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  1. My family visited the Strasburg area a number of years ago. We got a little off track (lost) and stopped at an Amish-run restaurant for dinner. On exiting the car, all was quiet, with the exception of the sound of horse's hooves on the road. Then through the rolling hills came the sound of a steam locomotive whistle. We knew then we were close to the Strasburg Rail Road. It was like we had entered a time warp. A wonderful area for sure. Another place worth visiting in the area is Roadside America near Shartlesville, PA. One gentleman spent his lifetime building this model layout from scratch. The animation involved will keep young and old entertained for hours. Even the ceiling comes to life with a nighttime star-filled display, and as the light dims, all the miniature buildings and passenger trains light up. An amazing display. Jim
  2. The wheel and the radiator look pretty good ! If the running gear is intact and restorable that doesn't sound like a bad deal. I think I would have uncovered a little more before posting the ad, but this way it's more of a treasure hunt.
  3. Haulin' the '25. (Had to buy a longer taller trailer when the '25 arrived) !
  4. It does appear to be a K16. Attached is a photo of a 1916 sold at action recently.
  5. Looks like a generic copy of the '40 Packard grill guard. Sorry I can't put a specific brand name on it though.
  6. Interesting history.I'm working on a pair of curved dash Olds engines,a 1901 and 1903,that I found in an old granary a few years ago.The '03 was converted to a vertical stationary power plant .
  7. Beetles have been used as police vehicles around the world. They are agile in snow and quick darting in and out of traffic. High speed pursuits,not so much but imagine robbery suspects trying to get away through dense traffic in their '60's Detroit behemoth with a police VW dodging through it all.
  8. I'm still looking for a pair of rear bumperettes as pictured. These were an aftermarket accessory available for many mid to late '20's cars. Only the mounting brackets were vehicle specific.I have the brackets that mount to the spare tire holder on my '25 Buick Standard coupe and the front bumper. The front bumper has a reverse curve at the outer end, like the rear one pictured here. Any help or leads appreciated I have a US shipping address if required. Thanks. Jim
  9. Thanks to Roy at roysboystoys I now have a functional dome lamp. There was a switch among photos of a number of items he had for sale that looks and works well. It may not be the exact bezel, but it looks similar to the rad shell design.
  10. I'm looking for a pair of rear bumperettes to match the front accessory one on my '25 Buick coupe.The have a reverse curve at the ends.You have something similar to the left of the '29 Buick front but I can't see the ends. Jim
  11. One of my favorite orphans is Franklin,particularly 1929 (steel frame instead of wood.same style "radiator"as '25-28) and especially a close coupled sedan. Not likely going to happen, having settled on a 1929 McLaughlin-Buick club sedan. My only orphan is my '40 Packard coupe. Good luck with acquiring the Jewett.
  12. Here's a few photos taken during the restoration of my '29 McLaughlin-Buick. Almost every piece of wood was replaced on this body. It helped that the owner/restorer was a master cabinet maker by trade ! Took him 10 years. Jim
  13. You never know.Last year we took the '25 Buick coupe to a predominately rod and custom show and won People's Choice ! Maybe it's sort of like a dog or baby show where "cuteness" counts. Jim
  14. Finally took the '29 McLaughlin-Buick out for a run.Still working on getting the brakes set up,but at least the engine knock is gone.Took to a wax job like a fresh restoration,It's stood up well considering the paint job dates from the early 1980's. Jim
  15. Not mine,but a friend who is selling due to failing health. Both cars are good amateur restorations and have been sitting in dry storage for a number of years. Look under Kijiji Ontario Classic cars for photos and details item # 1442917878 and # 1442928862 .Call Ken at 519-485-1931 Ingersoll,Ontario.(Prices are in Canadian dollars and serious offers will be considered) Jim