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  1. The badge on your dashboard is what is called a Fedco Vin number and would translate as 213520 your engine would be correct for a 1929 Chrysler 77 if it starts with a W.
  2. All goods things come to those who wait, ­čść
  3. Looks like you making good progress there maok, that sump inlet is simply that a "sump inlet" it delivers the filtered oil back to the sump and not to the main gallery. the main gallery in feed through the system in line with the oil outlet fitting thus giving to the oil pressure being delivered to the main gallery. WOW you have an oil filter now very modern of you. Cheers mate!
  4. Sasha39

    1929 Chrysler 77 wheel cylinders

    Hey Spinneyhill did you see the EIS on ebay? price seems OK but the postage is a killer, also it looks like it's been in storage for the past 30 years haha!
  5. Hi moak, Sorry to hear you're having troubles with the engine, that hole in the side is nothing to worry about it's only a vent hole, although it's not numbered you can see it in the section drawing of the engine exactly where yours is. Are you going to free wheel the generator? looks like that motor had a newer style Cam shaft installed if it has the 3 holes to bolt onto the shaft as well as the sprocket hub screw, just like on my 65 model. Mystery solved, that's why the generator wasn't connected. Good luck it the rest of the rebuild
  6. Yes, Santa delivered it to the right house where it would be lovely cared for, and by the looks of it your doing a great job in being her back to life, as a reward she will serve to well.
  7. Looks like someone's been a good boy!
  8. Sasha39

    1926 series 70 vin number query

    Hi 28 Chrysler, your eyes and better than mine and having said that I can also see an L, that would also work with the engine number starting with M, so a good match for a April built 1928 Chrysler model 62.
  9. Sasha39

    1926 series 70 vin number query

    There should be another letter embossed at the front over the Chrysler ribbon, hopefully a P any chance of a closer photo of the ribbon area as I can't see it clearly, the other possible problem is the engine numbering starting with M suggests it's a 1927-28 Chrysler model 62.
  10. Yeah! This one looks bigger (ha ha) just give this one a wash and throw it in she'll be right Mate, trust me I'm a Newsouthwelshman. But in all honesty good to see you found the problem and a reasonably easy fix until you get the new engine. Happy Weddings Mate!
  11. Hi maok, From memory I think that the engine I sent up to you had the gear box attached so would like to see the difference between your clutch plate and the one that was in that engine I sent up. I be surprised if they weren't different, viv is correct that plate of your looks too big in the centre. (bloody newsouthwelshman´╗┐ Cheers for New South Wales Alex
  12. Hi maok, What's the thrust bearing like? spinning freely? looking at the inside of the bell housing it seems a fair amount of grease is getting out and that the bearing might be running dry, just a thought. Cheers mate.
  13. Sasha39

    1929 chrysler 65 intro

    You can send me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll send some literature plus a scanned copy of the '65' instruction book, if that will help.
  14. Hi Narve, By your photo it looks like a BB1A-Special and by the list it should be a BB1A-Special