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  1. I looked through my stuff and have not found one as yet. I would ask over here as well, it is a great Chevrolet forum; https://vccachat.org/ubbthreads.php/forums/26/1/parts-wanted.html
  2. James, 61-62 have a ridge down the center of the trunk so the hard top would need to have the right molding under the rear glass to fit. Dave
  3. I could not find anything on that coil in my Delco info but will post if I run across it. Dave
  4. I would say you do need a very good fitting screw driver and if the tube breaks in the carb you will need the extraction tools. I would be tempted to leave it alone since it sounds like it is sealing and would work on the other issues. There are some very good carb rebuilders who frequent this site; https://vccachat.org/. They have the knowledge, parts, and special tools needed if your carb needs more than an adjustment. Dave
  5. I would try the simple things first. The suggestion above by Jon would be first, then float level. The low speed jet has a long tube on it. Dave
  6. Generally you can put 1115 in front of the 430 (or other 3 digits) on the coil and get the GM or Delco part number on coils. Try putting 1115430 into goggle and see , I will try and find it in the morning. Dave
  7. This company offers great kits and has a good web site; http://www.thecarburetorshop.com, he is available Monday and Tuesday by phone. First thought is float adjustment. All gaskets should be replaced or confirmed good. Confirm the choke is fully opening. Did you remove the low speed jet? If so it may not be air tight. I believe the Carb shop has instructions on how you might be able to rework so you can reuse. The recommendation years ago was replace when parts were available. Dave
  8. Mike clearly stated it was not his listing in the title of the ad. By my observation ads not posted by members but are reposted are open season for input for those who have something to say. Both cars are interesting to look at but I am not a buyer. Dave
  9. Check on page 40, it looks like it may have been automatic. If not it would be on the right side pillar. Dave https://www.gmheritagecenter.com/docs/gm-heritage-archive/vehicle-information-kits/Chevrolet/1946-Chevrolet.pdf
  10. I think my filter should have the spring fitted into the groove in the nut. Also, I was wrong on what keeps the element off the bottom of the canister. There is a stop formed in the center tube that keeps the filter up. I must of been thinking of a later element. Dave
  11. The spring goes on top of the element which is over a steel tube centered in the canister. The lid goes over the spring and element and the bolt screws into the tube and hold it all together, hopefully without leaks. Dave
  12. I did not catch the bottom of the element but their are two pieces of thin metal that support the element. Your local NAPA has Wix in their boxes so that may be the easiest. I can take a picture of the AC element but they no longer make them. Dave