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  1. For sale is a 1952 MG TD with Right Hand Drive. This car has an older restoration but is in very nice condition. and just needs a little TLC. The car runs and drives very nicely. Shifting is smooth and throttle response is excellent. British Racing Green Paint is very nice but does have a few imperfections expected with an older restoration. Convertible top with full set of side curtains and interior are excellent. Brand new black rug kit purchased from Moss Motors. Personal inspection is welcomed. Car is located in central New Jersey. Delivery is possible within a 150 mile radius for expenses
  2. 2carb, Thanks for that info. Now I just need someone to dig through their parts inventory and find me one!
  3. I'm in search of a nice used inner splash pan for the right (passenger) rear fender on my 1941 56C. Pan attaches to the inside of the fender to the body/frame. Should be the same as 2dr Coupe. Don't know if sedans would fit. Can anyone help out there?
  4. Steve, I received the first email notice on Saturday. As of Tuesday morning I still have not received the survey, and it is not in my spam folder. I have been a vendor since 1990 Member #988793
  5. Hi Richard, Yes I am still in need of the splash pan. The bottom bolt tang on mine is broken and before I went through the effort of trying to weld a new one on I though I might be able to locate one in good condition. Other things on my wish list are: Passenger side trunk support in good working condition One door window flipper with driver quality chrome The Holy Grail of Parts: A vacuum radio antennae Let me know what you come up with via PM. Thanks, Ken
  6. Do you know why there are 5 switches on the drivers door window master switch? Could one be for the power top?
  7. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that the rear seats in the 1941 56C models were smooth. They did not have the same pattern/design as the front seats. Am I correct on this??
  8. I am in need of a passenger side rear fender splash pan for my 1941 Super 2dr Convertible. This is the piece that goes inside the fender and connects from the fender to the body. Coupe may fit as well Thank You
  9. This was my first Buick ownership. Circa 1980 I was selling the Roadmaster for $600. I ended up making a trade deal by getting $400 and a 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Seville with Tri-Power in trade. That started a love affair with Cadillacs that lasted 30 years until the '41 56C came into my life. PS the '70 LeSabre was my wife's car given to her by her father who was and still is a Buick man at 89 years old!
  10. I know that Wi-Fi has been offered in the past in the flea market fields but I see no mention of it in this years packet. Does anyone know if free Wi-Fi will be available? Thanks
  11. Keith, I do have the original but the lower mounting hole was torn out at some point. I will investigate having a piece welded on to it but I thought someone might have a nice one to sell. Thanks
  12. I'm looking for the Right Rear or Passenger side inner fender brace for my 1941 56C. It mounts behind the rear wheel and attached to the fender and the body. Not sure if a coupe is the same? Thanks!!!
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