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  1. Hi everyone and thanks in advance for any help and sorry about the poor heading but I was not sure what else to write. Anyway earlier this year I was lucky enough to buy this 1926 Chev, it’s no show piece but just a nice old driver and a lot of fun for the money spent. The car was restored back in the mid to late 60’s. The paint is still presentable but has a few issues and I will probably need to do a little touch up at some stage and would like to know what type of paint may have been used. But here is the funny thing when I wash it the dark blue changes/gets all weird It goes blotchy/lig
  2. Yeah as Edinmass Says you have to remove the the counter weights to grind the crank, it’s great fun
  3. Oh yeah that’s how they look 🙄 I was not so impressed when I pulled down my 65 engine and it was the same definitely extra work for the rebuild
  4. Wow that’s pretty cool Thanks for sharing. Cheers Ben
  5. Sorry the spare I have must be a different model as it is a bit different
  6. Hi there I’m just down the road a bit in Northern NSW I will have a look at what I have. What model 1928 do you have? Cheers Ben
  7. Here’s a few pages from the 25 Chev manual I have hopefully they help
  8. I have been thinking about this today and I must say I have not got up close and personal with a 25 Chev but I have with both 26 and 27 Chev’s. My understanding is that the 25 Chev has a gear driven generator that also has the distributor driven of the the back of it and also the oil pump . So I’m not sure when you say you set the timing of the gears do you mean the valve timing or the ignition timing because if it’s the ignition I’m not sure which gears you are referring to. I know on the 27 Chev they have timing marks on the fly wheel so they are easy to set as long as the fly wheel is insta
  9. Yeah I was lucky my wife let me use our 27 Chev’s in our wedding it was hard picking just a couple of pics as we seemed to have a lot with the cars in them. It’s also hard to believe this all happened 10 years ago. While it was not a shot gun wedding my wife did fall pregnant shortly after I proposed to her and she grew a little in the chest area in the weeks leading up to the wedding, the dress was not really designed for this expansion and turned out to be a little more revealing then planned. A couple of her Aunties were a little shocked but I didn’t here to many other complaints but I also
  10. Yeah here is a couple of pictures of the one on my Chrysler 75 project. Bolted straight to the firewall and the head. My Chrysler 65 has the same set up
  11. Excellent I knew that someone else would definitely know what the prefix was. Yep more photos would definitely be good
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