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  1. Ludovic, Please let us know how you go with getting one, I do have one that I can send to you if you can't get one.
  2. Ludovic, If you want to communicate with someone by email go to their post or message and click onto their user name on the lefthand side of the post like "Oregon Desert model 45" it will open a page where you can click on to the envelope to send him a direct email, hope this might help you.
  3. Alain does speak English so he needs a friend to translate for him, that friend sometimes isn't available so it takes a while for him to reply.
  4. Thanks Narve, For the update and the photo, you learn something new everyday, hope all is well and that you are getting ready for you Winter, unfortunately here in Australia we are hitting high 30 degrees and plagued with Bushfires and we're only starting Summer. In your photo the control rod at the base of the steering box is that the choke or advance and retard control? Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and helping as you do.
  5. As always you are correct keiser31, that's why the confusion about what motor it was.
  6. Hi maok, No it's not a 77 it's a 65 so prefix P is correct, the confusion came about because he said that the bought himself a modal 77 manual and I though that he bought a modal 77 but when he sent through the photos I saw it was a model 65, as for the starter the 65's only had the single locating bolt. He is over in Hungary so communicating is a bit difficult at times, but you know mw I'm willing to help anyone who cares to ask for help. Cheers Mate!
  7. Yes that is correct is a model 65, there was some confusion about which engine it had that's all. I am however confused as it says that the Vin number is 187341 but that's the engine number, I got him to send me a photo of the Fedco badge, if anyone with good eyes wants to have a guess? LL6?1R the ? looks like a 4 to me. So I would had though that the VIN would have been 776419 any comments would be welcomed. Thank you Gentlemen.
  8. Hi lambroast, As I said in my post unfortunately not mine, I am only trying to help a fellow forum member get some information and some spare parts, He recently purchase the car via eBay and now has the car over in Hungary. If interested here is the car that he bought: Cheers to all.
  9. Thank you keiser31, you have always been very helpful.
  10. Hello Forum members, does anyone know the original engine colour for a 1930 Chrysler 77? The Head is Silver but need to know the main body of the engine, not mine so don't have a photo to show.
  11. It would be best to remove the flywheel from the motor, you might like to have a look at how it's done.
  12. Thanks keithb7, Great to see the additional photos, hope it finds a good home, thought the fuel tank was missing but now it see it sitting on the back floor, at least it explains the Jerry Can holder bolted onto the Cowl.
  13. Paul can you please let us know what you and your Dad decided to do with the car and what the out come was? After reading some of the comments I envy you over in the States as it sounds like you have a greater selection of cars to choose from when looking to restore, my little project was in far worst condition when I first started, that's why in my first comment I said that I wished you lived in Australia.
  14. "LD819Y" That would make it a 1928 Dec. build, thanks for the photo.