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  1. AH, I only have my Fisher coupe to go by and they are wood.
  2. The engine number will be approximately 50,000 more then the car. The lever appears to be either the advance lever or hand throttle. Both Myers Early Dodge or Romar has repros or used ones. I still think you should buy it.
  3. This car is too late for number to be under passenger seat.
  4. If you mean running boards they are wood up to about 25-26 I think. Are you lifting a sedan or touring car?
  5. Yes, a replacement core. I don't like to get involved in price, but 15 is high. These aren't Fords even though they are twice the car.
  6. Looks like a good original car, horn is modern. It is late enough that it has 20 inch low pressure tires which is not a bad thing. The headlight and cowl light rings should be nickled, no big thing. The cowl light were available as a separate option. IF it is a deluxe the radiator shell should be nickled too. It would clean up and make someone a nice car. The bumpers are also an option. Maybe you should buy it from him?
  7. The pictures you speak of are all from Budd Manuf. John Parsons, a charter member of the DBC, bought them, about 3600 of them. I scanned them and had them posted. As has been said in other threads Budd made most all the bodies for DB. The Budd bodies were all steel, except for the floor boards. The first wood bodied DB was a centerdoor sedan and the body was built by DB, even has a body badge on the right lower cowl saying so. At least the prototype body panels were stamped by Budd because there are pictures of the parts in these Budd photos that I recognize. There's one waiting for me to get
  8. I think you are correct in there only being one batch of bodies for Oakland. BTW, the DB bodies were shipped with no paint, not even primer, by railcar to Detroit for assembly. I'm thinking a touring body with doors was $42. It's been a while since I read it.
  9. I bought a cheap one from maybe Restoration Supply that goes into the top radiator hose on my '29 DA. Easy and temporary. Might have cost 30 US?
  10. Some of those pictures come from the DBC John Parsons collection posted on the DBC website. There are more pictures of Victories there along with about 3600 other pictures from the Budd factory. DB claims to be the first all steel body but I think from the Budd book that Oakland was actually the first in 1911 also made by Budd. DB used all steel bodies from Budd starting in 1914. Some touring bodies were not all steel though and were made by Wilson. But after advertising how good all steel bodies were the very first body built by DB was a wood bodied sedan. What they didn't tell you in the Hem
  11. Walt, this is similar to the letters the DBC has. They are on my list to scan IF I can ever get back to AACA library, they are still shut down. They have gotten a large shipment from Philadelphia and are sorting. I love the artwork on these letters. As we know, they are propaganda. I have found in letters from DB to dealers that a price is set by DB for used car tradeins. That if they dealer allowed more for the tradein, especially Ford, that it was completely on the dealer. There were Saturday night reports due every week with prices and tradein quantity. SO their comment of keeping your car
  12. Thanks Matt. As with everything else your pinstripe came out perfect.
  13. Matt, I'm not sure everything Ron said was a compliment but I agree.
  14. Matt, I thought I sent a response a while ago, guess it's lost in space. I have never seen anyone paint the pinstripe before the panel. Is that a down under trick?
  15. Budd started the all steel body long before the Victory in 1928. The very first bodies for Dodge brothers in '15 were all steel. All the touring and roadster DB bodies were all steel except for a few made by Wilson. But what makes the Victory unique is the unitized concept.
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