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  1. Hi there I may have a couple of those brackets if you are still chasing them. I will check later Cheers Ben
  2. Here is what is listed in the parts list that I have. I don’t own a 1925 Chev but own a couple of 26’s and 27’s I know there are quite a few differences but the both 26 and 27 use a thrust washer that have 1 or 2 screws that retain both is at the cam. They definitely don’t end up with 1inch end play.
  3. Yeah not sure of my rpm at 50mph or what the redline is. My fuel consumption is around the 18-20mpg but I’m very lucky to be running a rebuilt Stromberg U2 that I picked up at a swap meet for 50AUD.
  4. That’s great info and I’m writing it in the manual for my Chrysler for future reference, thanks for sharing. cheers Ben
  5. 🤔 hmmm interesting now I’m wondering if it is the same on the 29 model 65’s as I know I went through a few dramas locating a clutch plate for mine. Thanks for the info
  6. Yeah it would really help to know which 1928 model the OP is talking about. That said my 29 model 65 sedan(lowest ratio) seems happy at 45-50 mph and a friend just up the road from me has one that he has had on the road for the last 40+ years and he cruises everywhere and has never had any major engine issues. As far as stopping goes I find my one stops really well but then again I’m use to driving cars with rear wheel brakes. Overdrive vs taller diff ratio probably depends on how keen you are on originality and what sort of driving you are doing. If you are mainly driving on the flats with no major hills etc the taller diff ratio would probably be fine but if you are up and down hills a lot a separate overdrive box is great as you can split gears as well effectively giving you a six speed. I’m not sure of the ratio of the Volvo box but you also need to mindful not to go too tall as the motor will run out of legs. Personally on my Chrysler 65 I don’t see any need for a higher diff ( too many hills here) and no real need for an overdrive as at 50mph I’m happy.
  7. Great info and not wanting to hijack this thread but my Chrysler 75 Roadster that I’m about to start restoring has fixed windscreen posts! It may have been changed at some point in its life some have said otherwise and that it is probably a local body, who knows? Unfortunately it has also had the ute treatment but definitely started life as a roadster. Anyway here’s a picture
  8. I find this conversation about ignorance even funnier today after going shopping for a new sound system for my 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser ute and being told that I should talk to the wreckers as “We definitely wouldn’t have anything to suit something that old.” 🙄 This comment actually made me very angry as this ute has cost my business less money in the last 30 years then our newer Landcruiser has in the last 5 years. I told the bloke it’s only a 30 year old vehicle not 90 like my other ones he was still sitting there with his mouth open catching flies as I walked out heading for a different store.
  9. Here in a Australia I think there could be a good number of 1930 Chrysler 66 Tourers that have survived, I now of at least 3 that have been for sale over the last few years and another in a shed nearby, so likely more are about. Open cars seemed to have stayed popular here longer then many places, must be the great weather we have here 🙄😁. However I do know on hot days I would much rather be in a Tourer then my Sedan. On another note all the photos and info in this thread has been great, it has given a few ideas for my roadster project that I’m about to kick off. Thanks
  10. Back on topic well sort of anyway that Dilbert comic reminds me of a conversation I had with my 10 year old daughter not long ago. I was reading an add for a project car and was having a chuckle at how the add finished with “tyre kickers and time wasters welcome” When I read this to my daughter she was laughing too but more then me! I asked why it was soo funny and her reply was “aren’t you all time wasters you know you fix the car, you drive the car a little then you have to fix it again why don’t you just buy a new one?” I had a good laugh too then. Oh and she knew exactly what she said as she had a little twinkle in her eye that said Oh this will wind dad up🤣🤣
  11. Hey that’s really great info, I’m pretty new to the Chrysler game so I’m on a bit of a learning curve too. I find your comments on all 75’s to be fully imported Interesting as I have been let to believe otherwise but as I say I’m still learning and happy to be Corrected. If they were all imported do you know if all the Roadsters had folding windscreen post or were some fixed posts. Any info is appreciated. Cheers Ben
  12. I just had another thought if you have a look over in the Dodge forum the is the restoration of a victory 6 roadster and there are some great photos of the hood irons etc Matt has done a great job on them. Your car will use a very similar principle. Cheers Ben
  13. No problems I believe I also have the mounting bracket for at least one side front(windscreen post) and back(just behind the door). I’m going to use these irons as pattens for my 75 roadster as when I have tried them the appear to work. Anyway photos and measurements etc to follow in a weeks time.
