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  1. Looks fancy....what do you guys think of that VIN plate in photo #17?
  2. I just looked at the 3 I have in the shop. all have some variation of crappy-looking holes drilled with thin or no metal between but I don't see any of the edges looking like these...
  3. I always keep exhaust pipes of all shapes and sizes...never know when you or a friend needs a patch.
  4. Forgot to share my redneck exhaust extraction...
  5. On a brighter note it'll idle for 20 minutes and stay at 165...
  6. Yea I read about the reverse servo and strut in the manual, then took the one out of the 55 to "practice" and see where all the springs and stuff would fly out...
  7. No joy.... I removed the linkage and pushed the transmission lever all the way back....wheels still turn forward! Cant drive it, can't sell it. Also noticed when you move the shift lever on the side of the transmission by hand it does not have a distinctive click between each gear. The 55 I have on the ground outside has the click As you move the lever back and forth...... I give up!
  8. Theres a buick buy/sell section here on the forum...good starting place.
  9. I can throw em on your pile with the radiator....
  10. Thanks. Im just over-extended. I need to wait until I'm a little more stable to worry about all this.