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  1. Looks like the worlds worst vise-grips
  2. Model 981813 I added photos to the original post. Sorry, thought I'd attached them and muah have forgotten.
  3. Lights up and buzzes. Does not tune. Chrome is decent. Retainer clip missing on back of volume knob. $150obo I'm open rather sell here than turn to eBay.
  4. Update. Carfax shows is was inspected in Bealton Virginia in September this year....
  5. I think it'd be easy to pull off. Especially to the untrained eye. BUT.... Bellhousing is different so you still get into trans and rear axle work.
  6. I sold my 85 eagle wagon limited in 2008. Was living in Manassas at the time. It was black with tan leather interior. Flywheel Had a large dead spot and the heat and a/c were broken. Had about 50k miles on it. VIN 2ccck387xfb703675. If you have it or know it's whereabouts please message me.
  7. Unfortunately if you're going super custom you better spend big and make it super impressive..
  8. On the scene of "Running back" by True Dream Productions... With @NC1968Riviera and Other local car guys and gals!
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