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  1. Ok guys....settle your dispute elsewhere please. @JohnD1956
  2. Primary fuel filter replaced. Cut the old one open, cruddy inside so definitely needed replacing. The exhaust leak was where a nut fell off the flange at the donut gasket. Of course this was on the side with the o2 sensor, so may have been the reason for stumbling? Car has a photo shoot tomorrow. This weekend I'll start moving the fuel pump.
  3. Having it shipped might not be too bad the entry price is right
  4. Looks like a nice car to me for the money. My 57 special is an aftermarket interior orphan with incorrect colors also. Drives the same. I again am bothered by all the hating on "correct materials and colors" no one buys a Victorian house hoping to cook on a wood stove. Be glad someone enjoyed the car. My Buick gets TONS of attention at local cruise-ins and shows, even getting my 1st award.... But to so many buick guys it's an abomination. It's really ALL personal taste... Cause when ya die, no one cares what color car you drove.
  5. I agree this could be worth saving. I cannot but someone can.
  6. I honestly have no idea. Let me do.some research.
  7. Put 400 miles on this weekend. By the time I got home I have an exhaust leak and a stumble.... Ugh. Hoping the stumble is just the primary fuel filter (was on the car when I got it). I'll replace it when I do the fuel lines and move the pump in the coming weeks. *fingers crossed*
  8. 99887 after this weekend... Up to 528. Time to take her down for new fuel lines and radiator then back to adding mileage! Lol
  9. Looking for a 5 blade fan for my 57 special.
  10. 99485. So 126 so far. Headed to the coast and back this weekend...
  11. Congrats! Hope whoever gets that blue car joins so we can follow along.
  12. Yikes. Too rich for my blood for a non runner full rehab project.
  13. Looks like there's a local buyer about to snap this one up.
  14. @MrEarl it's southern belle's sister: https://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/d/grand-coulee-1979-buick-estate-wagon/7316791695.html Ad text: 1979 1979 Buick Estate Wagon VIN: 4R35K9X101044 condition: good cylinders: 8 cylinders drive: rwd fuel: gas odometer: 57000 paint color: yellow size: full-size title status: clean transmission: automatic type: wagon Collectable vintage Buick Estate Wagon in good condition for age. Stored last 15 yrs in a building we purchased so don't have much history. 403 V8, 4 barrel. 57,000 (or 157,000?) miles. Runs good, ac
  15. Happens a good bit in these days of internet....
  16. No title though so harder sell here in NC.
  17. Well F#!$@! Heres a nice little century two door. My money is tied up on a 39 at the moment. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2525571274/permalink/10158502488321275/
  18. Always at the wrong time...
  19. Which is why I left the mechanical pump in to do the pulling, but clearly not sufficient
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