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  1. Yeah on the gear box front I don’t find my 29 too difficult just take your time but then again as I’m in the Farming game I have been driving some not so user friendly equipment since I was pretty young.
  2. I have a 29 Chrysler 65 Sedan it does have a manual advance and retard lever on top of the steering wheel but only needs to be used if starting by crank handle(no Thanks). We have only just done a engine rebuild so I’m not pushing it yet but by the feeling of it 45-50mph should be comfortable when run in. As for handling I have been pleasantly surprised it handles and stops beautifully. There is no synchro but gear changes are easy and once in top you rarely need to change as the motor has a lot of power. The model 62 was the fore runner of the 65 I would imagine if it is well sorted and genui
  3. Hi there I have been away for a few days in the mountains, bad mobile coverage but beautiful area hence the slow reply. So basically the bottom insert piece is what I did the plans of. I dismantled it to better understand the construction. It fits between the windscreen posts/uprights and on those plans I have marked the screw holes that attach it to the uprights. The top frame of the insert runs parallel to the bottom of the windscreen glass and should have a rubber for sealing between it and glass. As for the windscreen glass it only has a frame that runs along the top and the two sid
  4. I haven’t got that far on my car but I would I see they are just bushes and a thrust bearing. As for the bushes I would imagine it it just a matter of pressing them out and either finding a match or machining some new ones and pressing in,sounds easy when said quickly🙄🤣. Not sure if anyone does kingpin sets for these cars but would make life easier and I’m not sure on availability of the thrust bearing, might be a bit of a PITA. Good luck will be interesting to see what others say.
  5. Not sure if there is much difference between the 72 and the 75 but here is the diagram out of the manual for my 75. I’m sure you’re probably already on the look out for a manual for you car, definitely worth while. They do come up from time to time and shouldn’t be too dear Cheers Ben
  6. I Though this might help as well, I just traced the side piece on to a piece of A4 not sure if it will come out at the right scale at your end but worth a try. Cheers Ben
  7. Here’s a few more photos to help explain the construction
  8. Here is my drawing of the bottom part of the windscreen and yes I never majored in technical drawing😄. Hopefully this helps and more photos to follow. Cheers Ben
  9. Thanks for that Bill and yeah at this stage our club is planing their 60th Anniversary Rally in August. Hopefully everything holds together and we can run it although it will be a slightly different format as to what we were planning last year. Cheers Ben
  10. Yeah I was thinking about it a bit last night and over the weekend I will try and do some drawings with dimensions etc, I think I may have missed a few important aspects when taking the photos. Just be patient it may take me a day or two to get back to you
  11. Yeah when I was having a close look at it I thought this would be fun to make🙄Best of luck
  12. Here’s a few photos hopefully they are fairly self explanatory the metal sheet insert is pretty heavy say 2-3mm thick.
  13. The one on my cowl is metal channel with sheet metal insert I will get you some photos in a couple of hours when the sun has risen and I’m over near the shed where it is stored. Cheers Ben
  14. We have had a set of metrinch sockets for a long time now they work well. I tend to use my other correct size sockets but the metrinch or single hex sockets tend to work better when dealing with chewed around nuts or bolts. They definitely were not a cheap item when Dad purchased them year’s ago, as I remember being a teenager at the time and getting a lecture about not loosing any.
  15. Yeah I’m not sure if they typically had the divided windshield or not as I have seen both. I have been told that on the 1929 75 model that many Aussie ones were single piece non folding but have been change at a later date (At restoration)to more in like the USA. I’m very new to this early Chrysler stuff and I’m having great fun 🙄figuring out how the body on my 75 is supposed to be as it has been messed with so much by previous owners but at least the mechanicals are altogether and pretty straight forward
  16. Keiser31 explanation is pretty much how I understood it. This along with the fedco plate And engine no. helped me identify the remains I found a few years ago. Unfortunately I never found the chassis as I was thinking it could have made a good speedster. I have kept the Parts and some will help in the resto of my 75 I have (mechanicals). If you would like some measurements let me know. Cheers Ben
  17. Looks similar to what’s on my Chrysler 75, I’m actually looking for the correct lights for it but until I find them I’m not parting with what I have, plus I’m in Australia so maybe a little far away
  18. Ah that really sucks back in 2017 I was only 36 at the time and got a huge dose of shingles I was very limited in what I could do. All the same symptoms as what you have described, a good many times I thought I was going alright and I could go to the shed and tinker only to get there (50metres away) and feel exhausted I would need to sit a while before returning to the house for a good rest. I hate to say it but it could a good while before you are really well, I found it a good while before I could do a lot(3 months) by 12 months I was going pretty well. I’m going real well now but still nee
  19. That would be great Bill as I’m thinking I really need to have a good look at one in the flesh otherwise I will stuff something up. How’s your project/projects coming along. Cheers Ben
  20. Oh how I wish some of these cars were in Australia I would pay $200 for that in a blink. But it’s not in Australia so I probably shouldn’t comment on values as I understand they are very different over there compared to here, you may be better to ask on The Veteran and Vintage Chevrolet club of America site. Best of luck
  21. It’s probably a silly idea but that’s nothing new for me. I’m about to start building my Chrysler 75 roadster but a few measurements would definitely help. My car has had the ute treatment at some point but now I have found some rear quarter panels I think I can graft into what’s on the car and make them work. If someone is able to help me out with the dimensions of the two dickey seat lids and the beaver panel that would help greatly. Thanks for any assistance in advance cheers Ben
  22. This is my preferred method of river crossing 🙄🤣
  23. Thanks Matt yeah Dads DA Roadster is working hard at 80kph I’m guessing it got a real low diff in it we need to do more investigation in to it. Cheers Ben
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