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  1. John, the machine shop that is going to bore your block should be able to sonic test how thick the cylinders are. There is no shame in sleeves either, if installed correctly.
  2. 10-4, I understand I think. We have trouble here with north and south of the Mason-Dixon line. The south of it sound different then those of us that live to the north. South they say youall or youns, like "youall come back now hear"? I still don't understand why you drive on the wrong side of the road.
  3. Matt, we are going to have to include a translation chart somewhere on this site. I have to think too hard what you guys are taking about when you say hood instead of roof. Our hood covers the engine. I am not even going to ask why you call it a dicky seat.
  4. MikeC, there is information on mufflers on the DBC website. It gives the proper sizes of length, diameter, etc. in the Garage section. These stainless mufflers are the cat's meow, will last for ever.
  5. Matt, the interior is coming alone nicely. The color suit perfectly. I sure hope you never forget a screwdriver in your back pocket.
  6. Just yesterday I found in my stash a paper from Bob Long the original Romar. It says to use the 1958 Peugeot color of 83503 as 22touring suggests. I think this is what Myers and Romars engine paint is based on. The paper tells which engine parts are green/grey, black, or left unpainted. I have sent a copy to our editor and hopefully it will appear in the DBC magazine.
  7. I have not used Grain-it products but have watched them at Hershey several times. They , of course, make it look very easy.
  8. Don't you have any horses to give their hair for your seats down there? The Brothers would not approve of foam.
  9. Whoever you quoted is correct. Early engines were black and then they were a light green/grey.
  10. It MAY be the 19th edition. You want the edition printed JUST before your car was built. The club's collection does not have a 19th edition, I just looked at the DBC website. And I have not found or even seen a 19th. Good luck finding one.
  11. I haven't seen Larry on here for a while. Look in the DBC club rooster and call him would be best. Yirga is the last name.
  12. Or did Ted sneak over there? I haven't heard from him for about a week. I better check and see if he's at home.
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