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  1. Yes 28 Chrysler is correct that hole was put there later at some stage, as for the holes in the "legs" I think that there was a reinforcing metal bracket "L" shaped that was bolted to the front and onto the main timber runners of the bodywork, there are two holes under where the oil filter goes that should be for a stabilizer. I have just had another look at your internal photo and yes I can one of those brackets in the bottom right hand corner.
  2. I think I can name some of them, lets start in the middle the hole that has 3 small holes around it wold be where the Coil goes under the coil in the set back area that hole would be for the Speedometer cable, the two holes (same size) to the right, first hole would be for electrical cables going to the horn and distributor, the second hole would be for the oil line going to the oil pressure gauge, the smaller holes to the right would be for brackets to hold the brake fluid canister and if you have a oil filter, at the bottom of the firewall you have a hole for conduit to take electric cable to the Clum switch for lights and horn and brake light switch. Now back to the middle to the left of the Coil hole the smaller holes would be for the Chrysler tag further to the left the elongated hole would be for the cable that goes to the manifold heat control and vacuum line for windscreen wiper, the other small holes would be for brackets to hold the vacuum tank, at the bottom you have another conduit hole, that leaves the hole as large as the coil hole directly above the manifold is the only one I'm not sure of
  3. Yes, looks like they put in a Carter carburettor with an angle adaptor so as to get clearance away from the generator.
  4. Thanks Narve, Haven't found any makers tags on the car so will have to do some research to try and workout where the body came from.
  5. Thanks maok, But she's a model 65 so has ALL the mod cons like a fuel gauge and a working sender unit.
  6. Managed to pick up another model 65, a Tourer this time so I'll guess it's time to roll up the sleeves and start working on the old girl.
  7. An image is easy getting the real thing is the hard part!
  8. NO! I take it that you have a model 72 in that case a Springfield # 60, at 2 3/8' X 16TPI is what you're looking for.
  9. Please Lord, Just once let me bet keiser31 to the answer! Correct as always!
  10. Ludovic, Please let us know how you go with getting one, I do have one that I can send to you if you can't get one.
  11. Ludovic, If you want to communicate with someone by email go to their post or message and click onto their user name on the lefthand side of the post like "Oregon Desert model 45" it will open a page where you can click on to the envelope to send him a direct email, hope this might help you.
  12. Alain does speak English so he needs a friend to translate for him, that friend sometimes isn't available so it takes a while for him to reply.
  13. Thanks Narve, For the update and the photo, you learn something new everyday, hope all is well and that you are getting ready for you Winter, unfortunately here in Australia we are hitting high 30 degrees and plagued with Bushfires and we're only starting Summer. In your photo the control rod at the base of the steering box is that the choke or advance and retard control? Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and helping as you do.
  14. As always you are correct keiser31, that's why the confusion about what motor it was.