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  1. Paul, Leather was available on Holden bodied Series 40 Commonwealth Sedans.
  2. 1934/35 Series 40 as suggested by Buick35. In answer to question 2 - your grille has the horizontal segment bars. If you look closely there are 7 horizontals on each side which are slightly wider than the rest of the grille pressing. From a distance these stand out more and give the segment effect.
  3. I posted this photo a few years ago but couldn't find the Buick. Just got new glasses and I now think I can see the rear bumper of a 1936 Buick ( in the shadow in front of the motorcycle ).
  4. To illustrate BLOO's excellent description. This is a 1935 coupe frame and has slightly more wood than the 1936 Buick. The 36 Buick should have a pressed steel floor in the trunk and the trunk lid is also steel ( no wooden frame ). Modern glues and T nuts can repair many loose joints but the big thing to watch for is WOOD ROT!!
  5. A previous discussion on this model
  6. Do they fit - yes Will they start your car - NO And a few of us have had that issue!! The small 248 engine starter motor has only 2 field coils while the 320 engine starter motor has 4 field coils, making it far more powerful and the ability to turn that big 320 engine.
  7. This seller may be worth a try https://www.ebay.com/sch/cityman20/m.html?ssPageName=STRK%3Anull%3AMESOI&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2654
  8. And those of us who couldn't make the Kalgoorlie run headed down south to Bunbury, Donnybrook and Bridgetown. 1. Morning tea - Waroona 2. Lunch - Brunswick Junction 3. Museum - Bunbury 4. Museum - Bunbury 5. Vintage motorcycle mudguard manufacturers - Donnybrook 6. Vintage motorcycles - Donnybrook 7. Vintage collection - Boyanup 8. Club dinner - Donnybrook Around 600kms for most and gave us the opportunity to catch up with some of our country members. A great 3 days of driving our Buicks and socializing. If interested further photos are on our website http://www.westernbuicks.org/autumn-run-donnybrook-2021/
  9. Try running a ground wire from one of the screws on the sender unit to the chassis.
  10. Paul, This link gives the correct colour, but some of us, myself included have decided to go non original in this area.
  11. Hugh, Do you have more information ( particularly photos of complete tool kits ) to add to the thread on pre war Buick tool kits? The kit shown as part number 36713 is manufactured by Vlchek Tool Co but appear to have been supplied to Buick and other motor companies without the manufacturers name being stamped on them. This is an early unstamped Vlchek kit I recently purchased and has a lot of similar tools.
  12. Correct. The actual rocker covers are different, compare the ribbing.
  13. Back in 2006 during the Post National Tour we all got a run around Bathurst - lot of fun in the 1950 Jetback. Looking forward to the NSW 50th next year in Dubbo, just hoping Covid is under control.
  14. Motor is wrong colour for 1938 so has been worked on and repainted or may be later motor fitted ( do we have engine number to confirm? ). The carb appears to have been recently worked on - appears much cleaner than rest of the engine bay and is it the correct carb for 1938 Series 40?
  15. You have the lock bracket on the firewall upside down. At short notice this is best photo I have available
  16. Not really a duplication. My thread is aimed at Pre War Buick only. The Buick Master Parts Book actually gives a part number for various years tool kits and lists them as being supplied by Vlchek. So I think the Buick related thread should stand alone and not become diluted with Rolls Royce or other makes.
  17. The parts book doesn't show any switches in this area so suggest they are after market.
  18. Why no photos of the engine bay and trunk? Always annoys me when heaps of photos are posted but do not include anything in these important areas.
  19. Now you've upset magazine coordinators in 2 other states!!
  20. G'day Dave, You will find plenty of good people on this Forum who are knowledgeable and always ready help. Your Buick looks great, but how come it took you so long playing with other makes until you discovered some real class! In Australia we have strong Buick Clubs in W.A., NSW, Vic and Qld. Suggest you look into joining the Qld Club http://buickcarclubaustralia.com/ We all combine and have an Australian National Meet every 2nd year. The next is due to be held in NSW in 2022 which will also celebrate the NSW Club 50th anniversary.
  21. This subject has been kicked around several times but as far as I can see nothing conclusive has resulted. I recently added another Buick Master Parts List to my collection. This covers years 1928 to 1939 and contains illustrations and parts not included in other later editions I have. Group 8.821 lists tool kits supplied with various models from 1924 to 1939. These kits were supplied by VLCHECK TOOL CO. Various part numbers are given for different models and years. In researching the tool company it seems they supplied tool kits for a number of motor companies VLCHEK – The Vlchek Tool Company was founded in Cleveland, Ohio on February 18, 1895 by a blacksmith named Frank J. Vlchek. The company continued to produce mechanic's tools at least until 1969. Sometime prior to 1965, the company became a subsidiary of Pendelton Tool Industries, Inc. The Vlchek Tool Company was then purchased on 6/30/69 by Flambeau Products and tool production was discontinued. Open end wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, spark plug wrenches, 9" adjustable wrenches and pliers were supplied to Chevrolet by Vlchek. Prior to World War II, Vlchek also sold tools to Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac. They supplied tool kits for Chevrolets up until the year 1966. That was the year that Chevrolet discontinued offering tool kits. The tool kit was a standard item provided with each and every Chevrolet from the beginning of production in 1912 through the year 1948. In 1949, the tool kit became an optional accessory. Generally speaking, the tool kits included: one or two screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, a hammer and a spark plug wrench. The tools were usually housed in a tool bag. Cloth bags were used up until about 1955. After that date, a plastic tool bag was used. The only Chevrolet tools which were stamped with the company name "Vlchek" were some spark plug sockets which were made in the 1950's and 1960's. Many open end wrenches can be found at swap meets with "Vlchek" stamped on the tool, however, it is believed that these tools were sold at local hardware stores and were not included in the Chevrolet tool kits.The following titles, take you to pages where drawings of each Vlchek tool are found. You will note that most of the tools have dates beside them as to when the specific tool was produced for Chevrolet. Most of the information on Vlchek tools has come from: Chevrolet Parts Catalogs, NOS tool kits from original unrestored Chevrolets and from talking with a Vlchek salesman who had worked at the Vlchek Tool Company from 1946 through the mid 1990's. Interesting to note that the Chevrolet tools were cleanskins and I wonder if this was also the case with Buick tool kits. So, who has original VLCHEK for any of the years shown in the parts book? How about some photos.
  22. Aftermarket but widely used on Harley Davidson motorcycles during the 40's and 50's. This is similar https://www.ebay.com/itm/Harley-Davidson-Panhead-Knucklehead-torpedo-bomb-site-fender-ornament-/133390839689 Notice how the use of the name Harley Davidson makes the price on items like these skyrocket.
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