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  1. Gaps are horrible. Bad paint. Wrong engine color. Interior nowhere near correct. It is the basis of a resto mod. If you get under the paint I see rust and mud in your future.
  2. I need a 1937 driver's side door handle with key and a 1937 single lever (not "T" handle) trunk handle with key. PM me here or
  3. Isn't the '36 the last year with wood in the interior framing? I own a '37 coupe and share quite a few parts with '38 is '36 a one off or does it share parts with '35? The three window design is gorgeous.
  4. . I think a great car can be built modifying the stock frame to accommodate modern IFS and open diff and using a nailhead. A lot of the stuff I am doing is overkill but I wanted to do it once in my life. I could have saved a ton of money by using a small block and an automatic but what is the fun in that? I am keeping as much of the body and interior as stock as possible at great expense. Lol.
  5. These guys made me a brilliant reproduction of the center badge. It is going to cost $$$ but when they used my original as a pattern they destroyed it and made a batch of 10 - 12. They also reproduced the 1937 McLauglin Buick grill badge. This is your hood center line piece. The part that goes down the center of the grill cowl is in most cases bent to hell as it goes under the cowl. I have two. Expect to find one and pay lots to have fixed. It is stainless as well.
  6. We got the pin out and soaked it. Still won't budge. We even heat cycled it . Next step threading a screw into the cylinder and gentle application of a slide hammer. Not trying to preserve the cylinder just get it out.
  7. Update. The T56 magnum 6 speed is different from the predecessor TKO which was used in the last generation Camaros etc. So I needed a new bell-housing. We took the entire floor out but will reuse about 2/3 of it. We need to fab a a center "hump" because the T56 is a big transmission. It will only be about 2" above the stock floor pan and I will still be able to use the stock bench.
  8. Thanks. that is exactly what we were looking for
  9. I am trying to remove the lock cylinder to re-chrome the door handle and it will not budge. I do not have a key. Is a key necessary to remove the lock cylinder?
  10. Not really 5th and 6th are overdrive gears 6th being 0.63:1. Rear end ration is 3.73:1 Tires ~ 28" tall. Red line is 5500 or better with roller rockers. Weight of a coupe was 3380 lbs. I bet a nailhead and T56 weighs 250 lbs less than the 248 and three speed. I think a a fuel injected 401 0.30 over with 11:1 compression and roller rockers should make 400+ horsepower. I think top speed is 170 mph+ not that I have anywhere to drive it that fast. What I want is to loaf along using all the nailhead torque at 70 mph.
  11. This what we came up with to allow me to keep the cool look of the old gauge package and add a tach without going to an ugly set of off the shelf round gauges set in a board like so many resto-mods do. The T56 allows for a sensor that runs a digital signal speedometer so we will go with that or a GPS unit. The drawings are out to Classic Instruments for pricing.
  12. You get a tiny bit of discoloration but flash rust is minimal. The car was last on the road in the late '50's or early '60's all the filler on the car is lead. Zero plastic. The minor body work on fenders and patches is all being TIG welded and metal finished so we are leaving it bare until all that is done.
  13. And this is what it looked like a year ago. going on the trailer