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  1. Stopping in Nashville, Memphis, and Tulsa on the way there...
  2. Yay! Look what came in today..... Still going to try to repair the original but this is good backup.
  3. This is a special or century setup. The column is different in the roadmaster.
  4. This suckers motor mounts were completely separated... Just held in by the radiator hoses.
  5. Not much progress today. Just cleaning parts....
  6. $550 running and titled. I'll go get is if someone wants.
  7. Engine is all torn down. No major surprises. Some sludge in the pan but overall pretty good. Pressure washed out all the mud in the cooling passages. Degreasing and waiting on gaskets....
  8. It's just been sitting A lot, even before you got it. 13k miles in 65 years.... I had planned on doing valve cover an oil pan gaskets just to try to keep her from ruining the new paint but the major build-up of crust in the water pump and timing cover area have me worried about the head gaskets because those were metal and there are certain passages that the head gaskets purposely block off. If those specific passages rust through I could hydrolock an engine. And while yes the same things could have happened on my blue century, that car had a hundred and fifteen thousand miles on it, so if something happened it was probably near time for a rebuild anyway. In this case I have this perfect engine already out of this car if I repainted it all stuffed it back in and then blew a head gasket you better believe I would be parking at somewhere and getting out of the hobby. I also know that that rear main seal is only rope and having sat for as long as it has I bet you it is very crispy rope. So its not just you... it's just the fact that it's a low-mileage car over all these years and the engines already out of it.
  9. Still available. I did notice one minor bubble on the underside. Make me an offer, need the cash.
  10. TTT. Last time before I buy a Fusick repop....
  11. Got one on eBay for $50. I will still try repairing the old one per Willie's instructions.
  12. Make an offer.... I need the cash and space.