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  1. How much do you want for it?
  2. 60mm which comes out to 2 23/64
  3. I have what I assume is 1918 Buick Moto-Meter that needs new glass , I ordered replacement glass that is way too small ,is there anyone making glass or a substitute replacement? It's going to be a display piece and not put on a car so I'm not worried about it working
  4. I'll find out for sure on Wednesday when I go up to look at the car...so I'll let you know what I find
  5. I was told I should post this here....this is Irving my 1929 Model 57 ,I am the 3rd owner of this car and it was bought brand new in Denver August 16th 1928 it is 100% original I have all the documents relating to this car from when it was new till now! The last picture is of me with Nicholas Lukusta's grave who bought the car brand new, the second to last photo is of myself and John Tuhill the second owner who passed the car over to me
  6. The other half is im that thing know as "poor" so funding the trip would be the other problem
  7. When John and Julia Tuthill had it they drove it from Golden Colorado to Flint Michigan but that was also 1976 . I would have to take back roads and figure out a route
  8. No at that point I would put it on a trailer lol
  9. Ok sorry I didn't see that post , Any leads as to where I can get a set of those?
  10. I would love to go but it's a 21 hour drive and I probably don't have the funds for that trip
  11. My 100% original Buick Model 29-57 I have every piece of paperwork for this car including the original sales receipt (and a photo of me with the original owners grave stone)
  12. Does anyone here have a source or any of these lifters they want to part with?
  13. Sorry I just saw this so I'm a little late on the reply...no the guy I got the car from was a machinest named John Tuthill
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