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  1. So this 57 century 2dr hardtop has been with the past owner almost 40 years. He states he had the engine and trans rebuilt at some point. States floor pan and trunk pan need replaced but frame and rockers are solid. $1800
  2. Seller reports it runs and moves but needs a fuel tank. Has a clear title. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2589601477927212/
  3. Did one of y'all buy this? Looks like a heck of a deal except it's listed as "for parts" scam maybe? but I've never seen a scammer come back and mark it sold..... https://offerup.com/item/detail/957968296/ ad text: 1957 Buick 40 Special Sedan 97000 Miles North Richland Hills, TX Local pickup (1189 miles away) Posted 3 days ago in Cars & trucks Share For Parts For Sale: 1957 Buick Special 4 Door White/Tan Engine: 364 V8 Transmission: automatic Dyna-guide Optio
  4. Not sure where to post....but is this intentional? Counting my visits to ensure I feel guilty looking at more cars for sale? Ha ha ha ha ha
  5. Seems like a decent price for a runner with a title. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/319821095989425/
  6. quick hand wax? on a car that size? you on anything? HA HA HA That two tone blue is amazing!
  7. Speaking of horns. There is an ooga horn under the hood but I couldn't find the switch and just haven't traced wires yet. Saturday cruisin' I pulled up to a stop light, grinnin' like a mule eatin briars when this horrid noise starts. I thought maybe the water pump was dying. As it turns out, the ooga horn switch is hidden under the carpet near where I rested my left foot. Since I wasn't depressing it directly or completely, the horn was stuttering and shrieking. 😳 The exhaust does sound healthy. As for the fuel line, I was unaware... Isn't rubber hose more prone to vapor lock?
  8. Got the gauges installed. Haven't done the fuel line yet. Maybe this weekend. Need to drop the tank for a new sending unit anyhow...
  9. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1732068770281070/
  10. Also, now that I have a lift... there is no going back. This weekend I made a minor change that on the ground, screwing with Jack stands etc might have taken me 2 hours. Took 30 minutes on the lift and then I had an extra 90 minutes of cruising time!
  11. Lol. A friend who had an acquaintance that knew a widow that wanted to sell. It's not as perfect as it looks but ill drive the wheels off it so....
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