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  1. Brake fade will be greatly minimized if you keep your drum brakes adjusted. When the brakes need adjustment, the shoes need to travel further to reach the drum. When drums get hot, they expand again increasing the distance the shoes need to travel. Put brakes out of adjustment with hot drums and you get brake fade. Adjust your brake shoes so you have the same drag on each wheel and you won't have a pulling issue unless you have grease or brake fluid on the shoes or worn suspension parts.
  2. Before you rebuild your starter, check that the starter relay on the fender near the battery is sending power to the solenoid.
  3. Barney, there is a process to add additional cars to the HP list. Someone just needs to submit the documentation and request that it be added to the list.
  4. Check ebay. They are reproduced and not expensive
  5. I think what you are talking about are evaporative coolers. They work in low humidity areas, but not well in high humidity areas like the Southeast.
  6. Back on topic. The 6/12 battery setup you have in your Chevy is not original. Just replace your battery with a 6 volt and you will be back to original. Disconnect the other wires connected to the switch in the center of the battery.
  7. AACA has a non-geographical region specificialy for younger members. Please contact Kyle for more information. Greenhorn RegionPresident - Kyle Blake12100 Blake LaneCumberland, MD 21502
  8. First off, you need to run a thermostat. It retains the coolant in the radiator long enough for it to cool. Without a thermostat, the coolant will flow through too quick and will not cool sufficiently.
  9. It's your emergency brake warning light. It should go off when the emergency brake is released. Covered very well in the owners manual.
  10. Write or email the VP of Class Judging with a SASE if you write and request a copy.
  11. The asking price of the yellow convertible at Hershey in 2017 was $175.000. It sold, but I don't know at what price. This is the best '42 convertible that exists. I know of four (red, yellow, black and blue colors) and have heard that there may be two more for a possible total of 6.
  12. The bolts should be silver cad plated not chrome plated.
  13. Contact us. We can cast you a new knob. DandDAutomobilia.com
  14. Again from the forwardlook.net "Going back to Paul Garlick's car, for a moment; Hemmings Classic cars said that it had invested over TWO thousand dollarsin preparing to publish the Garlickmobile in its pages, and one person, in particular, over on our website's Daily List Server(not me) gets credit for busting Paul's efforts, with HCC, at the very-last minute, to get some legitimacy for this thing.I met Paul, in 1987, at a MoPar show in Fountain Hills, AZ, and Paul is a very friendly person; he was just, then, completinghis 'renovation' of his having taken a white/blue 61 Polara 361 convertible, and creating a 383 red/red "D500" out of it, with itsback-story, then, of ("possibly"-) having been owned by a 'manager' of Marilyn Monroe.The story on the car's ownership eventually morphed into its having been "owned" by M.M. , with the car eventually acquiring15" wire wheels, and reportedly touring the country along with John Lennon's Bentley, in a "Cars of the Stars" production.Paul definitely knows and loves his 61 Dodges, and his work-execution is at least the equal of any Swede (high praise).I personally love his hot rod, with the exception of its Toilet Seat deck lid, and I'm not real 'wild' about its dual antennae,but, maybe they'd look OK without the rear deck 'treatment'."
  15. More info from the frorwardlook.net "The story of Paul Garlick and this "Dodge" was covered in some detail a couple of years ago on this forum. The story you quote was NOT the one he presented at that time. It has been cleaned up some, but still contains the lie about the car being destined for Mexico, when in fact he has the build record which shows the car destined for somewhere in Pennsylvania. By the way, Chrysler Mexico assembled CKD units from Detroit. The import duties on fully assembled cars were far more than the duties on the parts to assemble cars.I like the line, "At first glance, the body rear end section resembles the upscale ’61 Dodge Polara. A “Polara” emblem or identification was not used." The rear end IS a Polara, as the car is a Polara with a Plymouth nose. No Polara ID on the rear as the Polara nameplate was put on the FRONT fenders. Also, the stuff about the design being retrieved from a trash can is nonsense. I have seen photos of 1961 Dodge clays, and those rear fenders go back a ways and were even on an early clay that had a semi-fastback roof line.If the wheels were true Chrysler options, by the way, they would be Motor Wheel, not Kelsey-Hayes. Also, Canadian 1961 Plymouths and Dodge Darts used the Plymouth instrument panel with DART interiors, not Plymouth.When this car first came to light, "Hemmings Classic Car" was making inquiries about this car, trying to verfiy the various claims. Needless to say, more than a few Mopar fanatics wrote to HCC and set the record straight. HCC were miffed they had spent over a thousand dollars in photos, etc., but glad they were able to pull the plug on the project before it was too late.Mopar Collectors Guide, however, was not so lucky. They did publish an article on the car and got slaughtered!Why do people make up such nonsense and then try to pass it off as truth? The truth will out and when it does, it only makes everything the story teller says questionable.In this case, Garlick converted a 1961 Polara 2-door hardtop. Replacing the front clip is an easy feat. The doors of the Polara 2-door hardtop were on the 2-door hardtop models of 1960-61 Plymouths, 1960-61 Dodge Darts, 1960-61 Dodge Polaras, 1960 Dodge Matadors, 1962 Chryslers and 1962-64 Dodge Custom 880. The 1962-64 front clips will not fit the 1960-61 cowl as Chrysler made some changes. They almost fit.There is a fellow on the web with a yellow 1961 Dodge Polara hardtop to which he has attached the nose from a 1961 Chrysler Newport.So, take Garlick's story for what it is - a fairy tale. If you do spread the story about the car, just make sure you state that it is only a fairy tale."
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