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  1. Fuel economy must be terrible with a car that heavy.
  2. And for New Jersey! Wait.....nobody says that.
  3. It's obvious that the guy's wife is making him sell it. "Gee honey, I listed the car but no one showed the slightest interest in it. I can't understand it. I guess I'll try again in Spring."
  4. It makes me imagine what might happen if the transporter on the Enterprise malfunctioned.
  5. I wouldn't be caught dead in that thing! (Sorry for that. I couldn't resist).
  6. My college GF had one of those at the same time I had my '73 Rallye. Reminds me of very good times when my biggest worry was whether I had enough money for gas.
  7. What John said about the timing chain cover. I went through that hassle with my '64 Skylark. Lots of penetrating solutions and lots of time. Despite the care I took I still sheared off two bolt heads in the cover, and even then the cover wouldn't slide off the studs. I was determined not to destroy the timing cover so I soaked the hell out of the studs over a ten day period and gently worked the cover off. As to your mechanic's estimate for tearing down the engine and finding out what's wrong, I maybe living back in the '80s but for $9k I'd expect more than a diagnosis. I'd expect
  8. Piedmont was a nice regional airline. I used to fly them a lot, but not in their tail-dragger days. Thanks for the interruption. Now back to our regularly scheduled thread.
  9. I live in Vernon Township up in Sussex County. Grew up in Paterson. Where in Jersey were you? - Jim
  10. I agree with you on the price. I had no intention of paying that much and had planned to make a reasonable offer after inspecting the truck. During one of my conversations with the seller I learned that he is a dealer who didn't disclose that in the Craigslist ad. I learned during the conversation with him that he "already reduced the price" and will hold firm at that figure, as well as assessing a $150 dealer charge. It ended there. Thank you very much for responding to my post. My hunt for a pickup continues.
  11. I made arrangements to go see a '46 pickup that's up for sale for $12,500. It's reportedly bone stock, in daily driver condition with complete and solid floor pans, and only a couple of coin-sized rust holes in the fenders. Not sure it's worth that, but finding an early unmolested pickup of any kind that's not a roller or costs more than my first house hasn't been easy. I'll be able to take it on the road for a test drive. Like so many trucks I've looked at over the past five years this one looks good on paper but the reality may be very different. Anyway, on to my questions. What
  12. So true, and I agree. My comment was tongue-in-cheek of course. Most of our Buicks are in the stone age with regard to occupant safety, and that's the only thing that takes the edge off my complete enjoyment while driving my Skylark. But I'm not going to drive it any less! As I'm fond of saying, if you have to die anyway, why not die from something you like?
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