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  1. Thanks, Jon. I'll grab my Marvel number then give you guys a call for the kit. Also, do you sell fuel lines and end-of-line fittings? Thanks, Rod
  2. Thank you. I have spoken to them and they say they are out of stock and do not plan to re-stock.
  3. I'm looking for a re-build/gasket kit for a Marvel cast carb that is on my 1928 Buick standard six. Bob's Automobilia no longer carries them. Any help in where to go is appreciated. Thanks, Rod
  4. Kevin, thanks for sending this. Gave me a great description of the mechanical system, so now I know. I found my gauge and it has a threaded tube for connection,In that tube I found the small clasp at the end of the chain, and it all works. Now I need to find the line and coupler that attaches to the tank end. Rod Miles
  5. I'm re-building a 1928 Standard Buick Country Club Coupe. Rolling chassis and have now installed the gas tank and exhaust system. I've been able to locate/identify all parts that I need to this point. However, I've not found any kind of a electrical hook-up for the gas tank sending unit. I do have the housing that mounts to the top of the tank which holds the float/hinge assembly. Please see attached photos. Does anyone have a photo of what I need, what is missing that attaches to this housing on the top? Thanks for your help. Rod Miles
  6. That is what I've wondered too. Dip stick definitely fits snug once in, and feels right. However, it's pretty tight to get the tube into the block. But I haven't tried to tap it all the way in. Thanks, Hugh.
  7. Can anyone identify this tube for me? I'm assembling a 28 Standard that was dis-assembled by someone else. I don't recognize this part and am curious if any of you know what it might be for? It's just over 4 inches in length, is 1/2 inch in diameter and has a pressed flange at one end. Any help is appreciated! Rod Miles
  8. Thanks you both. I'll talk to them tomorrow for inventory and get some never-seize as well. I appreciate your help. Larry and Hugh.
  9. 1928 Buick Standard Country Club Coupe. I'm looking for a set of 10 exhaust manifold bolts for my 28 Standard. Anyone help me in locating some? Thanks, Rod Miles
  10. And what is your suggestion for the torque settings? Thanks.
  11. Are you suggesting keeping the original bolts too? Thanks, Bob. Rod Miles
  12. Thanks, Hugh. Great idea and lead. I'm really hesitant to re-use the 90 year old bolts. Rod
  13. Whats a good resource for finding replacement headbolts and exhaust manifold bolts for a 1928 Buick standard six? Thanks! Rod Miles, member 48784.
  14. Thank you, Larry and Hugh. I will go to the plate for it's possible color behind it.
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