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  1. Why not just buy the correct switch for your car instead of ruining this one?
  2. Stakeside, look in the DA Book of Information. There is a very good explanation of how to do it with pictures.
  3. I doubt you will find exact numbers, but look on Very good site.
  4. And fat guys can't get in a roadster from the driver's side.
  5. As Dave said roadster doors are different. I think they are 2 1/4 longer and the back of the cab is wider then touring too.
  6. I don't know where you are located but the AACA museum has a maroon Dupont on display. I would think DUpont would use their own paint. You could take close up pictures and then look in paint chip books.
  7. The carb shown from ebay is for an earlier car. The '24 carb has two round head screws that hold o the float cover. Look in your Book of Information for a picture of one.
  8. Matthew, they make a galvanize spray paint. It is not perfect but works pretty good. It would be available at industrial places, maybe a welding supply shop. McMaster-Carr has it too, mail order. I forgot you are in the communist state so it may not be available locally.
  9. Walk away from it and reread the directions in your mind. I know someone that read the same directions for a DA. It said turn the distributor one way and I, I mean he was turning it the other way. When done correctly it worked and ran.
  10. I see, and it wouldn't surprise me if John had two or three. But I have not seen one that I remember.
  11. Thank you, John. I don't think I have seen a touring car in Victory body. As happens too often I am afraid by moving this thread from where it started we have lost the original poster.
  12. That looks like a DA water pump. You should be able to take it apart and put a new bushing in it and repack the seal. BTW, it should not have a grease fitting, it came with an oil fitting from factory. It looks similar and is available from McMaster-Carr.
  13. David and others, check the top of the rod, there are threads on early ones. At least until about 1918 they used the aluminum ones that threaded on. I have only seen a few. I have cast some new ones but the correct tap is impossible to find, may be 5 X 46 or 48. I forget but I know I looked in every catalog I have and no one makes the tap. I even checked into having one ground but gave up as it's expensive. After about 1918 they went to the pressed on steel one like is pictured above. They are very light in weight. I am guessing most of them vibrated loose and fell off along the road. That will be something to look for when you go for a walk. The weight is something to keep in mind when substituting with a rivet.
  14. Your car was most likely built in Oct. 1929 and is very unusual. I don't think touring cars were available in the US. With yours being right hand drive could it have been built in Australia? If so there should be a body tag from TJRichards. I would very much like to see more pictures of your car. Contact the AACA library, the connection can be made through this website. The Dodge Brothers club has some literature there that you can get copies of that will answer your questions about the engine, wheelbase, etc. We also have owner's manuals that would be useful. The colors on your car do not appear to be factory BUT Victories could be ordered in any color even if not factory approved.
  15. I have some pictures of what they look like, will see if I can find them. The basically look like a little hat, flat on top, about 5/8 inch diameter. I don't think the parts book shows when they changed, but you can them in the early Books of information.