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  1. Such a beautiful car. It brings back memories of the second old car I ever bought, a black 1950 Special that I bought at age 18 for $85. I drove it for a year and didn't have to do anything to it except replace the battery.
  2. I booked my hotel yesterday. I plan to arrive late Thursday and will stay through Noon on Saturday. I'm looking forward to the event and meeting some of you.
  3. I finally got the Skylark out of the garage and on the road over the weekend. First a trip to the car wash, and then a two hour round trip to visit my son and his fiancé in Ulster County. No pics, sorry. There's nothing terribly exciting about photos at a car wash or in my son's driveway. You'll just have to take my word for it that I took the car out.
  4. You are so fortunate that happened there instead of out on the road. I had a similar experience a couple of years ago while backing my Skylark out of the garage. No damage, fortunately. That was the day I decided to convert to a dual circuit brake system.
  5. I'm game. Not sure yet if I can swing it, but if it happens I'll see if I can get down there with my '64. We sold our camper years ago but I'd stay in a local hotel and hang out for the day.
  6. That looks more appetizing to me than other dead stuff they lay on a bed of rice and wrap in seaweed. I might actually eat that (without the blanket, of course).
  7. Here's the shot of my Winter Buick. It's the same every year.
  8. Going to try again since 2020 was a bust. Hope to get to South Bend and Auburn, IN sometime this year with a possible stop in Warren, OH for my auto museum tour. That trip combined with my normal driving should put me over the 2021 target. Shown odometer reading as of 01/01/21.
  9. They look like party animals for sure! Clever idea, though.
  10. Looks like it flooded out, that's what happened.
  11. Nice car Derek. Welcome to the forum. My son spent most all of 2020 in NZ on a holiday work visa and got to tour both islands from top to bottom. He absolutely loved the place. The only downside was that he was holed up in Auckland for the last few months because of the pandemic.
  12. Isn't that just like some people? All that cleared roadway and they still drive in the snow.
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