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  1. AC type number 405 was used from 29-33. They are out there as well as aftermarket pumps that work. The early ones has a fragile top cover and starting in 32 they used an air dome on one of the valve covers. Dave
  2. I don't think it is homemade, looks just like the attached Buick image. I googled 31 Buick images and most look just like it. Perhaps the 50 series looked like 32. I am not near the parts books but that would tell the story. Dave
  3. The one on my 31 60 series looks different than the one pictured. Mine is by passed. Is yours missing? Dave
  4. Kettering probably refers to Charles Kettering who founded Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company (Delco) and created the Delco ignition system among many other inventions.
  5. I believe Metro is right, The World's Fair, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, in St.Louis in 1904 had very similar looking buildings. The buildings must have been still standing for the picture in 1914. Dave
  6. A picture would be important. As said above I have a couple very old centers but don't have a clue what they came from. One alloy and one steel. Dave
  7. Hope this helps, 31 Buick excuse the mess Dave
  8. I found it; https://www.ply33.com/Repair/tempgauge
  9. Try to find the post by ply 33 that describes repairing a temp gauge. What I remember you buy a new gauge from a parts store, put the bulb in dry ice, and solder the line on to your tube. Lots of comments on how dangerous it might be but I would do it if needed. Dave
  10. It is a very personal choice but here is a photo of an original 24 Chevy wheel. They were painted black from the factory. The rims would have been cad plated. Dave
  11. All good suggestions. You might try pulling the choke out a little as you accelerate and see if it runs better. Like Old Buick said it may be lean past idle. Let us know. Dave
  12. If you bought another ACDelco they have a good free replacement period depending on the battery series. You could get a free replacement. Dave
  13. The battery may have been stuck somewhere in the supply chain and was damaged by sitting without being charged. Lots of other possibilities but I would bet on that one. Dave
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