte
  10. Crisjr14 The 3 jaw puller you show above will only warp the drum and never remove it. You have to use the puller that Keith shows in his video that attaches to 3 studs. Now that you have driven the studs in you don't have anything to attach the puller to. Now that you have the hub seperated from the drum you will need a much larger gear puller attached behind the hub with a hammer pad on the end. Not a cheap tool. You will need to still follow the steps in Keith's video with that tool. You need to be hitting the cross bar with a small sledge hammer to get it loose. Tighten it, hit it a
  11. If you have removed the studs what are you attaching the puller to? The correct puller attaches to the studs.
  12. You were very lucky. North Carolina is a very tough state to correct title problems in. Through the 1940's and possibly early 1950's NC titled cars by the motor number. If the motor was changed, the title had to be reissued using the replacement motor number. Sometimes the serial number was listed as "original motor number / replacement motor number". Your car most likely has a replacement engine ("RExxxx") which NC had a procedure to deal with. Your other option would have been to file for a bonded title.
  13. I just talked to Pati Fairchild the new owner of Emblemagic. The email contact on the website goes to her now as well as the phone number on the website. The mailing address is now 1961 Obispo Ave., Signal Hill, CA 90755. The phone number is still (440) 209-0792 .
  14. Emblemagic Classic Car Emblems and Badges has been for sale for quite a few years. In December it was purchased by Pati Monroe Fairchild in California. Pati is a very talented individual and has be reproducing quality MoPar emblems for a few years. I think she will do a great job keeping Emblemagic going. She just moved all the molds and equipment to her shop. She is in the process of updating the website to include her information.
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