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  1. Hi All, I am looking for a pair of Lovejoy front shock absorbers for my Model 47 Also, can anyone tell me what the parts numbers are for them and whether they are interchangeable with any other year and or any other GM brand Cheers Paul White
  2. Hi all, Seeking some guidance on the correct model Zerk grease gun for the grease nipples on my '30 Buick. Cheers Paul
  3. Hi Dave, What type of material are you using for the panel boards? Cheers Paul
  4. Hi John, I did put an ad out through the pre-war magazine and Colin was the first one to jump in but unfortunately he had no spares. Cheers Paul
  5. HI Dave, your detailed post has come out as I am in the process of gearing up to undertake exactly the same project on my '3o. I shall continue to watch with great interest! Cheers paul
  6. Hi all, Latest update, hood painted and re-fitted the car as well as valance panels Cheers Paul
  7. HI all, I am looking for a replacement leaf spring hanger for the '30. It is one for the inside rear of the front spring, parts number 230662. Cheers Paul White
  8. HI Sloperlad, There is also a company in Florida called 'Grain-it Technologies' who provides kits. Basically, you prepare the surface, put on the base coat colour and then ink up a metal wood grain plate (like old fashion newspaper print plates) and run a roller over it to pick up the patterned ink which you then roll onto the prepared metal surface. There are videos on You Tube that show how it is done. Cheers Paul
  9. HI all, I am not sure if this counts but my friend drove my new Buick under its own power, probably for the first time in decades. It might only have been in the backyard but I couldn't help myself and had to post it.....just a little excited Cheers Paul
  10. HI all, I am trying to locate a replacement leaf spring hanger for the '30. It is one for the inside rear of the front spring, parts number 230662. Can anyone help? Cheers Paul
  11. HI all, Covid has hit Sydney and the state of New South Wales hard, and with a lock down barring travel more than 5 kilometres from home, I haven't been able to get down to my friends house to get involved in the restoration. My friend is the one with all the skills and the plan was that I would learn skills along the way under his guidance. Well, although I can't get to work on the new Buick, I have been working on my '36 with new carpet, and an order put in for new fabric for doors, kick panels etc. On the other hand, my friend has powered on with the '30 which is sad for me but I am glad it gives him something to do whilst stuck at home, we are into our 9th week now with no sign of it lifting before the send of September. Any way, I will post a few photos so you can see how far it is come. Cheers Paul
  12. Hi all, Another call out for information. Could anyone assist me with some photos of original front foot well kick panel (left and right) please Cheers Paul
  13. Hi all, I have just purchased the splash pans from him but have gone back to him to see if he has the front section as mentioned by Stuart above Stuart's information concerning the shocks has also helped confirmed that the same guy has the correct shocks but at $700AUS. I bought a pair of NOS front shocks for the '36 at the Denver nationals in 2018 for $20.00 I will have to have a real think first Cheers Paul
  14. Thanks everyone, extremely helpful as ever Cheers Paul
  15. Hi all, Seeking assistance in obtaining photos and or parts numbers for original rear lever shock absorbers for my South African '36. At some point it has had modern shocks fitted to the rear and I am wanting to return it to stock. Also, wanting to confirm that the matching splash pans are only in two parts, left and right hand. I seem to recall (fading memory through age) that there was a front panel that attached at the bottom of the radiator cowl? Is this correct? if so does anyone have a photo of one? Cheers Paul of
  16. Thanks everyone, I managed to buy some from a company called Ecklers for about $10US a foot
  17. Well done, you could also consider joining the Buick Club of NSW for more contact with RHD Buicks, also consider having a look at the Pre-war Buick magazine which is available for free via the Buick Club of Queensland website, tell John Forster I sent you. Cheers Paul White
  18. Not sure if this helps but just wanted to put it out there Paul
  19. Hi Slopelad, Would I be correct in assuming you bought that black '38 Sloper from South Australia earlier this year? Anyway, have you considered having tyres imported directly from the US? there is a fellow in New South Wales that has a vehicle and parts import business based in California you could get a quote from, they would come in a container and I understand there is a bit of a wait at the moment due to low levels of container space. If you are interested send me a PM and I will give you his contact details. Cheers Paul
  20. Hi Bob, Thanks for the tip. Cheers Paul
  21. HI Rob, Hope you are well, when (and if) this current locked down is lifted I would be more than happy to come down and give you a hand. Cheers Paul
  22. Hi Ray, the 1930 Buick lens is a Mazda Lamp no. 1110 - 222399. Cheers Paul
  23. Hi All, I am wondering whether anyone can point me in the direction of a cobra short grain fabric supplier. I checked with Bob's but he has advised that he is out of stock and has no idea when new stock will come in Thanks in advance Paul
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