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  1. flackmaster

    1937 Packard Model 115-C

    Ummm....thanks for noticing my car for sale. Also listed in the Packard forum with more pictures.
  2. flackmaster

    1937 115c Convertible Coupe for sale...

    Have just relisted on ebay after dealing with scam stories all summer. People see it advertised elsewhere for giveaway, then do a little more research and eventually find me, then wonder why my price changed from the giveaway price. Hard to explain that I am not trying to scam anyone. Anyway, the price is asking 55K. Last 3 that sold were, 60, 62.5 and 64K for very similar cars. I'm not looking to set any records, just place with an honest buyer.
  3. flackmaster

    McCord headgasket 5770

  4. flackmaster


    The car is mine. I am David Flack in Dallas. I pulled the car off the market this summer when it got advertised by scammers...too much confusion when my ads were live. I was just thinking about re-listing the car on the market and am surprised that the scam ads just won't seem to die. Disgusting. I've never advertised on TopClassics. The car is in my garage. Come see and drive it. I am known in the Packard community....if you are looking for this car, please contact me.
  5. flackmaster

    1935 Super Charged Auburn

    March 2018, 3 weeks and 2,205 miles in a 35 s/c phaeton. 1/2 qt. oil, topped up the radiator and dealt with one overnight flat tire, tube wearing on inside of tire. Multiple rear ratio changes, plenty of fuel, 3 people with full luggage/tools and a spare axle bound to a frame rail. No complaints from the Auburn or the passengers. Well, maybe one...the wiper motors are noisy. Yeah, I'd say a bargain for a fully useable CCCA tour car when properly prepared...
  6. flackmaster


    if you have any left, I'd like one of the E 1/2. Thank you
  7. flackmaster


    Answering from the hip, such that 39 Packards also used the R6.. the relay is straighforwardl, I have an extra, $50. Kickdown again is a straightforward - merely a interruption via the ignition circuit to disengage the solenoid, and as for the cable, again, straightforward engage/disengage. I strongly suspect if you compare the R6 Dodge overdrive details to the R6 Packard information, you will find strong similarities. I answer this based on it being a BorgWarner unit, not manufactured by Dodge/Packard. I think I have a Packard cable too. More info is posted in the service manuals section at packardinfo dot com.
  8. flackmaster


    Don Axelrod will have headlights or parts at Hershey. I have some misc. 33Su8 stuff at home, starter, generator, waterpump, etc. Some small trinkets with me at Hershey, GAF 21-24
  9. flackmaster

    Transport available, DALLAS,TX to HERSHEY

    And room on the trailer coming back for a few bulky items...my cell is 214-549-1250 to confirm space available and routing.
  10. I have a load coming back, really don't want to drag an empty trailer....help!
  11. Circumstances suggest that I should bring my 18' open car hauler to Hershey as I have a car to bring home. Anybody have anything needing to go one way?
  12. flackmaster

    Packard Parts headed for Hershey

    West, I looked twice in my stuff and I'm sorry but negative on an orphaned knob. Update to list above, just now packing dash items, 36-120 (also separate NOS gauges), 37 115c and 120, 38jr, 39jr, 40(jr) 41 senior panels with good plastic, gauges, lighters (37-39, NOS 1940 tan plastic, etc) starter buttons, rheostats (including NOS 1940 overdrive rheostats), NOS 36-120 gauges, much 37-42 gauges, etc. Also packed a box of dome lamps and courtesy lamps, most all 33-41 including a pair of the rare oval tonneau lamps 35-37 senior, several 38 and 39-42 senior dome lights and interior courtesy lamps, etc. No exterior runningboard courtesy lamps. As I said above, there is no way I could bring all I have, so please, if you are pre-war part hunting, please come see me, or contact me beforehand.
  13. OK – I am packing for Hershey to be a vendor for the first time. Most of what I have is 35-41 Pre-war Packard, junior And senior. Additionally, I am bringing nearly all of my postwar stuff and a smattering of “everything else”. To be honest, there is no way I could bring everything I have, especially the “heavy iron” so I am inviting any requests for stuff I would otherwise leave at home, such as - Starters – 32-3 V12, Super 8, 32-38 Eight/Super 8, 37-39 V12 Delco 664, 39 Super 8, 40-50 356, 35-47 Six and 120. Generators – CD865, C0-1240, CO-1300, 38-9 Super 8 Autolite, 37-39 V12 Autolite. 35-41 all. Also 40-50 356 50amp commercial. Radiators – selling used radiators at scrap value, $100 each 35/6 120, 37 115c, 38 –39 110/120, 40-120, only if paid for will I bring to Hershey. Steering columns with good boxes, 37-115, 37-120, 38-40 110.120. 1939 R6 overdrive, very good used, $500. Large amount of transmission/overdrive parts. 36-39 110/120 bumpers, nice used, $100 ea. Trunk Rack setups, 35-39 Big Senior, 39-40 Super 8, 36-40 junior. Have complete setups and parts. Wheels, 35/6 120, 37-38 set of Super 8 Artillery wheels and I may or may not bring a set of junior artilleries. Please Please let me know if I can help you, as I will also be leaving behind lots and lots of the small stuff... What I AM bringing, have already packed - 36-37 steering wheels, including banjos, hornbuttons, etc. 41-47 “”K” wheels, 1 used and 1 restored, tan. 35-41 back up lights. “Road and Fog” driving lamps Interior, exterior and hood and trunk handles Bumperettes Pair of 41 110/120 accessory bumper wingtips 41 gauge clusters, clocks Tail lights, 35/6 senior, 35-41 jr. 39-40 Senior, 41/2 senior and lenses. Headlights, 35-37, 38/39 jr. and sr., 39 Super 8. Headlight lenses, rings, 35-41 junior and senior, choke inserts and exhaust choke kits Carburetors, EE-14, EE-16. EE-23, WD-O’s. 40 and 41 Grilles, 110/120 and 160/180 Some distributors, including 35-39 Super 8 Lots of voltage regulators, including 37-39 Super 8 and V12 Eight, Super 8 and V12 Waterpumps(35-39) Sidemount plates and locks NOS runningboard trim strips 41-180 runningboard insert trim New 39-120 Wiring Harness, complete. Overdrive solenoids, relays, etc. Gas tank senders, NOS. I’ll be happy to update my list as I pack...my spaces are GAF20-24, Very nearby the Packard Club Tent –spaces are listed under Robert Wotkowski.
  14. flackmaster

    41 packard 160 parts needed

    I also can help with all, including a nicely recast "K" wheel which I plan to bring to hershey if not sold prior. Please reach out to me directly, flackmaster at sbcglobal point net Thank you
  15. flackmaster

    water pump question 1937-38-39 Super Eight

    David - I also checked with a friend who has a 39 block in an earlier car and he reported using the waterpump as well as the harmonic balancer to have the belts align. A third alternative would be to have an impeller modified/crafted to utiilze your 38 pump, etc.