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  1. The only way to truly value something is well advertised auction. Put it on eBay at a very low reserve and let the auction run as long as possible. Take the maximum number of pics in the largest format you can post. Have all the data available including body tags, engine number and any documentation for prior work done. A painted engine does not equal a rebuilt engine with no proof. It sounds like you have inherited the life's work of an enthusiast.
  2. Asking $4500 Canadian. About $3400 USD. Rougher but no takers for weeks.
  3. I know many people frown on resto-mods but I like win-win situations. My chassis will be restored and used as a static display at the Reynolds Museum in Edmonton Alberta. I gave them a deal to help defray shipping costs and frankly I'm tickled pink about the outcome. My wife has nieces in Edmonton so I even get to visit it. Check out the link its a pretty cool institution.
  4. Sold. It's going to a very good home.
  5. bhemi

    1937 buick

    Which model and series"? I am assuming larger cars would have a different one.
  6. Chassis from a 1937 Buick businessman's coupe. What you see is what you get. Gas tank is shot. Frame is near perfect. Engine/transmission/rear end are parts or core. Will not separate or sell parts. Location Vancouver, Canada. Will deliver to Washington State or maybe even Portland when the weather gets better for cost of trailer rental and diesel. I like road trips. $800 USD. PM me here. I can't store it long and I would hate to scrap it.
  7. I am finally done with the frame from my 1937 46 coupe. I will be posting it for sale in the classifieds. Gas tank is shot but the rest is pretty good. View the mechanicals as cores only as I never tried to start it.
  8. My metal working guy is pretty darn creative. I had to share.
  9. I got my horn button retention ring re-chromed and got a reproduction center medallion. Mr Hinson supplied the contact plate and I got the spring and insulation from Bob's Automobilia . The chrome is flawless I got the horn ring and the retention ring back in under a month from a plater in Victoria BC. Next step is send it off to get the plastic ring put in.
  10. I saw this today and the condition looked really good. Not mine but thought it might be helpful to a project.
  11. I am looking for Buicks with leather interiors. I believe leather was optional in convertibles and some of the higher end models. Is this color correct? I want to do leather in mine and am looking for color inspiration.
  12. Thanks Gary. That makes perfect sense. I appreciate everyone's help.
  13. We have been pre-fitting the running boards on my coupe and the gaps seem awfully large. Was there a filler piece or gasket we are missing?