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  1. While I forget how it was done I believe the answer would be in the video the DBC sells. It is a video that shows much of how the early cars were built from factory footage. It even says how much leather and horsehair was used every day.
  2. But can you still run? I understand the T can.
  3. This Zenith is exactly like the carb on my mid '60's International 140 tractor, it's about 25-30 hp. Not slamming the carb, it works quite well.
  4. John Bittence made a cd of information on Victories. I think Myers is authorizes to sell it. It has all the information you will ever need to maintain a DB Victory. I wouldn't doubt he is familiar with your car.
  5. The early 1915 DB had a cast bracket for the tail light. I had a few RIGHT side brackets cast to add a tail light or brake light, which the '15 didn't have. The brackets are cast in bronze and look exactly like a factory bracket, mirror image of the left. They mount the same way as the left bracket and use a repro light housing. They are $30 with postage, PM me if you want one.
  6. Thanks John. Rodger had sent me a note for markings similar to those but didn't include X15. I have since found a few with C20 after the engine number. As to Victory Sixes I do not recall any in the invoices or contracts, plenty of DA's though and I remember a few Seniors. Reading between lines there is a lot of information in those scans, or at least more questions. Did they have a bad Victory and not try to sell any more? If you remember in the memos from dealers there was discussion about rod failure in Victory SIxes. Also there were a lot of '22 to '24 touring cars sold with disc wheels too. What happened to them?
  7. I have seen factory documentation that cars could be bought in any color for an extra cost. Or bought in primer and painted frames, meaning body color. It started about 1929. I have not seen anything like that for trucks but don't doubt it could have happened.
  8. I don't know , Ron. The way Matt is ripping into this thing he will be driving it by June.
  9. The part numbers would obviously be different being different finishes on them. The four cylinder, 1927, master parts books have dimensions for the frames and glass. Don't know about newer ones. The DBC does not have parts books that new.
  10. Hoss was in several old westerns before Bonanza, had a big handlebar mustache and was usually the bad guy.
  11. Does anyone know what X15 means attached to the engine number? Several of the cars in the invoices have the number plus X15 after it. Also many of the panel trucks orders paid extra to have the panels rubbed out. If you look at the Semme trucks, shown many places like Shorpy, the bodies are very shiny and then lettered for the business name.
  12. GOOD and welcome, Pete. I sent you a PM. We, the DBC , has a large presence at Hershey in the fall, a club dinner on Friday night and large store of DB goodies all week. The national meet is in S.C. this April.
  13. Studying invoices sound real boring. But I had fun reading through them when I scanned them. Just to see what sold in a specific area. And I learned things like spare tire locks were extra cost.