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  1. marbeton

    1930 Plymouth 30U intake manifold

    Thanks for the message. If it is ok, without cracks and damage, I would be interested. You will be called in my name by a friend who lives in the US and you will agree to payment and shipping to him. Another transport to me will be arranged by him.
  2. marbeton

    1925 Chrysler 58 history

    Thank you for the information. My Fedco is a WC114E. It looks like my car was made about in the first week of September 1925.
  3. I search for the history of my car. According to FEDCO WC1 ... it was made in September 1925, but I do not know what day. In that month, the 58 types were produced that had FEDCO WC0 - WC9 and WH0 - WH6 assigned. Does not anyone know how many Chrysler four-cylinder cars made monthly? According to that, I could determine the probable day or the week of my car production. I've found that my car is the oldest Chrysler in my country. So I'm also interested in whether you know of a four-cylinder Chrysler that would be even older than my car after FEDCO. Chrysler has unfortunately not recorded records in its archives since 1930. Earlier, he does not. If anyone knew something,thank you for your information and help. Regards marbeton
  4. marbeton

    1930 Plymouth 30U intake manifold

    OK, my email is: thank you for pictures marbeton
  5. marbeton

    1930 Plymouth 30U intake manifold

    Thank you for the report, it's great to have it. There's a phone call to a friend who lives in the US because my English is not very good, and he'll talk to you all.
  6. Hi, I need intake manifold for 1930 Plymouth 30U. Have you it?
  7. marbeton

    1930 Plymouth 30U intake manifold

    I would like to buy intake manifold for the 1930 Plymouth 30U in good condition. My is cracked and irreparable. Can someone help me?I
  8. marbeton

    1930 Plymouth 30U Pistons

    Hi, I needed for 1930 Plymouth 30U, engine 196 pistons, piston rings and pins. The original has a diameter of 3 5/8 "and I would need a larger one of about 0.004". Do not you know where I could get them, or are they still producing? Thank you marbeton
  9. marbeton

    1925 Chrysler 58 exhaust silencer

    Thanks for the offer, but according to the original plan the exhaust muffler should be "straight through".
  10. marbeton

    1925 Chrysler 58 exhaust silencer

    Thanks to all for your help. My neighbor is renovating the 1930s Plymouth 30U and he could have an old muffler as a pattern to make him the original one. The plan and the video helped me a lot, but according to the original pictures, the muffler is probably "straight through" .
  11. marbeton

    1925 Chrysler 58 exhaust silencer

    Unfortunately, in my country there are light trucks on diesel only and there is a exhaust silencer inside a definitely different design than the gasoline engine. Thank you marbeton
  12. marbeton

    Vac tank for 1926 Chry

    On my 1925 Chrysler 58 is Stewart vacuum tank No. 122-P. Is it the right typ for my car? Have you in your Stewart literatur something about it? Thank you marbeton
  13. HI, I have to make an exhaust silencer on my 1925 Chrysler 58 with a 4 cylinder 185 cui engine. The original has not survived at all and I do not know how to do the inner part. Partitions, inner tubes with holes, or otherwise. Does anyone have a photo or a plan, how can I do that? Thank you marbeton
  14. marbeton

    1925 Chrysler gas tank cap

    The picture is still my original cap before I lost it. Would you like that? The dimensions of the thread are on the next photo.
  15. marbeton

    1925 Chrysler gas tank cap

    Yes, and that would be possible, but I want to have the car in its original condition as it came out of the factory. Meanwhile, I made a metal cap to have the tank closed, but I'd like to get the original cap.