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  1. I am going to suggest a price of $6,000. The real problem is extraction of a non-running car from a garage where there are two more non-runners outside. Just sending a shipping company to pick up ain't gonna happen. Location is Corona, CA, so its one of those situations where a group of friends will really be necessary. Typical long story of owner aging out, too many cars, too little time, grumpy old man, etc.
  2. Only change since original post is a bit more dust. Now seriously looking to sell. Only updated comment from the owners wife is it was a good running, fun car when last driven, decades ago... Updated comments on value or interest in buying welcome. I will put seriously interested parties in touch with "the wife", my only involvement is to counsel as to value.
  3. believe Wix still makes that...standard 1/2 qt filter canister used on everything back to Ford 9N tractors. I used to buy them at Tractor Supply....
  4. shot in the dark, yeah, probably. No engine = resto-rod audience, much more than as a "collectable". Friend of mine just finished a 58 Impala...some stuff harder to find than (fill in the blank..)
  5. I bought the wheel thinking 36 series 60. I believe the wheel is 35 series 40 and 50. Yours looks more like series 60 and 90, much more protruding hubcap area, but I am NOT an expert...just going by Google images.
  6. not to grandstand...bumping up in the listings - I had a couple inquires when first posted, before I posted the pictures. Still available...thanks!
  7. I can provide, I think I replied to your other posting in parts wanted...
  8. Can do. Flackmaster at sbcglobal point net
  9. suggest you try Don Axelrod, Headlight Headquarters, 781-598 zero Five 2 three.
  10. ...thought I was buying a '36 wheel, turned out to be a 35. Sell for $150 or trade for a '36 wheel. thank you. 16x4.5, 5" BC, 3 3/8 hub hole.
  11. Please PM me with your contact info...Yes, still seeking the transmission, or Engine/trans
  12. Chuck - I should be able to help you. flackmaster at sbcglobal point net
  13. The more I think about this, the more clearly I respect the difficulty in planning to proceed, or a plan to cancel. Double edge sword where no one will be happy. The optimist that I am hopes that there is confidence that by October things will have calmed down to the new normal and we can proceed with our lives, Hershey included. Good Luck. DAF
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