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  1. Bumper is back on. Its slightly out on the driver's side but won't move in any further. Guess I'll shim out the passenger side later.
  2. Love it! But will be a fortune to resto.
  3. $3100 entry fee. Looks like a good start to me.
  4. We'll be glad to see ya! We're packing up now...
  5. Nice to have met @95Cardinal @JohnD1956 and his son. Always nice spending time with @38Buick 80C @MrEarl @jackofalltrades70and @Larry Schramm
  6. Hershey adventures with @MrEarl and @Pinhead63
  7. Let me ask this former moderator....
  8. Modern coils and condensers have caused me more problems than anything else
  9. got a message from the shop yesterday... She's done. I'll send pics when I pick her up next week.
  10. At Hershey right now. Will ship next week.
  11. I only did gaskets and paint.... If it ran before it oughtta run now right?