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  1. No disadvantage. It is nichrome wire, an alloy that gets hot and causes a resistance. They were used for years and are not a problem. You could probably measure the diameter and length and make a new one if you have to. Your electric stove element is built the same way.
  2. This style oil gauge didn't happen until at least LATE '15 or '16. Not sure it shows as being different in the parts books as both are 4 lb.
  3. Call George at Romar, he had a bunch of gauges at Hershey. Or Myers, they will have one too.
  4. Oldtinpusher mailed me a bunch of sales contracts from a N.Y. dealer from 1922 to 1926. They will be scanned soon and posted on the DBC website. Many of the cars were Cantrell or other woodie type station wagons. Most cars were deluxe models. There are also a fair amount of screenside business cars. Where did all the woodies and screensides go? Again, if anyone has amounts of literature from DB it would be greatly appreciated to be part of the DBclub collection at AACA library. Even good copies would answer questions if you do not want to get rid of the originals. THANK YOU OLDTINPUSHER.
  5. John, once again your memory comes through. I forgot about Ted's, he lives in Maryland. BTW, there is a lot of Victory information on the DBC website in the Confidential Information and service bulletin pages.
  6. The picture Keiser posted are of Bill's car. But it now belongs to Dale, also a DBC member and of Canada. Not sure if he checks in here at all.
  7. The US really missed the boat by not building utes. They were way too late and too little when they started in the '50's. But you must have the negatives reversed, steering is on the wrong side.
  8. Good catch. And that official DB font is not in any modern books or lists. I know people that have wasted time looking for it. DO you see the bevel on the outside of the bezel of that one. I don't think other DB gauges have that. They are all the same!
  9. The bezel on the one pointed up does not look right to my eyes.
  10. DB26, the invoices will be searchable. I'm not that smart but Matt at the library is. They will be searchable by serial number or words.
  11. Unfortunately no. They ended in 1930. I would love to find more, especially early ones for my own interest but also new ones like '36-'38. These have changed my mind on a lot of things like finding proof you could have bought standard cars with deluxe parts from the factory. It also shows trends like the switch to disc wheels.
  12. Thanks. Finished today, about 1350 invoices, some with 12-15 cars on them and lots of trucks. Out of all that I only saw about 6 or 8 that paid for a spare tire, all in about 1928 to 1930. SOOO, does that mean the rest didn't get a spare? Wire wheels were available on standard DAs and Victories at extra cost, cowl lights too. SO that explains when cars have cowl lights that probably shouldn't. Almost all cars paid a " war tax" of 25 to 40 dollars even up to 1929. And an advertisement cost was added to most cars, some 20-50 dollars. Was that just extra profit for the dealer because how could it cost that much to advertise a car? Bumpers and trunk racks were an extra charge for DAs and Victories, don't remember any Seniors paying extra but could have. AND, on DAs with side mounts, like mine, if they didn't pay for a spare tire did they just get a bare wheel in the fender? Spare tire locks were an extra charge too. Lots of good information but creates more questions.
  13. In the recent thread about new car order contracts it made me think of a book that was given to the DBC club. In talking to DB26 and OLDCARPUSHER I went digging for it at AACA library in our collection. It is a book of new car invoices from 1921 to 1930 complete with serial numbers and engine numbers. Also notes a few things like colors, interior, disc wheels or wood wheels. Well, I have been scanning, 1000 pages so far with about 300 to go. The dealers name was Pearl, they must have been a major dealer. I forget the proper term but DB had major dealers and minor. The majors ordered quantities from DB and stocked bunches of cars and trucks. Then the minor dealers were supplied from the majors. OK, it sounds boring until I found a Landau, and a 1923 four passenger coupe. Look them up, have never seen either of them for real. Found about 25 or 30 1925 coaches, which is a pretty obscure body style that I only know of one. Most of the panel business cars had a note to RUB VARNISH which translates to polish the panels, which proves the did have shiny cars back then. I found a few Kalamazoo orders. Look them up, kind of ugly I think. One of the puzzles is a WAR TAX on almost all of the cars. I am up to 1928 and they were still being charged for it, about 25 to 40 on a 700 to 1000 dollar car. Could it still be to pay for WW1? It will take a few weeks until I get the stick to Rick and it gets posted to the DBC website, stay tuned. I also found several orders for MUSLIN COVERS for .60. I think it may have been a seat cover. Anyone have one or pictures or know for sure what they are? So, if you live anywhere near Canton Ohio you better start checking barns.
  14. Thank you. Searchable is WAY over my skills. I am scanning books loaned to me and don't want to get stuff mixed up. SO I know many times the same page is in each book but that's the way it is. Some of it is not even in chronological order or duplicates. I am not scanning manuals or brochures as that is how the library makes it's money doing research. This stuff would takes years to research for something specific and may not even be there. As you say, there is some crazy information there. Last week I found a date when DB stopped painting doors before shipping through parts. They were changed to being just primed. Think about that! Up until then you ordered a door, for example, and it not only had to fit your year and model but came painted to match. SO how carefully was it shipped?? I have often wondered about metal gaiters on leaf springs. I found part numbers that DB supplied them for dealers to install.