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  1. J.H.Boland

    What is this Grille off?

    I'm only guessing,but it looks like '36 Dodge heavy truck to me. Jim
  2. J.H.Boland

    What does original mean?

    From a judging standpoint,I would think that original would be just the way the unit left the factory floor. That being said,in some circles "field modifications" are allowed. I once had a '31 Chevy fire engine that faithfully served a small community until 1977. Driving an open cab truck flat out to a rural chimney fire in January was a less than pleasant experience, especially with no windshield. At some point early in it's service life,a windshield from a '28 Chevy truck was installed.This required the placement of the spotlight, originally mounted on the right side of the dash, to a bracket behind the fuel tank. It all looked quite proper,and it won numerous trophies at some rather prestigious meets. Cut up touring bodies were a common way to get new and extended life out of an obsolete vehicle, but I don't think that Duesenburg made into a flatbed hay hauler would be well received at Pebble Beach. When I restored my '21 Chevy, I could have restored it back to it's touring configuration,but the pickup conversion,done about 1925,was just too cute. Judging isn't everything.
  3. My dad owned this 1930 Buick after WW2. I suggested to him one time that I may be an old car guy because I was conceived in the back seat. He vehemently denied it !
  4. J.H.Boland

    WANTED Renault R16 any year!

    Good luck with that.I too had a '71 Renault 16,a TS model at that. I loved the 4 cylinder hemi, four on the tree, weird wheelbase that was different left and right, headlights that adjusted up and down from a knob under the dash, and really comfortable naugahyde seats..What I didn't like was the absence of front inner fenders.Road salt and slush ate their way through the body, right where the wiring junction box was located. Short circuits became routine after only two years.
  5. J.H.Boland

    Vintage dealership buildings that are still around

    This is W.Gordon Snelgrove's Chevrolet dealership in Aylmer,Ontario ca.1925. The building still stands and last time I checked,it was a laundromat. It's very probable that my '21 Chevy was bought there new.
  6. J.H.Boland

    PreWar 1923 Maxwell Touring-Barn Find! All original! ◀ $7950

    Jack Benny posed with a lot of cars, looking at Google. He and Rochester used a '23 Maxwell in some of those photos.
  7. J.H.Boland

    What did you get for Christmas this year?

    I found an accessory front bumper for the '25 Buick on ebay. My wife helped pay for it.She was shocked when I told her what the finished product was going to cost ! She also bought me an 1860 vintage Snider-Enfield rifle,complete with bayonet and scabbard,that a friend offered me before Christmas. That lady's a keeper. Jim
  8. J.H.Boland

    A Merry Christmas to all my friends on the forum

    Best wishes to you too !
  9. J.H.Boland

    Winter Driving Stories

    This thread brings back a lot of memories. I drove small foreign cars (VW,Austin,Renault) for years before I smartened up. Engine compartments full of snow and spinning out backing into ditches were almost routine. Not that many years ago,my daughter and I delivered my '89 Jeep Wrangler (YJ in Canada) to my mechanic who lived the other side of London,Ontario for a V8 engine swap.It was a clear ,very cold day in January as we drove right through London with half doors and a half top,bundled up like Inuit hunters. We got a lot of thumbs up and stares. What can I say.It's a Jeep thing !
  10. J.H.Boland

    Roadworthyness of 32 Chrysler 6?

    I have to agree, Bernie. Anything under 55 MPH is almost suicidal ,even on secondary roads. The right hand license plate (see attached) and the barrel of my (airsoft) tommy gun visible through the back window do help some. At least the '32 Chrysler has hydraulic brakes. Jim
  11. J.H.Boland

    Shipping/Postage costs

    You think you have it bad. Try bringing something over the border. I bought a pair of cowl lamps from a fellow in California for ,as I recall,about $75 US. The shipping fee was about $25. Our Canadian dollar is about 75 cents on the US greenback. The parcel arrived by UPS and I was informed by the driver that I owed UPS $85 in brokerage fees ! The cowl lamps still had to be restored. Katching katching ! USPS is the way to go for smaller items,assuming Canada Post isn't on strike. Larger parcels I have delivered to my nearest border point (Port Huron,MI) and pick them up there personally.
  12. J.H.Boland

    What might this be ?

    Or listening device to detect engine noises ?
  13. J.H.Boland

    What have you ploughed up

    Back in the sixties, my brother and I tobogganed down a steep hill near us. We had to avoid one area because it was strewn with Model T truck parts. They were never removed and lie buried under the dredgings of the cleaned out stream at the base of the hill. A metal detector would go wild down there. Not buried but submerged. A friend was told about a car chassis that had been pushed down a hill into the river. He checked it out and retrieved it. Turned out to be about a 1929 Stutz. The differential gears were still serviceable after all those years in the water.
  14. J.H.Boland

    christmas cards

    My wife and I sent this one a year ago. We had a professional photo shoot in September (80 degrees F).Our photographer used photo shop to create the snow.
  15. J.H.Boland

    GM Oshawa Plant in Canada to Close

    Yep,and our butts are getting bigger too !