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  1. This was my first Buick ownership. Circa 1980 I was selling the Roadmaster for $600. I ended up making a trade deal by getting $400 and a 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Seville with Tri-Power in trade. That started a love affair with Cadillacs that lasted 30 years until the '41 56C came into my life. PS the '70 LeSabre was my wife's car given to her by her father who was and still is a Buick man at 89 years old!
  2. I know that Wi-Fi has been offered in the past in the flea market fields but I see no mention of it in this years packet. Does anyone know if free Wi-Fi will be available? Thanks
  3. Keith, I do have the original but the lower mounting hole was torn out at some point. I will investigate having a piece welded on to it but I thought someone might have a nice one to sell. Thanks
  4. I'm looking for the Right Rear or Passenger side inner fender brace for my 1941 56C. It mounts behind the rear wheel and attached to the fender and the body. Not sure if a coupe is the same? Thanks!!!
  5. Lawrence, How about the passenger side trunk support? Once again I think the coupe would be the same as convertible. Let me know
  6. Lawrence, I am looking for the fender brace for the passenger side rear fender for my 1941 56C. I would think the coupe would be the same. Might you have one? Ken
  7. Would you also be interested in 1961 Cadillac albums as you described?
  8. This will be my 40th year attending and 25th as a vendor, GBC 11-15. Have many early 60's Cadillac N.O.S. parts with my partner. I also hope to be bringing a completely restored running/rolling chassis for a 1954 MG TF. My biggest challenge is finding an original vacuum antenna for my '41 Buick 56C. Anybody got one??
  9. Rockingchair, Might you be interested in a fully restored MG TF running chassis with title and tags? Located in NJ less than an hour from Nazareth. See video: http://youtu.be/ICFCAH2peO4.
  10. Selling a group of 3 1950's Vintage Chrysler Hemi Engines. All three engines are apart but I believe they are 80%-90% complete. They are missing the carburetors, starters, generators and power steering pumps. Most everything else is there, but not very organized. The years and engine numbers are as follows: 1952 331 cu in #C52-8-49012, 1956 354 cu in #CE561989 (Imperial), 1958 392 cu in #58C13729 (Imperial). I will not break the engines up, all must be sold as one lot. I will answer all questions to the best of my ability and as honestly as possible. Located in NJ. I will deliver within 150 miles for an agreed upon fee with buyer. Personal inspection is welcomed. PM or reply and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can. Asking $4,500.00 or best offer.
  11. Thanks Pete, that's good information to start with. I am kind of surprised that the other responder, Doug Burton, has a 63 LeSabre and he didn't recognize them immediately. Were there different hubcaps even within the same models?
  12. Can anyone identify the year and model that these hubcaps would have come on?? I have a set of N.O.S. that will be for sale but I need to identify them first. Thanks!!
  13. Bob, Not that I had an exact duplicate to your issue but I was having an intermittent issue with loss of complete electrical power at the most in-opportune times. I traced my issue to the connections on the back of my ignition switch, where the cable guard from the coil attaches. There was some light oxidation and after inspection I found that there was bad contact. After disconnecting and a thorough cleaning to assure good contact, my issue was solved. Just another place to check. Good Luck