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  1. You have the lock bracket on the firewall upside down. At short notice this is best photo I have available
  2. Not really a duplication. My thread is aimed at Pre War Buick only. The Buick Master Parts Book actually gives a part number for various years tool kits and lists them as being supplied by Vlchek. So I think the Buick related thread should stand alone and not become diluted with Rolls Royce or other makes.
  3. The parts book doesn't show any switches in this area so suggest they are after market.
  4. Why no photos of the engine bay and trunk? Always annoys me when heaps of photos are posted but do not include anything in these important areas.
  5. G'day Dave, You will find plenty of good people on this Forum who are knowledgeable and always ready help. Your Buick looks great, but how come it took you so long playing with other makes until you discovered some real class! In Australia we have strong Buick Clubs in W.A., NSW, Vic and Qld. Suggest you look into joining the Qld Club http://buickcarclubaustralia.com/ We all combine and have an Australian National Meet every 2nd year. The next is due to be held in NSW in 2022 which will also celebrate the NSW Club 50th anniversary.
  6. This subject has been kicked around several times but as far as I can see nothing conclusive has resulted. I recently added another Buick Master Parts List to my collection. This covers years 1928 to 1939 and contains illustrations and parts not included in other later editions I have. Group 8.821 lists tool kits supplied with various models from 1924 to 1939. These kits were supplied by VLCHECK TOOL CO. Various part numbers are given for different models and years. In researching the tool company it seems they supplied tool kits for a number of motor com
  7. Aftermarket but widely used on Harley Davidson motorcycles during the 40's and 50's. This is similar https://www.ebay.com/itm/Harley-Davidson-Panhead-Knucklehead-torpedo-bomb-site-fender-ornament-/133390839689 Notice how the use of the name Harley Davidson makes the price on items like these skyrocket.
  8. Hi Lars, This is the best illustration I can find of the 1936-37 Series 60-80-90 Clutch. I'm not sure which clips you are referring to and you may be able to indicate them on the parts book illustration. We would love to see some photos of your car. Some photos of the clips you have for the clutch would be helpful to work out how they are fitted. I suspect this is a bit modern but is this the sort of information you are chasing
  9. That's a worry - a Dynaflow transmission that shifts?
  10. I'm amazed that NOS items like this still turn up from time to time. Checked my parts book and the fender is correct for 1936 Series 40 and 60. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1936-Buick-Right-Rear-Fender-passenger-Side/114738852069?hash=item1ab6f7f0e5:g:1uwAAOSwhgtgUXGz
  11. I think someone restoring a 1956 Super or Roadmaster convertible would see a lot more value in it than that. I don't see the need to locate any parts to move the vehicle as I'm pretty sure the seller would have or could arrange equipment to load the remains on your trailer. A Tilttray will drag it on and haul it right out of there.
  12. 1929 Master Roadsters are large but that lady sure is petite. She seems to be somebody well known in the era.
  13. Bill, the good thing is this problem doesn't occur while the car is running. That big 320 straight 8 sucks up every drop or fuel I feed into my 36 Century to the point where I'm considering carbkings suggestion No.5 just to keep up supply.
  14. A Wayne 605 I decided to do in Buick livery a few years ago.
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