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  1. 61polara

    Help with 1986 F150 HPOF

    I think the cap would be OK
  2. 61polara


    You will never get the rear drums of without that puller. Search this site and you will find some great photo's and posts about pulling this type drum.
  3. 61polara

    Help with 1986 F150 HPOF

    Annie, Just to clarify, the running boards should be a deduction in HPOF but not DPC.
  4. 61polara

    Cloth verses Plastic Wiring Covers

    Great info, keep it coming.
  5. 61polara

    Cloth verses Plastic Wiring Covers

    I'm trying to build some documentation on this. What years did the auto manufacturers switch from cloth covered insulation to plastic on their wiring. Also, what years did they switch from cloth wrap to a plastic wrap? Photos of original cars will be a plus.
  6. 61polara

    new owner to 1950 special deluxe

    Put you battery in with the negative grounded as it has been. Turn on the ignition switch and watch what the apm meter does. It should do a drop to negative. If it moves to the positive side, the battery is in backwards and is still setup for positive ground.
  7. 61polara

    What is your preferred degreasing technique?

    After you scrape the crud off, I've had good results with spray on brake cleaner.
  8. Yes I need the top and bottom parts. Sending you a PM
  9. If you have one, PM me with shipping cost to Charlotte NC. Thanks for looking.
  10. I recently bought a 1950 Windsor and the heater was removed, repaired but never installed. I have all parts but the rear hold down strap that holds the fiber box to the heater box and also bolts through the fender to secure the back of the heater. Anyone have one?
  11. 61polara

    Museum cars?

    I would make an offer base on what you can see, hear or feel. Like others have said, if you don't see it running make a deduction from the price you would pay for a running car. Base the deduction on the amount of risk you are willing to take. It may take several round of offers and counter offers, but if you want the car go for it and wind up somewhere between the asking price and your initial offer. When you are comfortable with a counter offer or your final offer, buy the car. If not, walk away. I went back and forth on a car with a known stuck engine. After two years, we settled on a price half way between my original offer and the asking price. I wanted the car, so I came up on my offer. Some one once told me the sign of a successful negotiation is when both parties leave a disappointed in the outcome.
  12. 61polara

    Upcoming AACA Winter National Meet

    You're correct. Only Judges Registration can be paid online. For the show registration you have to print the form and mail a check.
  13. 61polara

    need help with i.d. on 50's buick

    It appears to be the same car based on the antenna mounted on the left rear fender. In addition to the side trim which appears to be aftermarket, there are aftermarket covers on the port holes in the front fender.
  14. 61polara

    Deduction for Flare O Flames

    That's what I was hoping......
  15. 61polara

    Deduction for Flare O Flames

    I would expect a 1 or 2 point deduction. The maximum deduction for exhaust is 5 points. However the Chassis Judge could make the deduction under "Other" as an incorrect aftermarket item and take more than 2 points. It's really the call of the Judge and Team Captain on this one.