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  1. I have some...do you need left? right? front? rear? Locking, non-locking?? direct is flackmaster at sbcglobal point net
  2. Well, a challenge is a challenge. Almost a dare. Friend of mine has a 1914ish KRIT in a museum, hasn't moved in forever. Why? Cause its missing its gearbox/transmission! Is there any chance in this world/lifetime of finding a someone with a spare KRIT transmission hiding under the workbench?? Anybody with any knowledge of whether KRIT made its own or if it was used by other manufacturers? Well, at least I tried....
  3. scammer tried the usual certified check for more than item on me today. I said great, and gave him the name of the police chief and police station address for pickup. He was quick enough to ask why I gave him the address of a police station. ...ya think...
  4. I now have a resource to reproduce these impossible to plate OEM Pot Metal parts. I have listed the first set on ebay. It took me 3 years to find the right person to do these. If you are interested in these, please review the ebay listing I have just posted (10 day listing), and/or please comment here. I am losing my motivation to continue this project due to other obligations. Thank you, DAF.
  5. Even if the engine is stuck, its not a "deal breaker" as the engine will likely need an overhaul regardless. Based on the indoor storage conditions, I would give Vegas odds that the engine is at least rebuildable. If not, NO big deal, 22-23rd series engines are very easy to come by. I would focus on body condition...trunk floor, cabin floors, rocker panels, rear quarters and any area where the top well would be subjected to, umm...suffering. All right, fine, I'll throw a number out - No more than 5 grand for this project car if the body is super solid, high, dry, storage kept. If is solid and runs, you might try to catch it. If the body is soft, I'd run away unless there were gold bricks in the trunk.
  6. 1948 Packard Super 8 Convertible, model 2279. Not a Custom 8 which is the more valuable model. Given the cost of restoration, you would likely have to love this car to come out ahead. I'll let others peg a value, but suffice it to say, a really good assessment of condition of the floors and whether the engine is stuck will be important.
  7. Thought I'd ask, just for the fun of it, if anyone ever bought this from Don...not sure he's going to be around for another 38 years!
  8. boy, ain't that the truth...my 115c convertible was scammed so many times I didn't think I'd ever really sell it to a real person. Its still out there in cyberscamland... As to sidemounts for a 120, can do, have found your want listing and sent you a private message. DAF And if anyone has another Delahaye project like the above....I'm ready to buy! Oh, and as for the sidemounted sedan barely visible, ain't that a 35-37 Senior Packard?
  9. I can supply the sidemount fenders, support hardware, covers, etc. And no, I am not a scammer, saw your post elsewhere... I will send you a private message with my direct contact details separately.
  10. can do, complete. please email me directly flackmaster at sbcglobal point net Note also that I travel a lot, so it might be a couple days before I reply, but be confident that I have a complete, correct setup for you.
  11. I can mail you one tomorrow. DAF, Dallas.
  12. Anybody running from Upstate NY to Texas? Soon please. NON RUNNING 67 Corvette, strongly prefer enclosed haul. Commercial carriers welcome to contact me....Brokers, well, I am VERY wary. NO "maybe" games while you try to find a hauler....either you have a hauler with a schedule, or you don't. Commercial insurance required, will pay premium price for premium service. Thank you.
  13. not sure what the difference is, surely very minor, very likely just the shaft, but I have a couple 647-E, Packard 6. flackmaster at sbcglobal point net and I can zap you back some photos.
  14. Really appreciate the chatter....any chance anyone has an engine apart or a spare on the shelf, understanding not for sale, but would be willing to have a casting made? Thanks!
  15. You are unbelievable...I have forwarded your reply to my friend in England. His brother has also posted on the CLC site. No manifolds yet, but we live in hope. As for the body...yikes, be careful what you ask for! Anybody with brilliant ideas to get this body to London at less than a first class ticket on the Titanic? My idea is to carefully disassemble, lose the glass and send a crate via DHL...