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  1. I am getting to the point on my car where I am think about getting glass. What tint, if any, was the original glass? Clear or green or something else?
  2. Thanks. I am lucky that in Vancouver we have a fabulous chrome shop nearby in Victoria, BC. https://www.electroshine.com/about/ They have been around for years. The work is fast, reasonably priced and show quality. The work they have done so far on my interior and exterior trim including horn ring has been top notch. I like using one shop for chrome as all the plating has the same shine and "tone" . Electroshine seems to get vintage chrome just right.
  3. I love the look of the stock bumpers. Plus the front grill is hard to replace. I may discard the over riders but definitely keeping the bumpers. The goal is to tuck it all in and make it a little "tighter" . I was looking at bumperettes or nerf bars but the '37 and '38 Buicks are too classy for that. I want people to look at my car and unless they look under the hood or at the frame they will think it is stock.
  4. Great pics. I have been following your thread and forgot how detailed it was. Thank you. I am trying to get mine to look sort of stock. I have an Art Morrison frame and will be making new bumper mounts. The thought is to eliminate the holes and bring the brackets up from underneath for a cleaner look that won't rust.
  5. When I bought my Buick it came with a patch panels to replace the lower trunk opening lip and the tool tray. They are either horrible reproductions or bad attempts to make pieces. Does any vender reproduce these? I need good pics of the tray and the lower trunk lip. As you can see the piece we have is too short and doesn't match the curve of the trunk lid from center to side.
  6. Great looking car. Would take a bit of elbow grease to bring it back
  7. The Fisher Body Manual and the Buick Shop manual are both reproduced and for sale on eBay. Print quality isn't great but expect to pay $20 to $30. i clipped a link to the the body manual https://www.ebay.com/itm/1941-1942-Buick-Body-Shop-Manual-Special-Super-Roadmaster-Century-Repair-Service/161575603391?fits=Year%3A1941|Model%3ASuper+Series+50|Make%3ABuick&hash=item259ea80cbf:g:0PgAAOSwF71Z1Z5r
  8. Definitely a quality paint job in non-stock color. If it is all original otherwise you might have some interest. A purist would look to be returning it to a factory color ASAP. I don't mind the color but would have limited in interest in a four door. It's a hot rod color on the "least likely to be a hot rod" model. Post up the the other Buicks and if you're serious there is a classified page
  9. Drive shaft tunnel done. Only thing left is to take out the clecos and TIG weld it all up.
  10. We made a relief in the trunk pan to get more volume back in the trunk. In the pic above it gently curved down but we lost stowage. This the solution we came up with.
  11. I saw these on the HAMB classifieds. Not mine but very cool. Caveat Emptor https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/buick-invicta-1960.1202947/
  12. Agreed, that's two hard days of driving. Probably 12 hours each way.
  13. A little parts porn. Tilton pedal assembly, vacuum pump and tank.
  14. RivNut is correct. The Allan Grove stuff tries to move all the moving parts "up and in" because of the way the nose on early cars pinch in. I wanted a clean look with lower components and we moved the brake booster to the trunk to make room. I am fitting a Vintage Air compressor, alternator, and power steering pump in a '37 Special with a 401 all while using a modified stock radiator and keep the stock 401 fan.
  15. Wouldn't Dave Tacheny be interested in a bulk lot of parts? That's a trailer load for sure. I see some good front end parts.
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