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  1. The girl that cuts my hair is off sick for a month(??!!), I am beginning to look like Jimi Hendrix on a bad day
  2. Driving pre-war Buicks on a daily basis = lots of trips to the service station!!! hahahaha
  3. Hi Rodney, I have been using the '36 as my work vehicle lately too doing daily runs to the local office to print off my documents I produced working from home, 6 mile there on the main road and 8 mile back on the country road. Must admit I am loving the working from home - Paul
  4. Hi all, another beautiful sunny fall day beckoned me to take the '36 out for a run whilst the family were looking the other way. This afternoons destination was to a coastal town call The Entrance, a short 15 miles coastal drive from home. I passed a '64 Mustang and a couple of late '60s Impalas on the way. I forgot to take my camera so no photos today but I offer an aerial shot to give you all an idea of the drive, I passed over the bridge (left to right heading south) where large numbers of teenage boys were jumping in the water between people fishing (not much in the way of social distancing lately). I then followed the coast and followed the coastal road through the town. I was enjoying myself so much I didn't even think to stop to take in the view. Anyway, hope you are all safe out there. Cheers, Paul
  5. Hi all, my wife and I are thinking of moving out of suburbia to a small acreage before house and land prices around where we currently live become as unaffordable as house prices 60 miles to the south in Sydney. Anyway, this resulted in a most enjoyable 60 mile round trip passing through lovely rural landscapes on a sunny and crisp fall day. The Buick ran superbly and seems to love the 98 octane fuel that I have been using since the price has almost halved since this time last year, a gallon here costing about $2.50 US. Hope you are all safe and well , Cheers Paul
  6. Hi Bloo, I might do the same. We could create the demand for 1936 Buick floor mates between us. Anyone have any information on whether there was any covering on the small rear shelf behind the rear seat? Cheers Paul
  7. Thank Bloo and John, I would much prefer to have the rubber mat but I have RHD Fisher body (Model 41) and I suspect no-one stocks a RHD punched mat. Cheers Paul
  8. Hi John, Thanks John for the information and your prompt!
  9. Thanks, my '36 is a RHD Fisher Body out of South Africa
  10. Hi all, I am looking for details concerning the type of original carpet used in the '36 Buicks. I would also be very grateful if anyone with a piece of carpet could post a close up photo. I am also interested in whether there was some form of covering (carpet?) on the rear shelf between the rear seat and window(s.). Also interested to know what type of edge binding was originally used, Cheers Paul
  11. In the world of pre-war motoring, back roads are the best and most enjoyable roads!
  12. The '36 spent a week getting some TLC at the mechanics and i received the call to come and pick her up on Friday night. The problem being is that the mechanic is some distance away and the Australian government had just put in place rules concerning "unnecessary" travel and the possibility of significant financial penalties in an attempt to encouraging people to stay at home. So in keeping with social distancing protocols I took the back roads home! In doing so, i spotted the nose of a car sticking out from under a tree. I pulled up to have a closer and found the rather sad remains of a 1951 Buick Super. Take care out there everyone, Cheers Paul
  13. I thought the dog was looking a little worried that in the next few weeks he might end up as dinner
  14. Looks like you have all the necessities to weather the current apocalypse!!
  15. On a recent business trip I stayed at a motel near the Australian capital of Canberra. As I was leaving early the following morning I noticed one of the ground keepers at the motel getting equipment from a large shed. I happened to glance in the shed and i was glad that I did!!! The shed had about 8-10 mainly 1920s cars including a Chevy an Oakland, Ford and more but up the back was a Holden bodied 1939 Buick