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  1. Well perhaps I’m somewhat kooky in the late 1990’s I drove my 27 Chev on my first date and I still have her today, the car not the girl.thought about selling it a few years ago but couldn’t we have been through too much together so many great memories
  2. I think they made a movie about this   Sorry I’m just too young what was the title of the movie. Might be good to watch 😁
  3. Thanks willl investigate both options
  4. Actually the story we have been told is that they did find some gold and he awoke one night to hear the other pair in the partnership plotting to get rid of him, so he made himself scarce shortly after that. Who knows if that is really what happened but it’s a good story at any rate.😁
  5. Just wondering what this sedan is. Photo was taken the late '20s-early -30s in Canada. The owners were apparently chasing gold but a had falling out. Thanks for any help.
  6. Just wondering how others clean out old fuel tanks as I need to clean the one on 26 Chev. Any help appreciated. Thanks Ben
  7. Okay not much to go on here but this photo was taken in 1950’s in Germany. The people in the car are my wife’s relatives and we are wondering what the car maybe. Thanks for any help. Cheers Ben PS think I knew this one anyway maybe Fiat Topolino?
  8. Yeah the woods were standard in Australia and disc wheels a option Funny the differences there are. Oh how I know about going down hills fast all my Chevs have two wheel brakes!! 😁 Actually I tend to go down hills much slower (and cautiously) then going up them. The brakes are fine if you know what you’re doing.
  9. Yeah we were thinking that cosmetically doing very little with this car all the wood work is solid as a rock including the wheels. I don’t think it was army issue in places you can see original colour showing through, so we are contemplating should we rub it back to this and if so what’s the best method? Anyway looking forward to getting up and running and enjoying it.
  10. Honestly it’s not my fault it just followed me home! 1926 Chev last rego 1972. Blackout lenses included.Should be be fun project.
  11. Ah I already knew the answer as my beautiful young wife told me this 9 or 10 years ago when we were dating and while she doesn’t attend a whole lot of car events etc she does give a lot of behind the scenes support in fact recently she told me about a car her hairdresser wanted to sell but didn’t know what it was worth and wanted someone to take a look, I had look and he really wanted a offer on the car anyway I told him I was not too sure how my wife would react if I got yet another car. Anyway When I returned home I told her what happened her response was “ I would not have told you about it if I was worried about having another car in the shed” so it looks like we will have a 1926 Chev shortly. Just goes to show there are still some Gems out there (cars and women 🙂)
  12. I’m surprised that know one has said this yet but “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that vehicle “ 😁
  13. Yeah with everyone guessing the meaning of the signs I remembered a funny story my wife’s Grandfather Otto told us when we were in Germany. The setting is sometime shortly after the war and Otto was a young man in part of Germany that was occupied by America, he had only good things to say about them and funny enough when he spoke English it was with a heavy American accent. Anyways the locals had a bit of fun at the expense of one of the American Officers telling him that he needed to visit the village of Umlietung I think that some of his comrades were in on the joke. When he was at the end of his service in Germany he said that he never did find that village 😂
  14. Where’s the sign marked Umleitung? I saw a lot of signs when I was there pointing to Umlietung but I never did find that village 🤔😂
  15. Hi Alain I currently have my 65 engine pulled down and don’t recall seeing any seal either but I will double check this later if I get a chance otherwise it maybe in a couple of days. Cheers Ben