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  1. Mine are rock hard too, replacements arrived in the mail today along with a bunch of other parts, fun weekend ahead
  2. Hi Bill, just another question, is the felt one large square or just strips tacked along the edges? Cheers Paul
  3. Thanks Bill, too much detail is never enough for me!!! Hope you and Betsy are well Cheers Paul
  4. 1940 war-time converted "gas" powered Buick
  5. Australian 1939 Buick Sloper factory photos
  6. Buick Dealership - Adelaide, South Australia
  7. Buick verse horse drawn masher dray, South Australia
  8. Spring country trip in South Australia
  9. Buick verses Train - Woodville, South Australia
  10. Kadina, South Australia. The South Australian site is a treasure trove of pre-war GM Holden images (amongst many others) and well worth taking time to look at https://collections.slsa.sa.gov.au/find/buick
  11. HI all, The attached photo is the result of many years searching the internet to find a photo related to the building of Holden bodies on 1936 Buick chassis' at the Holden, Fisherman's Bend GM Plant, Victoria, Australia. Cheers Paul
  12. Hi Greg, thanks for the reply. I didn't think of canvas but on reflection the absence of any remnants that you might expect from timber or rubber does suggest a material that could wear or tear away from the tacks. Interesting that your battery door was painted red. Cheers Paul
  13. As I mentioned previously, I decided to re-use the only surviving original floor board, being the one over the battery access panel under the front seat (see my image above dated 10th December) that has the circular chamfered finger hole. In preparing the original panel for painting I lightly sanded it back noting that the black original "paint" came off in a fine powdery mid-brown form that destroyed a part of pants I was wearing, seemingly confirming the use of a bitumen sealant. I also noted two tacks near the under side of the finger hole. Sand back 80 odd years of dirt I found a square o
  14. Hi all, I am seeking guidance in relation to removal of the door bumpers. Having had a look at them I am assuming I need to lever them off some how. Can any one advise ? Cheers Paul
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