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  1. Hmm they are a beautiful car but it does seem a little odd no steering wheel etc. and I often wonder with cars like that what else is wrong? If it so easy to get on the road why not do so and get the extra dollars! But if the price was right and it was closer by and I had the spare coin I would definitely have a go at it. but that’s a lot of if’s and and’s so I guess I will sit and dream. Thanks for sharing
  2. Just a quick question are any parts interchangeable between a 1929 DA Dodge and a 1928 Standard Six mainly steering box and pitman arm) I’m guessing probably not but you don’t know if you don’t ask. Thanks for any help. Cheers Ben
  3. here’s a couple more photos. The Blue and green Chev is a 1926 model that I have only had a couple of weeks.
  4. Had little car show here today. Was a little disappointed as it seemed only Chevrolets were represented but it was still a fair turnout and the catering was great with German waffles for afternoon tea
  5. Not quite a simple bolt here is a couple of pictures from my 1926 Chev manual. But you can make a bolt work but it has to allow the brake band move in to clamp down on the drum. The arrangement there looks like it is after 1923 as I have a the remains of a 23 and it’s different.
  6. Here is my humble garage. It’s a old Dairy Bales converted. I like it biggest problem is it only fits three cars and I have now got 6
  7. I used the POR15 fuel tank kit about 20 years ago (no problems since) on my 27 Chev the tank was pretty ordinary I followed the instructions and I got loads of rubbish out of it. The only thing different to the instructions that I did was the couple of hand fulls of blue stone I put in the tank while cleaning and shaking the tank to give a bit of extra abrasive action. On the strength of how well it worked the first time I have just completed 2 more tanks for my recently acquired 26 Chevs. Cheers Ben
  8. 91% for the cars of the 30’s
  9. Yeah I will keep everyone updated just don’t hold your breath it could be 12 months before I get started on it as there are a few other things to clear out of the workshop first. Cheers Ben
  10. Wow I thought my next project was a challenge but its a walk in the park compared to that, I take my hat off to your sir for your dedication. Here is my project a 1929 Chrysler 75 was a Roadster but has had the usual Ute treatment. I’m pretty sure the Roadsters ran a 3.9 diff on the 75’s Cheers Ben
  11. Yeah most of the time I only get to work on my cars evenings or very early morning, this could explain a lot about my cars 😁🤣
  12. Yeah I like using feeler gauges on my old Chevs and also this neat timing light. Got no idea of its age but still works well.
  13. For me here in Northern NSW Australia finer weather is our lake being full of water again and some good green grass again and slightly cooler days after a lot of months of no rain hot weather and fires. February has been beaut with close to 500mm of rain here for the month. Sure not so good Speedster weather but oh so welcome.
  14. Thanks guys I think you are probably on the money that it is possibly hardware for a house windows. It always fun sorting through piles of stuff and finding the occasional item that is non related to what you want.
  15. Well I’m guessing the sound of crickets Chirping probably says it is not Chrysler related maybe not car related either 😁 Any way I will hang them on the wall and keep pondering