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  1. no I was just saying my OCD is kicking in about getting them spread evenly.... Doesn't matter now... It just rained and the building leaked... The new epoxy is ruined. Not sure why I try.
  2. Wanna test for O.C.D? Buy paint with this stuff.... Eventually I had to just walk away.
  3. Thanks! As far as the tree goes that Eastern red cedar is almost a hundred years old if not already. I would just hate to cut it down. I stayed up last night and etch the concrete floors so I could epoxy today
  4. Ta da! Doing epoxy on the floors today.
  5. Finally progress.... And yes I like barn red!
  6. Unfortunately the Haggerty estimator runs well high for todays market. Example: my blue century got 11k
  7. I think 6k is probably fair as described, although I'd ask grandpa for a family discount.
  8. Also I've been told that small series cars have different mirrors...
  9. Need a side view mirror for 1954 Roadmaster. Must be original and in good condition.
  10. Probably go from Durham to Charlotte Friday evening. Then on to Athens early saturday.
  11. An "easier" swap is 60s Chevy truck trailing arms with a late 60s ford truck 9"rear. Russ Martin even makes a crossmember kit for this.