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  1. And what is your suggestion for the torque settings? Thanks.
  2. Are you suggesting keeping the original bolts too? Thanks, Bob. Rod Miles
  3. Thanks, Hugh. Great idea and lead. I'm really hesitant to re-use the 90 year old bolts. Rod
  4. Whats a good resource for finding replacement headbolts and exhaust manifold bolts for a 1928 Buick standard six? Thanks! Rod Miles, member 48784.
  5. Thank you, Larry and Hugh. I will go to the plate for it's possible color behind it.
  6. I want to verify I mix the exterior paint color correctly for my 1928 Buick Country Club Coupe, Standard 6. It was originally a dark green with black fenders. How can I verify this dark green color code? Thanks! Rod Miles
  7. Yes it helped, Oldtech. Thanks a lot. I found the "O" stamp and it is a fiber timing gear. Cam is set in place, mains are tightened and off to oil pump and piston installation. I appreciate your assistance.
  8. Thanks, Tinindian. I didn't disassemble the engine but am doing my best to get it running well for the cars' restoration.
  9. Ready for the re-build of my 1928 Buick straight six standard. A clear stamp is on the crankshaft gear for lining up with the cam gear. However the cam gear's marking is not evident. Advice on properly lining these up with-out the second gear stamp for timing purposes? Thanks, Rod Miles Member Number 48784
  10. I'm restoring a 1928 Buick Standard County Club Coupe. In dis-assembling the engine I found 4 broken lifter springs. These are the springs that go over the push-rods and are held in place with a c clip at the bottom and bolt in flanges on the top. I've been un-able to locate any of these springs to replace. My question is, are these absolutely necessary to be installed? It seems the valve spring pressure would be enough to keep all in place with the necessary pressure however, I could use advice. Thanks, Rod Miles #48784.