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  1. When the engine gets hot it transfers heat to the starter and solenoid. As the solenoid gets older it's more susceptible to failure while hot. Usual sign would be unable to engage the starter to the flywheel and no starter function until the can cools down. Since it just began happening and the trips were short, that might be remote.
  2. There should be a threaded hole in the shaft that lines up with the hole in the bottom of the bracket. A bolt goes in there to secure the shaft. On the 36, the bracket for the Master cylinder secures the other end with a spring clip.
  3. Looks like the shaft for the pedals is way too long. It should stop at the brake pedal and be secured with a clip.
  4. Thanks. I didn't see the update. Just the original pic.
  5. Just a little darker than Sixjay? 🙂
  6. Is there a chance of warping the block at those temps? An overheating engine can warp a head.
  7. Yeah, I'd be hesitant to get into that. 😳
  8. In the electronics field it's called it a capacitor. It's basically an electrical storage device. Most automotive units measure between .2uf and .3uf. That reads as micro farads. In the car it serves to smooth the flow across the points as the field in the coil collapses to recharge ( when you break or open the points). A good one should read infinite resistance on an Ohmmeter.
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