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  1. Hi Narve, Happy New Year to you, you wouldn't happen to have a pattern of the leather gaiters you can share?
  2. You might consider contacting Jay email is astheime@ptd.net I bought a pair of steel water jackets from him about 3 years ago for $40 and am very happy with them, he did have more of them so with a bit of luck he might still have some.
  3. Message sent, thanks for the reply!
  4. ckowner, is your step pad still available for sale?
  5. Firstly Condolences for your loss, Unfortunately I'm here in Australia but I would haved loved to bring that car back to life for you. Have you considered contacting a Chrysler Restorers Club in the US? members of our clubs over here volunteer to help finish off unfinished project like Bill's. I have looked up on the web and found this: Carolina Chrysler Club 6435 Goodman Lake Road, Salisbury, NC 28146 Kevin Gilland, President 704-636-5427 OR Chrysler Product Restorers Club Carolina Chrysler Club, 575 Paulowina Drive, China Grove, NC 28023. Cheryl Marsh. M
  6. keiser31, Went through this last year with our fires here in Australia so completely understand your situation, Great to hear that you and your wife are safe and that your home was not affected, our prayers and thoughts are with you in this trying time. Hopefully you will be able to recover from this without too many scars and enjoy your home once again soon. Take care and stay safe! Best wishes for Down Under.
  7. Hi Rob, I think that I might have the rubber pad holders cast in aluminium and the pad holder bracket that bolts half way down the guard is cast in brass it holds one of the pad holders in place, will message you when I get back home and find the bracket.
  8. Hi Ron, My roadster is a 1929 Chrysler model 65, and yes the step pad bracket can be mounted on left or right guards as it has the same shaped base as the brake light bracket. If we can’t find you one, I think that I might have a brass casting of one, only problem is I’m in Adelaide for the next two weeks and won’t get home to Sydney until the 25th. Cheers
  9. Hello there Ron, Should look like a Chrysler one, I put extra pad on the bumper of my Chrysler roadster.
  10. Thanks for the tips Hans1 I'll do as suggested to work out what vehicle might have use the wheels.
  11. Hi 1930 Kram66 Simple answer, as the literature says Black and silver surrounds around the instruments and instrument panel, but then again nothing is simple with old cars as you could get various instrument panels to suit your taste as can be seen on various photo of instrument panels of 1930 Chrysler 66's, sorry for the poor quality of photos. I might have a panel face if yours won't do. You might like t look at this from a few years back https://forums.aaca.org/topic/292177-correct-finish-for-1929-series-65-instrument-panel-query/
  12. Thanks Gunsmoke, will keep that in mind hopefully 1930 Kram66 has the head I'm looking for.
  13. Sure would help me if you still have it, please let me know in a PM
  14. Your right mate, You being very helpful and I might know of a block if yours doesn't work out.
  15. Sorry to hear that! where about's are you? Oz is a big place.
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