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  1. I suspected that but not sure how they are connected.
  2. We have the tube on the other side by the distributor. This one is on he manifold side and had a vent like piece bolted on it. I'll see if I have a pic. Good idea on the syringe. I think I have some left over from doggy medicine.
  3. OK, back to the big hole. I'll check again tomorrow for the length of the crack. No stitching! I did research it. I just thought the screws would provide a good anchor at each end. Since I'm working upside down and JB Weld is a little saggy. I was afraid it wouldn't stay in the holes that well. Was planning on several coats with sanding in between. BTW, what is the purpose of the "vent" that goes into that rectangular space toward the rear of the block?
  4. There were signs of some previous repair but not a weld. Those are the holes I drilled today. I am thinking of tapping them and using epoxy on either stainless steel or brass screws. Yes, still have work to do on the cleaning but the front hole hit water still in the block and kinda washed me out for the day. So the freeze plug goes into the smaller hole? OK. New search.
  5. Also got the shaft cut out of the housing. Looking for a freeze plug. 1 1/2" is too small.
  6. Worked on it today. Got some grinding done and the 2 holes drilled.
  7. THe car has sat for a while. We are going to try JB Weld. I'll try to post pics this evening.
  8. Thank you all. I was able to cut off the remaining shaft and will install the drilled freeze plug tomorrow. Another setback this evening. We discovered a crack in the block on the drivers side just under the freeze plug area. Looks like someone had tried to epoxy it before.
  9. We need to reinstall the temp gauge. (it wasn't there when we got the car). Do you have to remove the panel to install the gauge? That would give me a chance to closely look at the gas gauge.
  10. Thanks. Does that shaft screw in or is it a press fit?
  11. Is the gauge adjustable? Can it be serviced or repaired? Do you have to take the instrument panel out to remove it?
  12. So we need that part to operate correctly?
  13. To clarify, that is not from our 36. Ours doesn't have the spring or valve, just the shaft. I wondered what it was for. Apparently someone has removed the mechanism from ours. What was the bypass function? Isn't that what the thermostat is for? Is it related to the heater? I'll try to post a pic later. Thanks.
  14. What is the thermostat in this picture for? All we have left on ours is the shaft.
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