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  1. 61polara

    Where do you get rare parts ?

    The Hudson club is very strong. Parts should be no problem.
  2. 61polara

    A few questions..

    Cruise control was first offered on Imperial in 1958.
  3. 61polara

    AAA Hower Trophy for Glidden cars

    Try the AAA headquarters in Orlando, FL. They ended up with most of the trophies when the original Glidden ended. They have many on display including the Glidden Trophy.
  4. 61polara

    1947 Chrysler Windsor

    Be sure to put a rag in the area between the fluid drive and the bell housing just in case you drop the plug. If you drop it the only way to get it is to pull the transmission and bell housing.
  5. 61polara

    1950 Windsor Stiff Shifter

    Well, we'll have plenty of heat in the Carolinas for that next summer! Should have the tags on it by next weekend and can take it out for a true road test.
  6. 61polara

    1950 Windsor Stiff Shifter

    Lube to the upper bearing helped greatly. Not where it should be yet, but it's getting there. Also lubed the lower end of the steering column and not change from that. The issue is definitely in the upper bearing.
  7. 61polara

    Markup In The Automobile Business

    I read your article and have to say that I don't know what I just read. Very jumbled, no direction and no clear conclusion. I'm not a car dealer, but have bought and sold a lot of new and used cars and don't understand what a grocery store has to do with your article because you didn't explain why it was relevant. You have included to many irrelevant personal experiences which tend to indicate bias, not saying you are bias, only it indicates that. Tear this article up and start fresh. Sorry to be harsh, but you asked for a review.
  8. 61polara

    1949 Buick RoadMaster starter won't disengage

    Buick used a second method to disengage the starter in addition to the vacuum switch used on the carb. The original starter wiring was grounded through the output wire on the generator. Voltage can only flow one direction in a wire. As soon as the generator put out any voltage, the starter would loose its ground and stop. So in the original system, there must be no vacuum and no output from the generator for the starter to operate. You might want to check with the guy who did the conversion to see how he handled the ground with the new alternator.
  9. 61polara

    '54 Ford Crestline - Engine options

    You may not care about resale value with a different engine in it because you will never sell it, but when you are gone, someone is going to have to deal with selling it.
  10. 61polara

    past aaca award winners list???

    AACA National Meet winners back to 2010 are posted here on the AACA Home page under Meets.
  11. 61polara

    Former First Lady, Carol Barlup

    Carol will be missed greatly by her family and her AACA family. The special thing I know about Carol is that she was not just supportive of Don in his hobby and advocation of AACA she was a part of it with him and active in her own right. Carol was a valued member of Judges Administration for many years. I always enjoyed discussing her thoughts on Don's latest car acquisition with her. My thoughts and prayers are with Don and his family.
  12. 61polara

    1950 Windsor Stiff Shifter

    c49er, Thanks, that is what I was going to do next. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  13. I recently acquired a 1950 Windsor Club Coupe. The shifter is very stiff to move, much like a '40's Chevrolet with vacuum shift without the engine running. Any thoughts on this one?
  14. 61polara

    1949 Chrysler windsor

    Why did you take the head off for a slow cranking problem? Did you do a compression test to determine there was a problem? Slow fire up on an older carbureted car is usually just the fuel has evaporated from the carb bowl and it takes a little cranking to get fuel back up to the carb. When you get the head back on, let us know what is going on. More complicated now because we also have to diagnose the original problem plus what may have gone wrong in installing a new head gasket. Lots of great guys on here willing to help, but don't jump ahead of us. Stay with us.
  15. 61polara

    Dealership Information Wanted

    Bill, I may have some sales material from there. Be more specific on the years and cars you are looking for before I search my archives.