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  1. Here is body No. 1 of a total o f 12 - 1937 Century sloper
  2. Hi Lamar, Having heard you were a Vegemite fan, I had a jar of Vegemite with me to give to you when I attended the Denver Nationals. You struck out again without knowing it!! No luck coming this year, used up all of my leave pass credit with my wife last year Hope you all had fun, looking forward to seeing photos Paul
  3. Hi all A review of the Australian version of the marketplace "gumtree" finds no less than 3 Marquettes for sale, requiring various levels of restoration
  4. A Buick Club of New South Wales Marquette
  5. Couldn't help adding some pre-war Holden Buicks...note the double suicide doors and fabric roof of the '36
  6. Saturday's run to a town with the almost interesting name of Currabubula
  7. Hi all, Just arrived back from a 6 day combined Buick Club trip to the country music capital of Australia, Tamworth a 450 mile round trip (for me) where we also were a feature display at a local automobile show, please enjoy Cheers Paul
  8. I'm not sure mate, you'd better ask the other bloke! 🙂 Hi Ben, how are things going? Cheers Paul
  9. The was a rather nice example at the Denver Nationals in 2018
  10. Hi all All is not lost, the Buick Club of New South Wales (Australia) has seen quite a resurgence of pre-war Buicks over the last few years. I attended a meet in late 2017 where about more than half of the cars attending were pre-war. We even had 5 1936 Buick 40's attend. There were more '30s Buicks in attendance at our event than at the Denver Nationals. Cheers Paul
  11. Me too, my wife was about to place an order for my '36 as a birthday present!
  12. Who is that idiot spoiling an otherwise pleasant photo of old Buicks???? Oh, it appears to be me
  13. Texas is looking a bit like country New South Wales at the moment
  14. On the way to a military museum! Just outside outside the city of Bathurst which is famous in Australia for its Mount Panorama race track, the epicentre of the Ford vs GM Holden rivalry
  15. The Buick Club of New South Wales took a trip to the township of Molong, 170 miles west of Sydney. We had a great roll-up for a 3 day event with approximately 25 Buicks ranging from 1920 to 1980 in attendance. The drought was rather obvious with the landscape brown and dusty with trees beginning to die. At my home on the coast north of Sydney we had flooding! Picture is a member's 1934 Holden bodied barn find.
  16. And yes, I think it would make a great buckle as well!
  17. There is quite a story to follow my post made back in April 2018. The badge was originally located in Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia, The owner contacted me for assistance in identifying it. Stuart Symes from the Buick Club of Western Australia ID it and the information was passed back to the owner back in April After i returned from the Buick Nationals In Denver I was on a road trip up the north coast, about 3 1/2 hours drive north of Sydney. Just by chance I saw a sign for a car show and dropping by for a look came across a Buick Club of NSW member showing his 1934 56 Coupe. After a catch up chat he took me to the rear of the vehicle to show me his most recent acquisition, the same badge and likely the exact same one found in Darwin.
  18. I have had two weeks vacation over the Christmas period and had planned an outing or two in the '36 but with the temps here averaging 90F over the period it is just too hot to contemplate going out!!! I will be heading off for a 90 mile round trip in the Buick to a local wine region for lunch and to allow my son to use his Christmas gift voucher for his first first flight in a Tiger Moth. Unlike my American friends I am hoping for cooler weather!!!
  19. Hi all Took a great video of the trip over the bridge, love to share it with you, would do if I had pressed the record button! Anyway, please enjoy a few photos from Sundays outing with the Buick Club of NSW
  20. The Buick and I are off to a show and shine in Sydney's southern suburbs this weekend. I am planning taking the Buick on its first drive over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I will try and take a video taking in the harbour and opera house as well as the bridge of course, if successful I shall post it next week, cheers Paul