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  2. 1928 used the same tail light on all cars
  3. If there is no tag on it, look for numbers stamped imto the case. 940 D is 1926 and early 1927. Late 1927 has an aluminum tag.
  4. I have always had difficulty putting the 3 piece oil rings ( 2 rails and an expander) into the cylinder. so I bought cast iron oil rings. Something to think about. Fred
  5. On my 1928 master, I removed the buterfly from ther manifold exhaust valve and blocked the opening between the heat riser and the manifold. I did not like the way it ran and removed the plate blocking the gas from the manifold to the heat riser. I think it runs better without that blocking. I do not think that the paint on your heat riser will survie even with the hot gas blocked from it.
  6. R The ring and pinion can be swaped without changing the torque tube or differential. The problem comes when you try to remove the pinion from a different length drive shaft. I finally got mine off by putting the drive shaft in a vice and using a 2 piece clamp that fit behind the pinion . It had 2 studs that could be tightened against the vice. I will have find out the correct name and post again. If I remember correctly, I put a 1941 ring gear still in the 41 carrier into the 1950. Fred
  7. I believe that I have a used one that is pretty good. Send me your address to I will look in the morning. I will let you know if I have one and if so, and how much the postage costs. Fred
  8. I think that what you see is a cup shaped washer under the screw head. Do you need some screws or washers? If so, send me an e-mail at as I do not get on this sight as often as I would like.
  9. Closed cars in 1927 did not have an ignition key. The best solution is a new key cut from code. If you have to replace the cylinder in the plunger, you have to drill holes in the side of the plunger to find the hidden snap ring that holds the cylinder in the plunger.
  10. Patrick, I have a nice intake manifold for $3.00 plus about $15.00 in shipping. Shipping varies by how far you are from Southern Calif. . The hose clamps are available from Look through his on line catalogue for the mascot radiator cap. He has repro trunk locks. Josef Kubista in the Czech Republic may be making water tubes They are really expensive but that is the only source. Bob's had them at one time but his supplier declined to make them any more and Josef has the same problem.
  11. I like the larger head bolts on the outside of the rocker cover where you can see them. I bought new bolts for inside the rocker cover where they can not be seen and used the best of the old ones where they can be seen. I have always used Permatex #2 to seal the head bolts. Like Mark, I only re-torque it after a couple of short runs. I have not had any head bolt leaks. Fred
  12. COVER PLATE THAT GOES ON THE FRONT OF THE LOWER FLYWHEEL HOUSING FITS 1926 MASTER, 1927 & 1928 120, 128, 1929 121 & 129, 1930 SER 50 & 60 LIGHT RUST NO DEEP PITS $8.00 plus $5.50 first class postage
  13. Is what you want the the washer like piece that goes on the push rod on top of the spring?
  14. Josef, I did not read all the posts. I just skipped to the end. I have a stack of 1928 Master clutches. I was getting ready to send you a couple of 3 leg water tubes for patterns. I could send it with the water tubes. Fred
  15. I have an old one for a pattern. Yours for the postage and a promise that you will become the caretaker and keep it until someone else needs it or return it. Fred Call me. 562 644-4670