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  1. I don't like body work and should have done it first. I am making slow progress on a 31 Chevy Cabriolet with one more door to da and finish up the body work. Dave
  2. GM probably had training centers in the 20's but all of the GM training centers I have visited were constructed in the early 50's to the 60's. As far as the certificates, the instructors would add in the specific info as to the date, tech, and course to a pre-printed certificate supplied from headquarters. I would guess that it would be very tough to find a blank to recreate what you are looking for but anything is possible. Do you know what city the training center was in? Dave
  3. The one on cardboard is 31-32 Chevy Cabriolet and maybe others, the one in the door is a 31 60 series Buick coupe.
  4. Last time I looked the Autolite Mexican production moved to China for their brand and ACDelco older applications. The plugs don't look the same as the Mexican or US manufactured plugs. Not sure who is making the UK plugs. Dave
  5. The S on the AC plug is an extended tip. The 5 is the heat range. If you think the 45s are too hot you could try a plug like AC R44 which would be 1+ heat range colder. ACDelco does not make many of the heat range selections they use to so you would have to find them nos. Dave
  6. Matt, Like the others I am glad you have started this again. I was learning a lot from the other posts you made and that continues with the new thread. Good luck and thanks Dave
  7. Dave39MD

    High idle

    I can't help but there is a Reatta forum down in the Buick section you might try asking there if you don't get any response here. Glad you are doing better! Dave
  8. Dave39MD

    Mice repellent

    If you can get use to seeing barn snakes they seem more motivated than my cats. The King snake is preferred to all others. Dave
  9. You are probably right, it was a massive open car but most cars are big to a ten year old. Thanks Dave
  10. When growing up in the outskirts of Detroit in the 60's a neighbor had a few very interesting Cadillac's. One was a large pre war open car which they described as an FDR parade car. Seems the last name of the owner was Barthet. Do you think it was an FDR car and is it still around? Thanks Dave
  11. I can't help but there are many 29 owners on the VCCA site. I looked through the parts book and don't see any special clips or locks but I would not want you to break anything. Ask here and see if there is something besides force you need to do; https://vccachat.org/ Dave
  12. Matt, Thanks for the information, hopefully the new owner can get it sorted so they can enjoy it. Dave
  13. Matt, It looks good to me but you must be talking past the skin deep part. Then again I bought a 40 Coupe out of a junk yard in high school and have always wanted to give it another try. Dave
  14. Not sure if these were in the CCCA or another part, I can email them if you want to use ;