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  1. 50jetback


    Is that Bob Hope in the drivers seat?
  2. 50jetback

    Very Nice 1949 Roadmaster Sedanette on eBay

    only $33K on the Craigslist posting. For what is arguably one of the most desirable Buicks that has to be good value ( for a unit in that condition ). Will be interesting to see if the eBay listing attracts higher bids than the Craigslist asking. Seems there are 2 or 3 motivated bidders on eBay.
  3. 50jetback

    1922 motor question

    I have a friend working on a 1922 Six cylinder Buick. Can anyone advise what year did Buick start using a pressed steel oil sump instead of cast alloy with the six cylinder motor?
  4. 50jetback


    No one noticed this is a Right Hooker. The car beside it is a Holden HD of 1966 and the one behind is a Holden of earlier vintage so most likely in Australia. Lucky that downpipe has a bend at the bottom otherwise they wouldn't have been able to park as close to that wall!!
  5. 50jetback

    1946 76-C

    Has a BCA sticker on the windshield so must have been known to the Club at some time. Well presented advertisement and will be interesting to see the final bid.
  6. 50jetback

    36 roadmaster spring shackles

    Bill, These are the parts you need I wound up tracking down some N.O.S. pins and had new bushes machined ( not a cheap exercise ) to match. I have some of the N.O.S. threaded pins ( purchased all they had as they are not available ) and I have used bushes. PM me if interested and I'll see how many I have.
  7. 50jetback

    1928 standard model 27 fuel gauge

    Sorry, I should have explained further. The dash mounted gauge has a drum type dial mounted on a spindle. A light chain is attached and runs through a pipe fitting at the back of the gauge. A flexible casing runs from the dash to the sender unit at the top of the fuel tank. The sender unit has a cork float on a lever and the other end of the lever has a connector. A very thin wire ( thinner than a piano wire ) attaches the sender unit to the dash gauge. Adjustments to the length of the wire determine the accuracy of the dash mounted gauge. So if the internal wire is broken the drum dial will not be turned as fuel is added to the tank. I have previously used fishing line to replace the internal wire.
  8. 50jetback

    1928 standard model 27 fuel gauge

    The wire is probably broken.
  9. 50jetback


    How can you tell with the addition of those MUCH BIGGER stickers???
  10. 50jetback

    Buick Eight Special Model 41 1939 War History

    Yes, over the years I have seen various photographs on this forum of pre 1940 Buicks being used as staff cars by the German military. As Al has indicated the body plate will tell all!
  11. This past weekend was the West Australian Buick Club Spring run. http://www.westernbuicks.org/2018-buick-spring-run/
  12. 50jetback

    Find the Buick

    Find this one ( or 2 )
  13. 50jetback

    1936 Buick Century Exhaust Bracket

    Rigid exhaust bracket fitted to a 1936 Century.
  14. 50jetback


    You didn't get a 1934 Series 40 Roadster in the USA.
  15. 50jetback

    1935 Buick Series 40 Clutch Replacement

    Just pull the rear end. To remove the motor you have to remove the entire front clip which will take a lot of frustrating hours to realign. Where are you in Aus?