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  1. Beautiful car. The 53 has near perfect lines. it looks like it was customized and it's factory.
  2. Russ at Grass Valley carries them. I just bought a 3 groove pulley for my set up.I am using Vintage air but wanted stock pulleys. Russ tried to talk George out of the Tremec 6 speed into a 3 speed manual. He's hard core.
  3. More progress. Trunk pan and rear inner wheel tubs are in final fitment. The solution to all the extra components and electrical has been to create an equipment "compartment" between the rear of the passenger area and the trunk. This is a businessman's coupe so no rear seat . It will be attached via nutserts in the bottom of the compartment for access. The Hydro-boost will sit on top. To quote George the builder: ." I also have placement confirmed and templates made for the left and right toeboards. The pedal cage mounting location has been confirmed with clearances for all three pedal sweeps. Getting the pedal cage low enough in the floor will require notching the top of the chassis and I have that all planned out. All the chassis work will be done when the body is removed for welding to be completed. I have the driveshaft tunnel template completed. We will be cutting a relief in the component shelf for the tunnel to slip through and connect with the trunk pan. I'll send pictures during the next week. Attached are images of the brake booster located on the component platform. The plumbing inside the car and on the chassis will be stainless steel tube. Connecting the tow parts of the systems will be done by stainless braided hose. This will allow for the body and chassis independent movements without fatiguing the components. "
  4. Thanks. Once I has a plan for the car I knew I was out of my depth. The work is better than first class and the owner is probably the most honest guy I have ever met. It's not cheap but i haven't lost a minutes sleep having it in his hands. Their facebook page has a lot of detail on the work that went into just that one piece.
  5. As I approach the second anniversary of taking my car to the shop we are slowly making progress. With widening wheel tubs and a lower stance we decided to do a new one piece rear floor extension and trunk floor.The far vertical piece is the guide that was made to keep the contour on point. It took three guys and two new dies to put it through the PullMax.
  6. Go check out the Fatman Fabrications website. They have some Buick stuff. The catalog is online but I would just call them. IFS with disc brakes and rack/pinion would be a nice set up.
  7. A little more progress. Wheel tubs fitted and added 1 3/8" drop to weld the trunk floor to. The blue strip is the new 1 1/2" wide piece we added to move the tub inward as close as possible to the frame rail. The wheel is the style I have have in mind. Hopefully 18 x 8 to 18 x 10 depending on the room we get inside the stock fender.
  8. Push the car outside and go through the typical diagnosis. If a car has compression it needs air/fuel/spark to run. I am not in favor of taking stupid risks but if nobody took a chance to learn something there would be no hobby and no amateur mechanics. A little carb fire never killed anyone. Leaving the 5 gallon pail sitting next to it probably burnt down a garage or two.
  9. More progress. We got the trunk lid fitting well with good gaps all around. Then the rear floor was braced some more and the trunk floor and wheel tubs were removed. We are adding 1 1/2" to the inner tub to make room for bigger tires inside the stock fender. Once those are done trunk floor goes back and finally permanent floor pans.
  10. Why not a nailhead or big old 455? A Chevy in a Buick is done all the time. Dare to be different.
  11. A little more progress. My baby has some bling. We got a package back from the platers. We use these guys in Victoria, BC. I have been sending them stuff for years. Good service, reasonably fast and decent prices.
  12. Small update. Two steps forward and one back as always. The B pillars didn't have rust holes but they were thin and the decision was made to build new sections that made sure it was all solid thick metal. All the shiny stuff is new but they got the factory lines near perfect.
  13. I have no dog in this hunt but can comment that Rhode Island wiring is good stuff.
  14. The floors are out again, hopefully for the final time. They were tweaked a touch as we moved the engine and transmission back an 1 1/2" to clear the fan and stock radiator. Here they are with the new inner rockers mocked up.
  15. More fiddling with ride height and stance. I have insisted since day one that every decision be based on drivability and performance. A lot of show cars can't do a u-turn on a four lane freeway or clear any minor bumps. We keep tuning to make sure nothing rubs or interferes under situations like full suspension compression and flat tires etc. We are now 1/2" lower in the front and 1 1/2 inches higher in the back but clearances are all good now. Once you get the body and the suspension happily married then it's back to checking drive line angles. I think we are almost there. In the meantime we are working on A/C, power windows, wiper motor and windshield washers. The original gauge cluster is going off to Classic to incorporate a tachometer. I bought a heater off a member here and we are going to blow the Vintage Air through 1937 vents for the floor.