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  1. Is the body rusted that would weaken it? If you remove the windshield , fenders, and doors there is just about no weight there. It should not be a problem.
  2. The puller is the same for DA and four cylinder DB. I think it's 2 1/2 diameter, forget the pitch.
  3. There is at least 4 different DB models in 1928. Can you narrow it down a bit?
  4. Not a real big deal. Wrap tape around your needle nosed pliers so it doesn't ruin the threads. Hold the piece with the pliers and use your wrench to start the point in the thread. My hands are big and arthritic and I can do it. Patience!
  5. DB26, I THINK this the result of ethanol gas separating. When left set the ethanol separates and attracts water. To test it buy some new gas place in an open container and let set on a rainy high humidity day. It will separate in to two distinct colors, one being gas the other ethanol and water.
  6. And Matthew, you also have threads asking for help because your car doesn't run right. Never mind.
  7. Racing fuel of 104 octane is very unnecessary with a compression ratio as low as DBs have. It takes more energy to ignite and burns much hotter and costs a lot more. Stick to basics.
  8. I would drive it, get it good and warm. Try some fresh gas as soon as practical. All the carbs are basically the same except for the very first ones for '14 and early '15. Your float top should have a stamped cover, not cast but they both function the same.
  9. How long ago did you have it apart? My truck ran on Tuesday to go to and from the gas station. By the next Monday the dashpot was seized and it didn't run. Ethanol SUCKS.
  10. DB26, the compression is good. What kind of gas do you have in it? ethanol? how old? I had trouble with one of my cars similar to yours. I had ethanol in it and the dashpot froze. That is the cylinder that goes up and down to allow more gas in when you rev it up. When I took the carb apart there was no grit or crud. It was just frozen in place. It has to move very smoothly to work right. I no longer use ethanol.
  11. I don't think Dodge Brothers ever used Jaxon rims.
  12. Another way to test it is to feel the vacuum tube while it is running rough. If it is cold it is sucking gas.
  13. I know it says it is, but that is not a '15 DB.
  14. Are you POSITIVE it's gas? There is no way fuel can go uphill to get there from the carb without engine vacuum. This may be the source of the leak from the coolant drain?