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  1. Give Mr EARL a call - He's looking for a new project!!
  2. Jack, My parts book indicates 1939 large series use the same intake manifold so you may widen your possibilities. GRP 3.265 MANIFOLD, intake Part No. 1393015
  3. Sidewalls can get scuffed so the professionals seem to have opted for this method here now.
  4. That floor jack looks suspiciously like a jack stand.
  5. Buick part but I believe the same lock is used on other GM makes of the era.
  6. Set of 5 ASH A5 lock rings and lock hubcaps for Buick 6 cylinder. These are in nice condition with excellent threads. The set consists of 5 locking rings and 5 locking caps. All have the Buick centre insert. US$850 for the set and will include postage to the USA or Europe.
  7. Better not mention the boot!!
  8. This is the kit you need https://bobsautomobilia.com/firewall-and-cowl-items/hood-cowl-lace-kit-hl-kit/ The wire threads through the cowl lacing and is bent at each end ( each side ) and hooked in a hole at the bottom and at the centre top of the lacing channel. There is a 3rd hole in the lacing channel which takes a tensioner which is a piece of rod bent at about 90 and threaded on one end. it is inserted into the middle hole with a nut on the inside to tension the lacing. Bobs kit does not supply the tensioner but replaces that fitting with a metal clip that gets screwed into the hole the tensioner uses. As the clip is screwed down over the lacing it tightens up and secures it in place in the channel. The original type tensioner is easy to fabricate from a piece of 1/8'' rod.
  9. Looks like a bonnet to me Rod!!
  10. What holds your spares in place? Have you made something like Barney has?
  11. Will need one for each sidemount. It took me many years to find this one to suit my 1936 Century and shortly after a pair with matching key numbers turned up - so I wound up with 3.,