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  1. Last week I purchased that same gear from tom van meteren for my 24 master. The wear on my gear was exactly the same as yours. Replacing the gear made a big difference to the running of the car. Hope that I did not purchase the last one. Tom is a great guy to deal with. Regards alex
  2. Hi jeff thanks for speedy reply. The starter fitted to my Chrysler is a delco remy 724c ,this is a reduction gear type starter,the bendix is not fitted to the starter shaft,it is fitted to the reduction shaft ,will this fit? Regards alex
  3. Hi I am also looking for starter bendix for my 1924 70 will you ship to Scotland uk Regards alex
  4. HI Many thanks for everyones response. The manifold is peculiar to the rhd car and not interchangeable with the lhd model. The lhd model is the same width about 4 1/4 inches from block to outer edge of manifold as shown in the pictures posted by 30dodge and keiser31. The description posted by vivw is bang on. THe rhd manifold is the same as the lhd till it nears the bulkhead where it offsets out by a further 1 1/2 inches to clear the steering column. I will try and post pictures of my manifold but have not been able to do so in the past,perhaps someone with a rhd car could post a picture. regards alex
  5. Hi I urgently require an exhaust manifold for my 1924/ 70 Chrysler tourer right hand drive. Perhaps some of the aussie members on this forum could help? My car is no longer usable as the manifold is beyond repair and have been uable to locate one hear in Scotland. Any help gratefully appreciated. Regards alex mcdougall Scotland.
  6. Hi dave I managed to get a heat riser. Thanks for your response. Regards alexz mcdougall
  7. Hi mark many thanks for this link. Regards alex mcdougall
  8. HI ALL Can anybody help with the front spring specifications for a 1929 buick sports roadster,so that I can get a set made here in Scotland? Thanking you in anticipaton Alex mcdougall
  9. Dave if still available I would like to purchase the riser. Regards alex
  10. Hi dave thanks for your reply and photo. I am unable to read number on the casting,perhaps someone on this forum could help if this is suitable. regards alex
  11. Thanks mark for your helpful reply. Regards alex
  12. Hi looking for a 1929 heat riser in good useable condition,can anybody help?. Regards alex mcdougall
  13. hi what would cost be to ship to uk,do you accept paypall Regards alex.
  14. Hi I see that hymans are advertising a 72 roadster for sale for $79500.00,is this price way over the top?. Would Chrysler have painted the roadster in this colour scheme? I was wondering if anyone has any information about this car? I have a 72 rolling chassis ,and would like to rebuid with this body type. Regards alex mcdougall
  15. Thanks hugh for this good advice . ALEX
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