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  1. Sasha39

    DelcoRemy shocks

    Hey mate, By the look of the lug mounted on top of the axle I think you would be looking for a Watson stabilator type of shock, because of where the lug is you would have to mount it like it the 2nd photo. If you can't get a Watson type and looking at your photo I can't tell if there are two holes but the 3rd photo shows you how a Delco Remy Lovejoy Lever shock is mounted also photo 4 is the rear shock mounted see if you have two holes around that position on your chassis, hope this helps you. I check to see if I have some spare Delco shocks around the place if your interested and if you have the holes in the chassis to suit.
  2. Sasha39

    DelcoRemy shocks

    Hi maok, What type of front axle do you have on your car, tube axle?
  3. Yes that is the water pump packing that goes around the shaft and held in place by the nut on the shaft, never seen that cork ring before
  4. Sorry I don't have a complete vacuum pump but I do have that fitting, if you send me a personal message with your postal address I will post it to you, I live here in Australia so it might take a few weeks to get to you but it's yours if you want it.
  5. Hello Armin, Do you have any pictures? Is this the unit you have
  6. Hello Alain, Good to see that you are progressing with your car, both maok and Vintageben are right about there being no seal between the crankshaft pulley and the case cover but I don't see in you photos the Oil Throw Disc (what maok calls a cup) item number 50053 in the attached photos, do you have it?
  7. Great to hear maok, I hope that this engine services you well for many years to come. Cheers mate!
  8. The badge on your dashboard is what is called a Fedco Vin number and would translate as 213520 your engine would be correct for a 1929 Chrysler 77 if it starts with a W.
  9. All goods things come to those who wait, 😆
  10. Looks like you making good progress there maok, that sump inlet is simply that a "sump inlet" it delivers the filtered oil back to the sump and not to the main gallery. the main gallery in feed through the system in line with the oil outlet fitting thus giving to the oil pressure being delivered to the main gallery. WOW you have an oil filter now very modern of you. Cheers mate!
  11. Hey Spinneyhill did you see the EIS on ebay? price seems OK but the postage is a killer, also it looks like it's been in storage for the past 30 years haha!
  12. Hi moak, Sorry to hear you're having troubles with the engine, that hole in the side is nothing to worry about it's only a vent hole, although it's not numbered you can see it in the section drawing of the engine exactly where yours is. Are you going to free wheel the generator? looks like that motor had a newer style Cam shaft installed if it has the 3 holes to bolt onto the shaft as well as the sprocket hub screw, just like on my 65 model. Mystery solved, that's why the generator wasn't connected. Good luck it the rest of the rebuild