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  1. It'll be next weekend before I get to it. Replace radiator, water pump, and fan and fix the dang horn button Then back to cruising. AC is the winter project.
  2. Still haven't fixed this. Been driving too much. Now when I turn a lot at slow speed (parking) the horn beeps sporadically. Im sure the people today where thrilled when I was parallel parking... Beep.....beep. Beep beep
  3. Measure out what you need and call Ledfoot racing. (Championradiators.com) They are building an aluminum 3 core to fit my 57. Under 300 bucks shipped!
  4. What car did you order that fan for or just found a generic on with similar measurement?
  5. Buzzer is unplugged. Lol
  6. Title rejected again. 😞 be a good car for someone in Georgia...
  7. I'm willing to sell the engine and transmission separately. Inline 8 and 3spd. Fan to torque ball $400.
  8. I sent the contact info to @Rusty Heaps but the guy is called rust finder on facebook.
  9. 283 more miles...total of 1095... Almost halfway!
  10. Not a fan of the color combo of yellow, black, and red but looks like a nice car. https://www.coolclassicsinternational.com/vdp/9962987/Used-1955-Buick-Century-Convertible-for-sale-in-Reno-NV-89502
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