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  1. I had never met SpinneyHill but always enjoyed his contributions, Very Sad to here. Kind Regards Ben
  2. Wow thanks for sharing 🤔 now to convince my wife of making me a Chev stain glass window for my shed as she has just taken up Stain glass making as a hobby 😁
  3. I’m pretty sure I had to at least remove the rear main cap to get the fly wheel of but it’s a while ago but I do remember some expletives when I saw the arrangement.
  4. So here is picture of the fly wheel and ring gear out of my 1929 Chrysler 65 it’s a shrink fit phot is pretty self explanatory. Also included a photo of the numbers stamped on it. It has 114 teeth and 11 on the bendix but the OD of the ring gear measures at 367 mm approx. I will try and look at the other motor I have here during the day. Hopefully this helps Cheers Ben
  5. Thanks for that information and the pointers on the rust when we eventually pull it down for resto I will make a thorough inspection of it but at this stage I cannot see anything to untowards. Cheers Ben
  6. Yeah no definite plans at this stage just get it running (done) get it driving and stopping and if it all looks okay probably strip it down and start the long task of restoring it. Originally it was a Roadster but I’m not sure if that’s what it will end up as or if I will leave it as a Ute or do something else with it. I’m not rushing anything and just doing some information gathering at this stage, I’m thinking it’s probably a 5 to 10 year project.
  7. Having a bit of a look over a Chrysler 75 that we got a few weeks back ( it’s rough but I’m happy so far with it) I notice that the front section of the Chassis on both sides has double thickness like a second Chassis rail inside the other and riveted together this extends back to the cross member that is behind the gearbox. Hope that makes sense it looks original or if not it has been done very professionally and a long time ago. What I’m wondering did it come from the factory that way or was it added later? I have very little knowledge about 75s but I’m learning more everyday hear is some photos
  8. Fanbelt off and only one knuckle skinned, what a great result 😁
  9. Okay that’s great it’s the same as yours and what you do is what I thought I would have to do. Thanks Ben
  10. Hi all I need to replace the fan belt on my 29 Chrysler 75 that I recently purchased. I’m just wondering do I have to remove the fan to do this or not. Any help appreciated. Cheers Ben
  11. My lovely wife and myself on our wedding day and my 27 Chev
  12. Yeah we are watching one to the south of of us here very closely especially with tomorrow’s southerly change that is supposed to come through. I’m pretty sure we will be okay 🤞 as we have a heck of a lot of ploughed ground around us at the moment, nothing planted due to the dry, maybe that’s a blessing now. But you’re never really sure in these conditions if things will be fine. Anyway hope everyone takes care and stays safe. Cheers Ben PS here is the glow from it on Friday night it is about 13 km away at this stage.
  13. Yeah that’s the one. I’m still deciding what to do with the car, I’m pleased that’s others feel that it was well bought, I’m happy with it. I awould like to get the motor running and see how good it is before I make too many decisions. I do have many parts for a 28 Chrysler 72 Sports Roadster including a fairly complete motor and gearbox (condition unknown). As I understand these are very similar to the 75. Any way I will probably pm you in the next couple of days as at the moment we are pretty busy here work wise. Cheers ben
  14. Yeah this is pretty cool I have just purchased a Bit of a project car that’s a Chrysler 75 that has had the Ute treatment. Not exactly sure of what we are going to do with it yet but it is always good to know of a source for parts etc. this is exciting.