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  1. Paul White

    I.D. Need for a buick badge

    And yes, I think it would make a great buckle as well!
  2. Paul White

    I.D. Need for a buick badge

    There is quite a story to follow my post made back in April 2018. The badge was originally located in Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia, The owner contacted me for assistance in identifying it. Stuart Symes from the Buick Club of Western Australia ID it and the information was passed back to the owner back in April After i returned from the Buick Nationals In Denver I was on a road trip up the north coast, about 3 1/2 hours drive north of Sydney. Just by chance I saw a sign for a car show and dropping by for a look came across a Buick Club of NSW member showing his 1934 56 Coupe. After a catch up chat he took me to the rear of the vehicle to show me his most recent acquisition, the same badge and likely the exact same one found in Darwin.
  3. I have had two weeks vacation over the Christmas period and had planned an outing or two in the '36 but with the temps here averaging 90F over the period it is just too hot to contemplate going out!!! I will be heading off for a 90 mile round trip in the Buick to a local wine region for lunch and to allow my son to use his Christmas gift voucher for his first first flight in a Tiger Moth. Unlike my American friends I am hoping for cooler weather!!!
  4. Hi all Took a great video of the trip over the bridge, love to share it with you, would do if I had pressed the record button! Anyway, please enjoy a few photos from Sundays outing with the Buick Club of NSW
  5. The Buick and I are off to a show and shine in Sydney's southern suburbs this weekend. I am planning taking the Buick on its first drive over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I will try and take a video taking in the harbour and opera house as well as the bridge of course, if successful I shall post it next week, cheers Paul
  6. Hi all, A late entry from the New South Wales Buick Club Concours day earlier this year, better late than never I suppose. there are a few Holden built Buicks in there if you look closely. I will add a few more in the next post Please enjoy Paul
  7. The weekend before last was Chromefest on the New South Wales Central Coast (60 miles north of Sydney). It is always a good event for me as I live 7 miles away! We had 11 Buicks attend with hundreds of other makes also in attendance, an overcast and cool day for a change which made walking about looking at cars comfortable. My '36 is back on the road for the first time in a while after a little TLC Cheers Paul
  8. Paul White

    1936 Roadmaster trunk liner

    Hi Bill, The main problem, viewed from 82 years after the event, is to try and determine what is original and what was replaced/ undated/ modified/ partly modified over time. As mentioned my article is still a work in progress but I will send you what I have so far if you are interested cheers paul
  9. Paul White

    1935 Buick Series 40 Clutch Replacement

    Hi Tim, Welcome to the forum. Are you a member of the Buick Club of NSW? The Club has its monthly meetings in the Concord Area, third Thursday of the month Be nice to meet another pre-war Buick owner! Might I also suggest that you subscribe to the Australian pre-war Buick E-magazine. Simply go to the Buick Club of Queensland website and subscribe for free Cheers Paul White Secretary - Buick Club of NSW
  10. Paul White

    1936 Roadmaster trunk liner

    Hi Bill, I have been working on an article about trunk fit out on '36 Buicks for some time, as i think I have finished something new crops up I have attached a few images from my articles provided by a few US AACA members showing the original rubber mat and fabric. One of the US suppliers does (le Baron Bonney??) does provide a fabric very close to the original Hope this helps Cheers Paul
  11. Paul White

    88 Reatta 150,000 mi Casa Grande, AZ $3,950

    Hi Do you have any further photographs cheers Paul
  12. Yes, it is a RHD Fisher body, didn't know they produced unpunched versions...Thanks for the heads up Shipping is always expensive from the US Cheers Paul
  13. Hi all, How much success do you think I have had trying to secure a rubber mat for my RHD '36??!!! Can anyone help? Cheers Paul PS: Good to see things are starting to move forward again Gary!
  14. Paul White

    1936 Buick Series 40 oil bath air filter

    Thanks for the suggestions. I suspected as much that the unit cannot be pulled apart. The sand blasting sounds like the only clean up option. I also thought the unit was also an oil bath because of the conical base similar to the non-period oil bath unit that I have on the car. The fact you can't pull the '36 unit apart would explain why it is not an oil bath..I have been scratching my head about how the oil would go in! Tom, if you have the time to send me pictures I would really appreciate it Cheers Paul