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  1. Vintageben

    Help 1930 car?

    Just a guess but say a mid 20’s Opel
  2. I got myself one twelve to eighteen months ago from Auto Surplus in Mitcham, Victoria 03 98733566. I’m pretty sure I could only get the chain but would be worth asking about the gears as well, perhaps you might want to be sitting down when you ask the price 😁 I don’t think the chain was too bad compared with other sources. Cheers Ben
  3. Oh dear no wonder it was making horrible noises. We had a similar thing happen in a 3208 Cat engine that’s in one of our harvesters a couple of years ago, it got us through with a bit of rattling and extra oil consumption. There were a lot of piston part in the sump when we removed it 😧. Anyway another engine solved the problem. On that note I don’t know if you have read the below line about bearing replacement in your manual but I wish it was this simple.
  4. Vintageben

    '28 Chrysler M Engine re-build

    So I just had a look at my 29 Chrysler 65 manual and it had this cross section of the engine shows pretty clear which way the rod should face this also means that the oil holes in the big ends lined up with the cam this matches what my Motors Auto repair Manual that covers from 35 to 46 says and it makes sense that the cam gets plenty of oil. Hopefully that helps Cheers Ben
  5. Vintageben

    '28 Chrysler M Engine re-build

    Piston pin bolts tend to be all the same side and I believe it’s to do with the way the engine “throws” or that’s what a old bloke told me here. Unfortunately I can’t remember which way round it is but I will have a look through some of my literature. I think that hole you referring to could just be a drain for any excess oil that works it way up to the the dissy or moisture working it way down, my 65 has the same hole
  6. Vintageben

    '28 Chrysler M Engine re-build

    Ahh that’s a real bigger for you nothing worse than having to tidy up a professional stuff up. Don’t have lot of advice on how to fix but I know I have been told to keep sandpaper away from white metal bearings as the sand can get imbedded in the surface, so maybe be careful with the sandpaper. My commiserations to you hopefully you can get it sorted satisfactory 😟
  7. Vintageben

    Towing a trailer with an antique Dodge

    Personally I like your idea but just not with that trailer I think you would be far better off using a pair of dodge wheels and maybe axle as well and build the rest( sounds easy when you say it quick😁). That way you can get the hieght and dimensions right. I also like the old farm trailer but that’s exactly what it is a farm trailer may be if I was into tractor treks I would restore it to tow behind a vintage tractor but not a car. The other advantage to using the same undercarriage as your tow vehicle is the interchangeability of spare parts(tyres, bearings etc) Anyway just a couple of thoughts will be interested to see how the project unfolds Cheers Ben
  8. Vintageben

    What's this hubcap for?

    Here’s a few more photos, if you still want let me know Cheers Ben
  9. Vintageben

    What's this hubcap for?

    Yeah I still have it, as far as selling, the poor old thing is very battered so Im not sure I could accept money for it. Where abouts are you located? I’m in Australia. I will get a couple more photos in the next few days when I figure out where I put it🤔 and if you think it’s worth it I’ll post it to you. Cheers Ben
  10. Vintageben

    '28 Chrysler M Engine re-build

    That looks a lot better 😁
  11. Vintageben

    '28 Chrysler M Engine re-build

    Yeah hopefully they are not as Herm observes as I many years ago went down the expensive track mind you when I pulled that engine they looked truly awful. Anyway gives me something to think about while I lay here in hospital. So pleased that there is this site👍🏿😁
  12. Vintageben

    '28 Chrysler M Engine re-build

    Cool thanks for that yep sooo jealous
  13. Vintageben

    '28 Chrysler M Engine re-build

    Lucky you at this point I must say I’m very jealous. Hey if you get a chance could you post a photo of the bearings please Cheers Ben
  14. Vintageben

    1929 Chrysler 65 Spring width

    Thanks for all the info it’s very much appreciated. Hmm now I wonder what’s been happening with this car anyway we will do a little more investigation .
  15. Just wondering what width are the front spring leaves on other Chrysler 65’s mine are roughly 2 inches. But I have a friend who has just bought a project and his are narrower. Any thoughts appreciated. Cheers Ben