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  1. Gm transmissions use two different size driven gears depending on the rear end ratio. The problem I had with my camaro was I needed a 19 tooth drive gear but my trans had a small diameter driven gear so the teeth didn't mesh hence the Speedo didn't work. It is possible that you have a large diameter driven and drive gear and that caused the teeth to be destroyed? Was it difficult to install the drive gear? Bruce
  2. Section7-13 of the service manual has dimensions you need for ride height. You will have to figure out how to compress your springs. Bruce
  3. Thanks for all the great ideas. The previous owner had redone all the brakes so my plan is to inspect the whole system this winter. Sid I'll have a look at the booster at Bob's , thanks . As for re-lining the shoes I don't know of anyone close by that does. Thanks for the link Bernie I'll check out the cost of sending them from Canada. Bruce
  4. Thanks for all the responses. I find the braking sufficient on my car I'm just looking for more peddle pressure . I was hoping someone might have experience with a modern booster that fit ,like I said I do have a treadle vac that I can rebuild and use. I'm just trying to weight out using the original braking or if it's even worth while retro fitting something newer. Thanks Bruce
  5. Hi I'm looking for some power brake upgrades ideas for my 55 special. I have a parts car with factory power that I could rebuild and use but is there newer modern upgrades that I should consider? I'm going to keep the original drum brakes from what I've read I don't see any real need to swap to discs. Thanks Bruce
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