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  1. If that belt is a v type belt you might try someone selling Gates fractional horsepower (lawn mower ) or industrial belts. m-mman beat me to it. Dave
  2. You may find some info or leads here; http://www.scrippsboothregister.com/ScrippsBoothIndex.html
  3. Thanks for the info on the fluid. A friend gave me a vile of Sun manometer fluid and said it worked good in his gauge. I don't want to do it twice so I will get the correct fluid. Just curious does the .85 SG manometer fluid make it read low, high, or not at all? Thanks Dave
  4. You can get manometer fluid, try googling it. Dave
  5. About 1963 in the suburbs of Detroit my across the street neighbor was an air force vet who flew for GM and he drove a 61 Maroon Corvette. Most every year on his birthday he would buzz his house (and ours) with a P 51 Mustang or the company Convair. Different times. The builder next to him, also a decorated veteran, always drove Cadillac convertibles. The neighbor next to him had several vintage Cadillacs along with the usual. Most everyone worked or supplied the booming car industry. Dave
  6. In mine i have had to go through all of the joints and clevis pins in the system and replace with new. There was a lot of lost motion because of wear. Many others have had to remove the rivets and replace the bushings where the cross shaft rod turns. Keep lubing the cross shaft maybe you can free it up and it wont have too much play. Dave
  7. The arm on the cross shaft is adjustable but yours looks like it should work but may need to be moved a little. On my 29 the pedal moves the arm back and on my 31 it moves it forward. Maybe someone put the switch backwards. Not sure on your truck but you may be able to pull the floor board and watch the action or get a helper. I have been successful cleaning the contacts on those switches just go easy. Good luck Dave
  8. Nice car. Getting that radio in looks like a fun job! Great luck on the interior. Dave
  9. That is really nice work. I have been preparing and painting my 31 Chevy and can appreciate the hard work involved in such a great result. Dave
  10. Paul did an excellent job and it has been through many heat cycles. Dave
  11. My grandfather got this lathe around 1900 and it was old then. Not sure of it's use but my mother called it a jeweler's lathe but I don't see that. Notice one of the dogs is made from a piece of old gun barrel. He did not throw anything away. Movers managed to lose the tool rest.
  12. The rear wheels spin free when jacked up, opposite directions. With the u joint semi exposed I can spin a rear wheel and see part of the u joint moving. I am stuck now at removing the flywheel cover to inspect the clutch. I am in the middle of painting my 31 Chevy and it and all the pieces are in my lift bay which is where the Buick needs to go. I am also a little worried about oil and grease getting anywhere near the paint so the Buick is patiently waiting for me to sand my finger tips away. Getting close. Thanks Dave
  13. Thanks, Good reminder I am in the VCCA but I should probably put a print ad in the G&D rather than just the forum. Not everyone is online. Dayton might be able to build a new wheel using a good hub but it would be adjustable spokes and expensive. Dave
  14. Good lead on Dayton. Nothing they can do with the spoke issue but they are looking at photos of the hub bolt hole problem. thanks Dave
  15. Is there someone in the business of safely repairing wire wheels? Specifically 1929 Chevrolet wheels. I have two that have no rust and run true but one has a couple of broken/missing spokes and the other has 5 of the 6 hub bolt holes wallowed out from running loose or the wrong lug nuts. Has anyone done this type of repair themselves? I am searching for a better one but they are one year only and mid year option introduction so hard to find. Dave
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