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  1. Thanks everyone, I managed to buy some from a company called Ecklers for about $10US a foot
  2. Well done, you could also consider joining the Buick Club of NSW for more contact with RHD Buicks, also consider having a look at the Pre-war Buick magazine which is available for free via the Buick Club of Queensland website, tell John Forster I sent you. Cheers Paul White
  3. Not sure if this helps but just wanted to put it out there Paul
  4. Hi Slopelad, Would I be correct in assuming you bought that black '38 Sloper from South Australia earlier this year? Anyway, have you considered having tyres imported directly from the US? there is a fellow in New South Wales that has a vehicle and parts import business based in California you could get a quote from, they would come in a container and I understand there is a bit of a wait at the moment due to low levels of container space. If you are interested send me a PM and I will give you his contact details. Cheers Paul
  5. Hi Bob, Thanks for the tip. Cheers Paul
  6. HI Rob, Hope you are well, when (and if) this current locked down is lifted I would be more than happy to come down and give you a hand. Cheers Paul
  7. Hi Ray, the 1930 Buick lens is a Mazda Lamp no. 1110 - 222399. Cheers Paul
  8. Hi All, I am wondering whether anyone can point me in the direction of a cobra short grain fabric supplier. I checked with Bob's but he has advised that he is out of stock and has no idea when new stock will come in Thanks in advance Paul
  9. Hi all, I posted this topic some time ago but put it in the generic restoration topic. Thought it would be better placed in the Buick world.. "I have just picked up my new Buick Model 47 6 wheel equipped sedan, she may not look like much but she has good bones and should come up well after restoration. The previous owner, who owned her for about 25 years or more, was a former panel beater but has sadly entered a nursing home recently, She was likely built at the Holden Plant in Victoria, Australia (as she has a light switch for the rear light just under the tail light that was a mandatory addition in the state of Victoria back then). She was last registered in April 1958 and obviously garaged since then with 68000 miles on the clock. The wood is in near new condition with only one small section of rust near the base of the driver foot wall vent door. Thought I would share a few photos, Cheers Paul" 1. Photo of the Buick in the location it has spent the last 25 plus years 2. Out in the sun and ready to roll 3-6 stripped , rust in cowl under foot ventilator cut out, body undercoated
  10. Hi Bill, thanks for taking the time to arrange the photos, are they made from some type of oil cloth as you suggested the one in the period image I posted at the beginning of the thread was? Cheers Paul
  11. HI Terry, thanks for the description, I have been watching your progress with your car and am looking forward to the start up! Cheers Paul
  12. HI Bill, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance, Cheers Paul
  13. Hi all, Does anyone have photos of spare tire covers? Apparent the attached photo shows a cover that was apparently a dealer's option extra. I am interested to know what they were made of and how they were fastened to the spare. Cheers Paul
  14. Work has just started on my 1930 Buick Model 47 and I am planning to build a trunk for it. I was wondering whether you could provide some dimension? Looking for the usual width and depth but also the height to the middle of the curved lid and the height to where the lid meets the lid and the thickness of the timber panels. Finally, is the base timber or metal, Thanks in advance, Paul
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