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  1. Chuck - I should be able to help you. flackmaster at sbcglobal point net
  2. The more I think about this, the more clearly I respect the difficulty in planning to proceed, or a plan to cancel. Double edge sword where no one will be happy. The optimist that I am hopes that there is confidence that by October things will have calmed down to the new normal and we can proceed with our lives, Hershey included. Good Luck. DAF
  3. Strange. Multiple friends have suggested I consider that car as I want a Delahaye. (easy to spend someone else's money....) It has its good points, or point, being a rather unique body, however the bad points, condition, condition and condition are clearly evident. The owner is looking through rose (or money green) colored glasses. The engine is most likely a disaster and the balance of the chassis is VERY high risk. Whether it was a tri-carb is a moot point, the tri-carb manifold is reproduced - most restored cars are tri-carb, gee, no surprise there. Difficult trim and other parts are absent, no picture of dash, etc. I have about 45 years experience restoring cars, so yes, I could do this car and I have Delahaye resources to lean upon, which leaves only one big problem - $170K is unanimously considered far far too high a price. If the price was anywhere near reasonable, I'd be a player,...but the six figure ante just isn't warranted. Call me when it has a real price and I'll have the cash ready. I am not going to call you and offer you what you might consider an insult today, only to ruin your perception of me when later you do realize I am willing to make a fair offer. Also interesting to note that the Vesters car, which "appears" to be in better condition is being completely re-wooded as an element of its full body dip in the money bath.
  4. 1932 (only ) has the oval emblem.
  5. One final thought, that with the time until October, surely Hershey would be a success even with lower attendance. In fact, with lower attendance, this may relieve some of the social distancing issues. Some, not all, but enough that some needed optimism into the future/planning would add to the excitement for those that plan to attend.
  6. I've read this discussion, and several similar others. Are we collectively, or individually, so ill-informed, unwise, cheap, foolish or greedy so as to accept such poor service? Watching a car's clutch get destroyed, sending a car on an open transport when clearly inappropriate, or tolerating broker's lies just to save a few bucks? Yes, I recognize that some things will happen, but can we not participate in limiting to those that really are unforeseeable? Let's reward the professionals and do away with the hacks.
  7. I have received and responded to the survey and commentary regarding planning for Hershey 2020. Yes I am, as we all are, aware of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, I honestly believe that by October we will all have adapted to proper social precautions, and the overall health of our nation will be recovering. I respect the necessary precautions currently in place - but cancelling Hershey? Perish the thought....
  8. replying if only to echo what has already been said...one additional comment about U-ship - many many of the shippers do NOT have commercial insurance. Need I say more? If you care about your car, pay a professional, insured, reputable, etc...
  9. Greetings all, I have listed my 120 convertible sedan for sale, easiest to link to the hemmings ad for full description and pictures. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/packard/120/2400637.html Thank you for your interest. DAF Oh, and if you prefer to restore one, I've got another available. Chassis, engine and bodywork done. Just needs enthusiasm and $. Firewall painted Almond Green, but you certainly can change that....
  10. Unlikely NJ/RM. The owner of the Sport Sedan knew full well, as did others for years, where this beast was resting. I researched this for Jim Hollingsworth several years ago, the owner was fully aware of what he had and its history. Yes, it deserves to be dipped in a deep bucket of money.
  11. Try Don Axelrod , Headlight Headquarters. If he doesn't have it , he'll know if its available.
  12. I have some...do you need left? right? front? rear? Locking, non-locking?? direct is flackmaster at sbcglobal point net
  13. Well, a challenge is a challenge. Almost a dare. Friend of mine has a 1914ish KRIT in a museum, hasn't moved in forever. Why? Cause its missing its gearbox/transmission! Is there any chance in this world/lifetime of finding a someone with a spare KRIT transmission hiding under the workbench?? Anybody with any knowledge of whether KRIT made its own or if it was used by other manufacturers? Well, at least I tried....
  14. scammer tried the usual certified check for more than item on me today. I said great, and gave him the name of the police chief and police station address for pickup. He was quick enough to ask why I gave him the address of a police station. ...ya think...
  15. I now have a resource to reproduce these impossible to plate OEM Pot Metal parts. I have listed the first set on ebay. It took me 3 years to find the right person to do these. If you are interested in these, please review the ebay listing I have just posted (10 day listing), and/or please comment here. I am losing my motivation to continue this project due to other obligations. Thank you, DAF.