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  1. Vintageben

    1929 Chrysler 65 Spring width

    Thanks for all the info it’s very much appreciated. Hmm now I wonder what’s been happening with this car anyway we will do a little more investigation .
  2. Just wondering what width are the front spring leaves on other Chrysler 65’s mine are roughly 2 inches. But I have a friend who has just bought a project and his are narrower. Any thoughts appreciated. Cheers Ben
  3. Oh heck that’s worse then what my engine looks like, ah the fun of vintage motoring. Best of luck with getting it back on the road
  4. Vintageben

    1928 chevy roadster vacuum tank problem

    Stakeside- that is exactly my thoughts too. There’s plenty of rebuild options for the first tank Cheers Ben
  5. Vintageben

    What have you ploughed up

    Thanks for all the great post’s so far, I love the Pegasus sign what a great rescue. As for my spelling, I will take any corrections to my spelling or grammar in good humour as I know I’m not to good on the spelling but on this one occasion that was actually how I wanted to spell Plough 😁 as when I was younger I once spelled it plow and my teacher not so politely told that was incorrect so plough has stuck with me. But if I want to get technical I didn’t actually plough the part up as I was scarifying 😏. Anyway it’s all good fun
  6. Vintageben

    1928 chevy roadster vacuum tank problem

    Here’s the other sort I was talking about but don’t ask me about them as I have little experience with this type
  7. Vintageben

    1928 chevy roadster vacuum tank problem

    So this is the type of vacuum tank I’m running on my Chev and see from the photos where the springs are located. Sorry I just re-read you’re last post and I believe your vacuum tank is the sort with the pressed tin top now I have one around here some place and I have used it but I did have issues with it so I change to the type in my photo Cheers Ben
  8. Vintageben

    What have you ploughed up

    So as I was working one of our paddocks today I noticed something in the soil it appears to be a mid 20’s Dodge hub cap (correct me if I’m wrong) and I thought I wonder what others may have uncovered when working the ground or excavating. It’s funny I haven’t found any other auto parts in this paddock and its not a regular producer of artefacts. In one of the other paddocks some years a go we found the remains of a 32 Harley Davidson why ripping it. So what have you found ?
  9. Vintageben

    1928 chevy roadster vacuum tank problem

    Can you tell us a little more, like had it previously been running and this is only a new problem or is this the first attempt to get it going. I had a funny experience a while back with my 27 Chev when I changed the cracked top on mine and put what I thought was a better top on. Lazy old me didn’t remove and inspect everything properly, the new top just would not suck the fuel in, turns out someone had filled the vent hole with some sort of putty I put the old top back on and it runs fine. I recommend checking every thing thoroughly and make sure there are no leaks. Good luck
  10. Oh dear that sounds nasty best of luck with it, I hope you’re rebuilt engine is close handy
  11. Vintageben

    Steering wheel and column

    Yeah the lock works on the cut out on the column. Turn the key and a pin inserts into the column locking the steering. The little lever is the ignition cut out switch. As for value, that’s a difficult one as I’m a stingy bastard I would not part with much money for this part, maybe $50-$100 (Aussie) but then again I do already have half a dozen of these sitting on the shelf. Parts like this I usually prefer to swap other parts for, but that’s how I usually like to do business
  12. Vintageben

    Car on old shipwreck

    How great is that. It’s 27 Chev, love it
  13. Vintageben

    Steering wheel and column

    Looks similar to Chev 4 1927-28 but the photo is not clear enough where the bracket is halfway down, it should have a lock on it there
  14. Vintageben

    1925-26 Oakland tyre size

  15. Vintageben

    1925-26 Oakland tyre size

    So I recently picked up a mixed lot of 1920’s car parts, in amongst it there are some mid twenties Oakland parts namely a engine and radiator and there are various rims and stuff so I’m wondering what size tyres/ rim did Oakland use in 1925-26? Any help appreciated Cheers Ben