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  1. They must have some scary beavers there that can drag a Buick around to use it for a dam!
  2. Wow! I want to be you when I grow up. Unfortunately at my age by the time I grow up I'll be dead. Enjoy your new space.
  3. That's a great idea, Rodney. I'll do that before I install the wheel covers back on the car. I managed to find a cheap replacement on eBay a few weeks ago. It's a bit scratched up, but no matter because the other three aren't perfect, either.
  4. Wow! Just plain wow (meant in a good way)!
  5. I'm an only child and an engineer. That combination of personality traits doesn't produce someone who needs to socialize. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that I'm not a "socialist."
  6. You remove the rear seat back before you get into the car. Then after you drive it into the trailer you climb into the back seat and exit out the trunk. You just need an assistant you can trust to open the trunk. 🤪
  7. Being at an unknown location could not have been good for business.
  8. I guess the best solution is to inspect the covers every so often to see if one is trying to make its escape. A pre-flight walk-around is a good idea. Thanx to all for your input.
  9. Your wheel covers are different from mine, and as nice as they are I prefer to keep the same style covers as the ones that came on my car. I've seen matching covers show up on eBay every so often so I'll keep looking until I find something reasonably priced. Thanx for the response.
  10. @Bill Stoneberg Good idea about the RTV, thanx. @NTX5467 Only two of the covers were prone to rotate along the wheel, but interestingly not the one that escaped. I'm running P205/75R14 tires. And yes, the wheel cover came off on a curve as I would have expected it to. @RivNut Here's a photo of one of the remaining wheel covers. Not sure if yours match. Let me know, and if you have the same type I'll shoot you a PM. Considering that I drove the car for about four years before I lost a wheel cover I might just get a replacement and hope for the best.
  11. A couple of years ago I lost a spinner wheel cover from my '64 Skylark. Since then I've been running Buick dog dish type hub caps until I get around to buying a replacement wheel cover. Before I invest in a replacement I'd like to get some advice on how to keep those things from flying off my wheels. I'm running radials on OEM type steel wheels. Based on what I've read it seems like the steel wheels are subject to more stress and flexing with radial tires, causing wheel covers to sometimes fly off. I had heard of the problem so I made sure that my wheel covers fit very tightly and
  12. You weren't kidding when you said you took it easy going home....it took you 12 years!
  13. Finally put a few miles on the Skylark this weekend. It had been laid up for a few reasons, not the least of which was a malfunctioning carburetor. After several attempts at DIY repair I realized that it needed a pro's touch. Sent it out for repair, and in less than a week it came back repaired. The car hasn't run better in the nearly six years I've owned it, really. We ran several errands, visited my daughter, wen to a local cruise night, and overall used it as my daily driver for the weekend. Depending on how things continue to share up over the next couple of months I may take the trip to
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