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  1. I’m not sure why some are so critical of the old Chev four engine design as I have found it to be a great engine comparatively speaking to other vehicles of that time and price category. Yes they leak oil and yes there are better cars from the twenties but most of them were higher end vehicles my biggest gripe with my 27 Chev would be the breaking capability or lack of as 27’s only had rear wheel mechanical brakes 28’s had 4 wheel breaks slightly better. My 27 Tourer cruises happily all day at 45 MPH and I get about 22 miles per gallon my 27 Speedster cruises at 50-55 MPH all day. I guess the one advertised could be a worthy project at the right price but being a truck it will slow. Shame we couldn’t see more in the photos. Any way that’s my 2 cents worth Cheers Ben
  2. Wow thanks Viv w that is most informative I couldn’t find anything in the limited books I have on Chrysler. I was really starting to wonder if anyone was going to come up with anything, it’s funny how here in Australia we often see oddities in production very different to our U.S.A counterparts and often a using up of left over parts . Thanks again
  3. I was told that it had the option of adding a magneto? Which makes some sense.
  4. Just going through a few photos I have and I’m wondering what model Chrysler uses this style of engine, sorry no other details except I remember it had external brakes. Any help appreciated. Cheers Ben
  5. Yep I guess when I suggested condenser I was assuming it could be either because I have only ever heard a few people say after fire. I know I should never assume anything as I remember my brother telling me years ago to assume is to make a ass of u and me 😁. On the fuel pick up line being blocked a story that Dad told to me comes to mind about a new header they had that would run fine for while and then for no apparent reason stop. The dealership mechanics were puzzled they had tried all sorts of remedies then one old timer told them to clean the tank out and inside was a big moth that must have flown in while they were refueling one night, ever since Dad has been keen on refueling machinery at night
  6. Certainly sounds like fuel but just another thing that comes to mind maybe condenser ?
  7. Ahh these vacuum tanks can be hours of fun !😁 so I would be checking the gasket on top of the tank also check that the vent valve is clear and working correctly on two occasions this has caused me grief once when it was not clear and once when it was not sealing correctly when it should and that was caused by a little brass seat being missing installed that and problem solved. I have found with these tanks you have to be methodical in check every thing and not be distracted. Good luck
  8. Well perhaps I’m somewhat kooky in the late 1990’s I drove my 27 Chev on my first date and I still have her today, the car not the girl.thought about selling it a few years ago but couldn’t we have been through too much together so many great memories
  9. I think they made a movie about this   Sorry I’m just too young what was the title of the movie. Might be good to watch 😁
  10. Thanks willl investigate both options
  11. Actually the story we have been told is that they did find some gold and he awoke one night to hear the other pair in the partnership plotting to get rid of him, so he made himself scarce shortly after that. Who knows if that is really what happened but it’s a good story at any rate.😁
  12. Just wondering what this sedan is. Photo was taken the late '20s-early -30s in Canada. The owners were apparently chasing gold but a had falling out. Thanks for any help.
  13. Just wondering how others clean out old fuel tanks as I need to clean the one on 26 Chev. Any help appreciated. Thanks Ben
  14. Okay not much to go on here but this photo was taken in 1950’s in Germany. The people in the car are my wife’s relatives and we are wondering what the car maybe. Thanks for any help. Cheers Ben PS think I knew this one anyway maybe Fiat Topolino?