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  1. Sad news. Never met the guy but definitely enjoyed following his posts on here. 😞
  2. Yes. The fifties are still my favorite decade for car design, but I cannot afford a 50s convertible in this condition and I really wanted a rag top.
  3. Oh good. I thought there was going to be some terrible story about him or the car. Wasn't for sale. I asked and we agreed on a price.
  4. Now is not a specific time. Some of us work jobs that we cannot be on email during the day. But thats fine. Got it.
  5. I got the email at 450pm. Was at work. No end time was listed.
  6. @Peter Gariepy This link is not working. I've reached out to Paula also
  7. Photos here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17XYFE-JjouiOvTG8kHA6aC7A1UWl8BZC?usp=sharing
  8. Looks like I've made a deal on this. More to come.
  9. Wait I did see that. Crazy they are twins and about the same mileage too!
  10. Great year and my fave color....red! Is that price reasonable? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2206109526195494/
  11. Ok. Midlife crisis and want a classic mid or full size convertible. Want a good rust-free driver with a clean title. Should have AC, even if not working currently. Not fond of white cars but red is my favorite. Max budget 20k, prefer 15k and under. Closer to Durham, NC is better. (Found a 72 lesabre I kinda like but want to see some options)... I am not brand loyal.
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