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  1. Hi leomara, no offense taken. When I look at my Chrysler Master Parts List it lists two separate part numbers for the Rear wheel hubs for the 62 and 72, 38759 for the 62 and 70882 for the 72, you would assume if the hubs were the same you would only have one part number, anyway we can only go by what's written in our reference books. Glad you were able to work out the problem.
  2. Seems a bit odd that Dukey is such a loving beautiful boy, well I mean being manufactured by "Growl" you'd think he'd be a bit on the mean side? Love your work!
  3. Hello rjp, any chance of a photo of the dash tag?
  4. Yes this one is more like your style https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-BC-Ford-1946-48-Fuel-Pump-w-Glass-Great-Condition/233636201478?hash=item3665cd8406:g:avAAAOSwofVe~P7k no sure about the lever type. As Tom said have a look under the screen filter and see if there is something there like this
  5. It's a BC fuel pump, you can see the BC on the top the pump in one of the first photos, there one on eBay at the moment: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-BC-Fuel-Pump-with-Glass-Bowl-/233571644169 Although the outlet is in a different position to yours but I think you can make it work.
  6. Ron was kind enough to ship it out to Australia for me so sorry guys but it has been sold. Thanks for all your help Ron!
  7. Hi my48ruby, if you look at my post you will see 2 photos one with the information about the carburettors used and the 2nd photo has the book name, Chrysler Master Parts list, there one on eBay at th moment just make sure your sitting down when you open the link, https://www.ebay.com/sch/I.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570.l1313&_nkw=Chrysler+Master+Parts+list&sacat=O&LH_TitleDesc=0&_osacat=0&_odkw=1929 you're looking for volume 2 covering years 1924-1933.
  8. Hi Narve, Happy New Year to you, you wouldn't happen to have a pattern of the leather gaiters you can share?
  9. You might consider contacting Jay email is astheime@ptd.net I bought a pair of steel water jackets from him about 3 years ago for $40 and am very happy with them, he did have more of them so with a bit of luck he might still have some.
  10. Message sent, thanks for the reply!
  11. ckowner, is your step pad still available for sale?
  12. Firstly Condolences for your loss, Unfortunately I'm here in Australia but I would haved loved to bring that car back to life for you. Have you considered contacting a Chrysler Restorers Club in the US? members of our clubs over here volunteer to help finish off unfinished project like Bill's. I have looked up on the web and found this: Carolina Chrysler Club 6435 Goodman Lake Road, Salisbury, NC 28146 Kevin Gilland, President 704-636-5427 OR Chrysler Product Restorers Club Carolina Chrysler Club, 575 Paulowina Drive, China Grove, NC 28023. Cheryl Marsh. M
  13. keiser31, Went through this last year with our fires here in Australia so completely understand your situation, Great to hear that you and your wife are safe and that your home was not affected, our prayers and thoughts are with you in this trying time. Hopefully you will be able to recover from this without too many scars and enjoy your home once again soon. Take care and stay safe! Best wishes for Down Under.
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