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  1. Depending on your tastes.. this would cost less money to hop in and drive https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/305826367627344/
  2. Looks like the seats have been done too https://hartford.craigslist.org/cto/d/west-hartford-antique-buick-1957/7307203729.html Seller says 322 and it should be 364. Depending on mechanical condition, might be a good car for close to the $6k asking.
  3. When I click the pic it just brings me to a "craigslist" image. And yes, red and white looks great on a 4dr hardtop 57...
  4. I've never had an issue. I think when you order online there's a separate box for putting your email in to receive shipping updates.
  5. Once my new water pump gets here... you're on! 2021 miles
  6. Yea. I've been playing with Buicks since 2002. Joined here in 2006 I think? But always been in mid-fifties cars. This one will get stashed in the building (fully assembled) as I have another car and some home repairs ahead of it.
  7. I hear it's a feisty group over here. We'll see....
  8. Pulled off a running driving car. Switched to fuel injection. $250 for the set plus shipping.
  9. Just put a deposit on a 39 special 4dr sedan with side mounts.. What have I done.... I am an addict. 😃
  10. Really need that sad emoji back on the reactions.
  11. If it ain't broke....don't fix it. My car is down for another week now. I figures with the condition of the radiator hoses and thermostat housing surely I needed a new water pump. Ordered a new one, mailed a core I had. Broke two bolts off in the timing cover...fixed that. New pump and new radiator hoses on only to find a bolt hole in the pulley flange stripped on the pump !#;$&$:$!!!😠😡. Take pump off. Send it back..ugh!
  12. Nice work. My engine bay is much messier. I've since neatened a bit and put an air cleaner on. This system ran me $775 delivered. Easy to install. Had to switch to pertronix ignition. Runs great. Only downside was losing my pedal start switch
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