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  1. bhemi

    Merry Buick Christmas

    My metal working guy is pretty darn creative. I had to share.
  2. I got my horn button retention ring re-chromed and got a reproduction center medallion. Mr Hinson supplied the contact plate and I got the spring and insulation from Bob's Automobilia . The chrome is flawless I got the horn ring and the retention ring back in under a month from a plater in Victoria BC. Next step is send it off to get the plastic ring put in.
  3. I saw this today and the condition looked really good. Not mine but thought it might be helpful to a project.
  4. I am looking for Buicks with leather interiors. I believe leather was optional in convertibles and some of the higher end models. Is this color correct? I want to do leather in mine and am looking for color inspiration.
  5. bhemi

    1937 Buick 46s running board question

    Thanks Gary. That makes perfect sense. I appreciate everyone's help.
  6. We have been pre-fitting the running boards on my coupe and the gaps seem awfully large. Was there a filler piece or gasket we are missing?
  7. On the other side of the continent. I am in British Columbia about 10 miles from the Washington State border.
  8. I am selling a a rolling frame with engine and drive line. Frame is nice. No rust other than surface rust and I believe never in an accident. I think the engine has had work done but view it as a core. Available after December 1st. Pics available if you are interested. $800 USD willing to deliver as far down I-5 as far as Portland for fuel costs.I can't keep it as i have no long term storage. No title.
  9. I am in the process of doing a resto-mod on a 1937 Buick Special coupe. (Please don't judge the decision). In an about a month the chassis with nearly complete drive train will be available for sale. By nearly complete I mean the engine, transmission, torque tube and rear end are there but I can't guarantee completeness. The frame is really nice nothing but surface rust and I believe never in an accident. I also have two spare front fenders, a nose and a rear fender and a ton of mechanical spare parts like pedals etc. I bought a disassembled failed project. I have two nice Harrison radiators . I would like it to all go in one lot. I could possibly help deliver is to say Washington state for cost of a trailer rental and diesel fuel. I just need it gone by say January 1st. It should be available by November 21st. I am not putting it in the classifieds because I don't want to piece it out. I'd rather it go to a Buick enthusiast doing a restoration. I'd keep it because I wouldn't mind restoring another one in better shape in the future but simply can't justify the cost of long term storage. Willing to consider trades for good trim pieces I need like running board trim and a piece of nose stainless. If you can do wood graining I'd trade for that too. PM me to ask any questions or to get pictures.
  10. I have the seat from my 46 coupe that looks a lot like Gary's. It is totally shot and needing reupholstering. I'd be happy to take it apart and send measurements and photos. i just need a week or so as I just back from a trip and am off again Thursday.
  11. That's the 41 1/2 stainless strip. Bob's is out because I just bought his last one. Price is same on eBay and I am guessing same manufacturer. Bob sells the little stop bracket if you don't have it.
  12. I bought this for my new wheel. Not cheap but looked nice. I will give a review when I receive it. I asked this vendor if he also did restorations as well as reproductions and he said yes. I may try him on center emblem and my McLaughlin Buick grille badge.
  13. This is a listing for the "Buick 8" grille badge. Looks nice. Good price too.