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  1. To the best of my knowledge, 1928 was the only year that the four cylinder head had two exhaust ports. 1927 and earlier had one port. Jim
  2. This car has been identified in "What is it" by C.Paulsen as a 1910 Overland. My neighbour's grandfather was the chauffeur Taken in London, Ontario.
  3. There was also a custom Chrysler built for the 1939 Royal tour. A commemorative licence plate topper was just one of many "swag" items sold for the occasion.
  4. Actually,two of them were ! McLaughlin-Buick built two special open cars.Both survive.
  5. The attached picture was included in the package that my uncle received. It shows the royal couple and other members of their entourage disembarking from the royal yacht Britannia at Quebec City. I don't know who they are (perhaps some of our British members can help),but they were likely the occupants of the Dodge.
  6. In 1939,the King,George VI,and the queen paid their first visit to Canada and the USA. They traveled through Canada by train,and one of the four royal tour cars were always waiting for their arrival. The Lincoln was sent ahead to London, Ontario and Middlesex Motors,the local Ford Lincoln dealer,was given the job of cleaning and preparing it for the royals. My great uncle was the service manager there and later received these photos and card from the Canadian Lincoln service head for his services. The second photo shows the royal couple leaving the old Canadian National Railway station at London,Ont.
  7. This touring car was photographed in London, Ontario. The chauffeur was the grandfather of a neighbour of mine. Can anyone identify the car ?
  8. Nice to see another 490 out and about.I've featured mine on here before but here it is again. It was converted into a pickup back in the day, after going through a fire. There aren't too many people around any more that really understand the eccentricities of these things, especially the cone clutch. Just read the shop and owner's manuals.Experience is the best teacher. Jim
  9. It's a full size car (or truck) engine.You can see the rad hoses sticking out. I have to assume it fell off the back of a truck but don't have any more details !
  10. Amazingly, the police haven't caught up with the perp yet !
  11. You're a very fortunate man. It should make a great road car.
  12. Here's another British apparatus. Perhaps someone can identify it.
  13. If you want to really keep navigators on their toes, issue them a "line map" at the start of a tour. You will see a vertical line top to bottom on a sheet of paper. When you see a "+" ,that means you leave a road on your left and right (straight through an intersection) .If you see a ">I" ,that means you leave two roads on your left (making a right turn at an intersection). If you have a "---I " ,you leave one road on the left (straight through at a T intersection). It's challenging.We only tried it once and had cars lost all over the county !