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  1. An old friend of mine (now passed) restored a '41 Cantrell bodied Chevy "suburban" that he purchased from "Mr. Chevrolet", Pinky Randall. Some of the engine components and engine casting numbers seemed off. Turns out Cantrell was sourcing at least some of their chassis from Oshawa,Ontario. Something to watch for as you get into it.
  2. It's not 490. More likely a 1925-26. The 490 flywheel is exposed,and the distributor runs off the back of the (square) generator. The valve train likely had a cover at one time,as evidenced by the studs sticking up. Jim
  3. It's either a CJ2A (1945-48) or a CJ3A (1949-53). The serial number would tell for sure. I CJ2A models still used a military style two piece windshield, while the CJ3A had a one piece windshield. The civilian models had tailgates and side mounted tires. Google Jeep CJ on Wikipedia for more details. Jim
  4. Gee ED.That sounds exactly like what happened to me when I was trying to bring my '25 Buick back to life. It looks like a Chevy stovebolt six so figured the firing order would be 1-5-3-6-2-4. After cranking, towing.checking timing,and cussing, I finally read the shop manual.Turns out it's 1-4-2-6-3-5 ! After rearranging the plug wires it fired right up. But you're way too smart to be fooled by something like that ! Jim
  5. Sounds interesting.We haven't had much old car activity this year for obvious reasons. Jim
  6. Hi Don Nice to see that Ken's cars went to a good home. I looked on Google and found a chart with Star serial numbers under "dmacweb.com" . Is that you ? What is the serial number ? You seem to be right about the one year only body style. Jim
  7. I owned this totally original '46 Chevy one ton pickup until 1984,when it was replaced with my '72 Chevy C20. It sold at auction in 2015 for $12,500 (CDN),still in the same condition. Hopefully the current owner is keeping it that way. In the photo,it's perfectly balanced on the club's teeter-totter.
  8. Sounds like the Kissel manual was written by an engineer ! The Chevy manual was written for simple folk (like me) who had likely just traded in Ol' Dobbin . "Turn the steering wheel to the left and the car will go left. This also applies when backing up."
  9. There is an adjustment for the cone clutch I found in the shop manual for my '21 Chevy.Your Kissel has the same adjuster setup. When adjusted and softened up.it works quite well. If you're too liberal with the neatsfoot oil.and the clutch slips,apply Fuller's Earth to absorb the excess. It helps to be chemist to keep these old gals running ! Jim
  10. Trucks and trailers for hauling vintage iron have come a long ways over the years !
  11. This photo of me (age 2) and my mother was taken with the family 1939 Pontiac Arrow, a Canadian Chevy with a nose job.
  12. A fellow came into our dealership years ago wondering if anyone might be interested in an old clock.He was directed to me.It was apparently originally in a '16 McLaughlin Buick. There's likely a White clock out there somewhere.
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