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  1. HI all, The New South Wales Buick Club had its second official run since February. The day started off rather cold with pretty heavy rain. When we arrived at a Member's property for lunch, the clouds parted and we ended up with hot and sunny lunch on the lawn. Cov19 restrictions limited attendance to 20 people but fun was had by all. All up I had a 160 mile round trip and the '36 purred along without a hitch. Hope you are all well out there, Cheers, Paul
  2. Hi Gary, Another detailed photographic tour de force. Would you mind letting me know where you sourced your cloth wiring wrap please. I agree with 27donb, can't wait for your next project, having withdrawals since you completed the '37 Cheers Paul
  3. Another fabulous day and a late Saturday morning breakfast at the local car/ bike enthusiasts road side cafe
  4. Hi all, sunny 71F Spring day here in Australia so with my wife distracted by course work I took the '36 for a 85 mile country run.
  5. I can't seem to get the time to get my '36 out for a run, I know exactly what you mean when you say you suffer withdrawals
  6. First production models had the 100 mph speedo. The speedo was changed to 120 mph in series 40 from serial number 2915514. Cheers Paul
  7. Wonder how much shipping to Sydney, Australia would be....hmmm. She would look nice sitting next to my '36
  8. Hi Grant, Fantastic adventure! I recently received news the Buick National's in Australia have been cancelled due to CV19, so a lost opportunity for another great story from you! Looking forward to more "Buick Adventures" from you in the future. The New South Wales Club is having its 50th anniversary celebrations in Dubbo, 1454 mile round trip!!?? Cheers Paul White Secretary, Buick Club of NSW
  9. That third photo from the bottom of the Buick photo looks as though it was lifted straight out of the 1970s!!
  10. My Wife and I took the '36 out for a lunch run and whilst doing this she turned over 80K, the Buick, not my wife! We headed south from home hugging the coast ending up at a little village-like place called Avoca Beach. the place was crowded with people with quite a few swimming and surfing in the ocean even though it is winter here. As social isolation rules are easing here, people are rushing to take the opportunity to escape from Sydney and head 60 miles north to the Central Coast area for beaches and cafes. The Buick did well with all the hill climbs that abound in this area and we did the
  11. The girl that cuts my hair is off sick for a month(??!!), I am beginning to look like Jimi Hendrix on a bad day
  12. Driving pre-war Buicks on a daily basis = lots of trips to the service station!!! hahahaha
  13. Hi Rodney, I have been using the '36 as my work vehicle lately too doing daily runs to the local office to print off my documents I produced working from home, 6 mile there on the main road and 8 mile back on the country road. Must admit I am loving the working from home - Paul
  14. Hi all, another beautiful sunny fall day beckoned me to take the '36 out for a run whilst the family were looking the other way. This afternoons destination was to a coastal town call The Entrance, a short 15 miles coastal drive from home. I passed a '64 Mustang and a couple of late '60s Impalas on the way. I forgot to take my camera so no photos today but I offer an aerial shot to give you all an idea of the drive, I passed over the bridge (left to right heading south) where large numbers of teenage boys were jumping in the water between people fishing (not much in the way of social distanci
  15. Hi all, my wife and I are thinking of moving out of suburbia to a small acreage before house and land prices around where we currently live become as unaffordable as house prices 60 miles to the south in Sydney. Anyway, this resulted in a most enjoyable 60 mile round trip passing through lovely rural landscapes on a sunny and crisp fall day. The Buick ran superbly and seems to love the 98 octane fuel that I have been using since the price has almost halved since this time last year, a gallon here costing about $2.50 US. Hope you are all safe and well , Cheers Paul
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