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  1. Hi Rodney, great article in the New South Wales Buick Club magazine. I love it when people delve into one specific issue in great detail. Cheers Paul
  2. HI Layden, Thanks again for all your help and your time in providing this information Cheers Paul White
  3. Hi Layden, Are you able to tell me how these tyre locks work? Cheers Paul
  4. Hi Layden, yes, they are evenly spaced between the screw holes in the rim Cheers Paul
  5. Hi all, A friend is currently restoring a 1908 Buick and we were discussing some elongated holes in the rim as distinct from the screw holes. I was wondering whether anyone out there knew the purpose of these holes? Cheers Paul
  6. Hi all, Thought you might like one last photo of my '36 Buick taken during last weekend's run, Cheers Paul
  7. Thanks Ben, hope you and yours are well. This run had been planned for last year but Covid saw it cancelled along with a bunch of other events. We haven't had a Covid case in our state for almost 2 months and things are slowly coming back to normal so I hope to be able to post photos of new runs here over the next few months. I can't believe it has been almost 3 years since we met at the Denver Nationals! Cheers Paul
  8. Hi all The next day was a 50 mile run through undulating farm land and small country towns in 80 degree sunny weather stopping at an old pub in a town called Tarana. The next stop was for a drink at a pub in an even smaller town called Rydal where I took a photo of my wife in front of a friend's '28 Buick. Later on we displayed the cars on the lawns of the Black Gold motel (named after the regions coal mines). After a fun-filled dinner on Saturday night, the skies opened up with a 63 degree rainy day and a long drive back home in fog through the Blue Mountains on Sunday which was a
  9. Hi all I have just returned from a weekend away in the country 80 miles west of Sydney where we held our the Buick Club of New South Wales President's run. Weather on the run up was humid with a few showers. we stopped in at a now closed cement works in a place called Portland, the storage silos having been painted with some of the people that worked in the plant. We had a display of the 23 Buicks that attended and were joined by a local car group with a range of different cars including Australian designed Fords and Holden built 1930's Chevrolets. Whilst touring the site we came a
  10. Looks like something made in a prison cell!!!
  11. seems to have had a tough life for a 55K miles car inside and out
  12. Hi all, Another fabulous 83F day here in Sydney Australia with a Sunday Club run and lunch out to Western Sydney. Cheers Paul
  13. Hi Ron, I would suggest you send an email to John Forster, editor of the Buick pre-war magazine, he can send a world wide email through his address. He can be contacted through the Buick Club of Queensland. Alternately, you might contact Phil Green in Sydney. He seems to have quite a range of NOS ring and pinion gears for early Buicks. He seems to advertise on Ebay.com.au. Cheers Paul White Secretary, Buick Club of NSW
  14. Mine are rock hard too, replacements arrived in the mail today along with a bunch of other parts, fun weekend ahead
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