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  1. This one sold at auction in Australia several weeks ago https://www.shannons.com.au/auctions/2020-shannons-winter-timed-online-auction/RB2AAE41ZX13A177/
  2. These always look nice and come at lower prices if you watch ebay for awhile. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Anderson-AutoReelite-Spot-Head-Light-Mirror-Model-T-Ford-Accessory-Vintage-Car/174124045884
  3. Don, These should help. The return spring doesn't attach to the carb, anchors on the intake manifold and dash-pot linkage.
  4. Will these fit? I'm pretty sure these are the same as I have on my 1950 Super Jetback. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-1950-1951-1952-1953-Buick-Roadmaster-Super-Accessory-Fender-Skirts-BOS-53/154051000582?hash=item23de27b906:g:62EAAOSw8RtfPAGQ
  5. These kits occasionally appear NOS on ebay or this one may still be available. http://www.classicnosparts.com/product/1932-1933-1934-1935-1936-buick-oldsmobile-pontiac-transmission-shift-lever-parts-kit-nos-nors/ One of these kits will put the shift back to factory specs and reduce the slopp.
  6. Same cars, Queensland Australia. The sedans are 40 Series with Australian built Holden bodies. The Holden bodies were more luxurious than their North American counterparts with things like twin sidemounts and leather interior being standard. In Western Australia our Detectives were still using these - not Buicks but the name starts with B
  7. Got to be the most comprehensive advertising I have ever seen.
  8. I would have thought this sentence which is already included in the advertisement needs no further explanation!! "The rolling chassis, body panels, engine with parts, and transmission is free for removing it from my garage". Anywhere remotely close to me and the rolling chassis, body panels, engine with parts and transmission would be in my shed and I would happily negotiate a price for the desirable parts to go with it. At least this way as the new owner of the basic project ( free of charge ) you can decide what parts you would need/like before someone
  9. Al's explanation relieves some of the worries I would have about this car. I think the seller needs to explain the removal of a continental kit is the reason the holes etc in the rear end and you would think it would be snapped up at around the asking price.
  10. In fact I'll even go out on a limb here and suggest it is a 1935 Model 98 Victoria Coupe - total production number of only 32.
  11. 1934/35 Senior Series, looks like a Victoria or 2 door sedan.
  12. And another memory of this great event. I believe all the International BCA members who attended received one of these.
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