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  1. What did you use for body mounts?
  2. This past weekend I went to help clean out the old family house. 60 years of memories in there (not quite 60 for me personally). Anyhow here's 1/10th or less of what I toted home: table and full array of parts cleaning equipment (uncle was a gun smith).
  3. I found a 2nd one. There are now 2 available.
  4. Need the spring, insulators, and the screw in clamp for the center cap.
  5. Sidetracked with a family project In Philly this weekend...
  6. I'll pull mine next week and compare. Thanks!
  7. I dunno about that yet. Not sure how many free tows I get.
  8. Oh I've been a fan. Just never put it in an engine. Expansion plugs are all new, freshly replaced.
  9. I have now done three rounds of evapo rust flushing.... Last round the water came out pretty clean and little to no debris in the filter. Filled it up with plain water let it run and get warm, let it cool, drained that it was also pretty clear with no debris in the filter. Repeated one more plain water rinse and now flushing with blue devil flush. Car has been running for 30 minutes in the driveway and the needle is staying exactly at the n on the temperature gauge. Still running no thermostat. Temp readings are: Water neck: 180 Temp sender area: 159 Front of heads in front of 1st intake port: 190s Front of engine block: 160 Intake near carb base: 132 very front or rear: 180s Exhaust manifold at each exhaust port 279-290 Not sure I can get my little laser pointer thermometer to point at anything else. .... Thoughts?
  10. Not mine! Looks like a solid buy for $2800. Clean title and the engine turns! A 39 is on my bucket list, but covid has me a little strapped right now. Some one on this forum needs to get this!