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  1. Western Australian Buick Owners Club Spring Run - October 2019 http://www.westernbuicks.org/2019-spring-run-to-kukerin/
  2. https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=2300&From=AUD&To=USD This is our pain machine!! Try converting US dollars to Aussie dollars for any purchases we have to make from the US!!
  3. This won't help!! My 1928 to 1946 Master Parts Book agrees with Bloo. However my year specific parts book for 1936 models lists the following GRP 4.400 Part No 1291266 Spring, synchronising detent ( 3 per car ) 1936 Series 40 Maybe a part number change?
  4. Really great news Pete. I believe my mate Jeff has contacted you already. Thanks again.
  5. Urgently Wanted to Buy Grp 8.185 Part 1341161 LEFT SIDE SWEEP SPEAR MOULDING 1949 - 76c - 76R A friend has just purchased a beautiful 1949 Roadmaster Riviera 76R from the USA. It was shipped without incident from the USA but once an Aussie trucker got involved it has sustained some damage. Consequently he is in need of a left hand rear sweep spear moulding.
  6. Have a N.O.S. sidemount lock https://forums.aaca.org/topic/329735-for-sale-nos-sidemount-lock-buick-1936-1940/
  7. Sorry, I have absolutely no idea what you are all talking about!! https://www.climatestotravel.com/climate/australia/perth
  8. Give Mr EARL a call - He's looking for a new project!!
  9. Jack, My parts book indicates 1939 large series use the same intake manifold so you may widen your possibilities. GRP 3.265 MANIFOLD, intake Part No. 1393015
  10. Sidewalls can get scuffed so the professionals seem to have opted for this method here now.