  14. As I see that you have been inundated with responses🙄😁 I do have some hood irons and other hardware (No timber left)from the 72 sports roadster remains that we pick up, but I’m a bit tied up at the moment harvesting soy. So if photos and measurements are of interest to you let me know and I will see what I can do but nothing will happen until late next week. Cheers Ben
  15. For my 29 Chrysler 65 sedan I got mine from vintagecarparts.co.uk they work well. These guys ship all over the world I was probably lucky as I ordered them when the Aussie dollar was strong
  16. Not all that unusual but I’m sure it’s nice and toxic this old fire extinguisher under the seat of my 1926 Chev
  17. Wow and I thought NSW was a PITA but it appears that they are not so bad just make sure it has a engine and chassis no, have proof of ownership, get a blue slip( initial RWC and chassis no check etc) and away you go. NSW has very little in the way of records which is a pain if you are trying to research the history of a car even if you know what the rego no used to be. But kinda good as they can’t hold you up on those terms either🙄😁. It’s funny I’m kinda glad I’m in NSW at the moment either that or I have Stockholm syndrome 🤣.
  18. Yeah on the gear box front I don’t find my 29 too difficult just take your time but then again as I’m in the Farming game I have been driving some not so user friendly equipment since I was pretty young.
  19. I have a 29 Chrysler 65 Sedan it does have a manual advance and retard lever on top of the steering wheel but only needs to be used if starting by crank handle(no Thanks). We have only just done a engine rebuild so I’m not pushing it yet but by the feeling of it 45-50mph should be comfortable when run in. As for handling I have been pleasantly surprised it handles and stops beautifully. There is no synchro but gear changes are easy and once in top you rarely need to change as the motor has a lot of power. The model 62 was the fore runner of the 65 I would imagine if it is well sorted and genuinely has a red head it should have similar stick to my 65 maybe even better with a lighter body style.
  20. Hi there I have been away for a few days in the mountains, bad mobile coverage but beautiful area hence the slow reply. So basically the bottom insert piece is what I did the plans of. I dismantled it to better understand the construction. It fits between the windscreen posts/uprights and on those plans I have marked the screw holes that attach it to the uprights. The top frame of the insert runs parallel to the bottom of the windscreen glass and should have a rubber for sealing between it and glass. As for the windscreen glass it only has a frame that runs along the top and the two sides and secured to the windscreen post at two points. I will include a couple of photos of the windscreen posts these should be able to fold forward enabling the windscreen to fold flat so you can go really fast😁. Hopefully I make sense and have answered your question as I wasn’t totally clear as to what you were asking. cheers Ben
  21. I haven’t got that far on my car but I would I see they are just bushes and a thrust bearing. As for the bushes I would imagine it it just a matter of pressing them out and either finding a match or machining some new ones and pressing in,sounds easy when said quickly🙄🤣. Not sure if anyone does kingpin sets for these cars but would make life easier and I’m not sure on availability of the thrust bearing, might be a bit of a PITA. Good luck will be interesting to see what others say.
  22. Not sure if there is much difference between the 72 and the 75 but here is the diagram out of the manual for my 75. I’m sure you’re probably already on the look out for a manual for you car, definitely worth while. They do come up from time to time and shouldn’t be too dear Cheers Ben
  23. I Though this might help as well, I just traced the side piece on to a piece of A4 not sure if it will come out at the right scale at your end but worth a try. Cheers Ben
  24. Here’s a few more photos to help explain the construction
  25. Here is my drawing of the bottom part of the windscreen and yes I never majored in technical drawing😄. Hopefully this helps and more photos to follow. Cheers Ben
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