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  1. On my '25 Buick the problem was with the big brass nut that holds the fuel outlet line on the top of the fuel tank.It seemed tight,but I installed a new gasket and the problem was solved.It was sucking air. Jim
  2. The car is an air cooled Franklin . I think it's a 1931 but I'll leave that to the experts. Jim
  3. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/kitchener-waterloo/1958-morris-minor-traveler/1418321249?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true How about a Traveller woody ? Jim
  4. Perhaps it's driven like this !
  5. This is the McLaughlin Buick emblem on my '29.Not sure if it's original or reproduction. Jim
  6. I bought this '78 GMC Caballero new in July '78. The topper was added shortly after, as I was driving to swap meets all over the place looking for parts for my '21 Chevy and I didn't want the parts to fly out of the back. It has about 90% original paint. It only saw two Canadian winters (the first two) and was in the shop wash bay regularly. It's a great tour car and turns a lot of heads.As you mention, there are a lot newer cars than these that turn up at cruise nights. Jim
  7. I have to admit I didn't pay much attention to the trailer. The '40 Packard "tow vehicle" is what caught my eye !
  8. There's another beautifully restored one at the Stahl museum in Michigan. In good shape I imagine they would bring a fair dollar. Jim
  9. My '40 Packard 110 coupe was given a very amateur paint job many years ago,but is otherwise original,with 44000 miles on it. It gets at least as much attention at shows as restored cars. Restoring it would cost far more than it's worth anyway, and I'm happy to just keep it in good running order. I have to agree with Mark Wetherbee about a designated HPOF class. My '92 Park Avenue would qualify. I still can't get used to the idea of 1990's cars being "antiques". Showing my age,I guess. Jim
  10. I don't have any bicycles that are antique, but I am the current caretaker of my great-uncle's wooden tricycle. He drowned at age 7 in 1890.
  11. In this age of political correctness run amok ,it's getting harder to order personalized plates. The daughter of an older gentleman in northern Ontario bought him "OLFART' plates.A few years later MTO spotted it and refused to renew.I believe he won on appeal.
  12. Personalized plates are available here in Ontario,but not on historic vehicle plates.I would be unable to tow my car trailer with my '72 Chevy truck if it was running historic plates, so I pay full pop ($120 yearly) for regular plates.Historic plates here are $18 yearly. Jim
  13. I could keep everyone guessing about the authenticity of WWW tires by showing this photo of the "doctor" and his car (taken this summer) in front of his "home" at the local pioneer village. Amazing what you can do with photo shop !.
  14. If the day comes when I need to replace the tires, they will be black walls. I'm not keen on the whites either, but they were on it when I bought it. Jim
  15. I once had a '29 Reo Flying Cloud opera coupe. The hat box had a false bottom,presumably for prohibition "bubbly" !