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  1. This was likely purchased from a dealer as a cowl and chassis, then sent to a local body builder to be fitted with the neat C cab panel delivery.
  2. Most of the license plates in my collection are original, having changed out better ones as they came along. The paint stood up better on some years than others. One year that had particularly poor paint was the 1913 year (Ontario). The plates from 1912 to 1916 were flat metal,with rolled edges containing a wire reinforcement. My son made a complete vinyl cover for my 1913 plate. Not totally authentic, but looks great IMHO.
  3. I once had a '42 MB that had been used for dragging logs out of a swamp. Dad and I used it for the same job for a while. It worked well. Then I decided to restore it.Big mistake in this case. The frame was as bad as the body. It was parted out. Best part was the military rebuilt engine. Best of luck with the CJ3B. Keep us posted. JIm
  4. I'm thinking maybe a '27 Peerless 6-60.
  5. Here's one of the surviving examples. It once belonged to a doctor, who was the brother of E.P.Taylor. The story goes that whenever the good doctor's wife wished to ride in it, he had to slide down the windows and remove the pillars so that she could climb in without removing her huge flowery hat ! After she was safely inside, he had to reassemble it. The pictures were taken in the mid-seventies, and the car is safely stored in it's own special-built garage.
  6. Have to agree with SC38DLS. Clancy can't get far in the confines of the '40 Packard coupe.
  7. The tires and rims were used for trailers years ago.
  8. Maybe I'm dating myself but this is what comes to my mind when I think of cars in barns. My '21 Chevy spent some time there before my new shop was built.
  9. Great story. Nice to see that they are remaining together. I admit I feel a closer attachment to the '81. I was working at a Pontiac-Buick-Cadillac-GMC dealership when I first saw a sales brochure on the restyled El Camino/Caballero. I was impressed enough to ask the truck sales manager for a quote on one. The price seemed fair for a single guy still living at home with his parents, but I didn't order it. One day a few weeks later ,I was out for a walk on my lunch break and a car transporter wheeled in with "my" Caballero sitting up top ! The truck manager rightly figured that i
  10. Sorry George. We only get the sensationalized US news here ! Jim
  11. Must be to remove all the sand the hurricanes blow in !
  12. Ford calls the color of our 2013 Escape "ginger ale " but it's green to me. See above.
  13. My name in Gaelic is Seamus O'Beullain. Guess that's why I'm attracted to green. Jim
  14. I still have a brochure that the Chrysler people were handing out when it was displayed at Western Fair in London, Ontario.
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