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  1. Thanks Jari appreciate your comments. peter Johnson put me onto this frame material and we got it from Brass works here in Melbourne. I put it through some adjustable rollers and it forms to the shape you want really easily. I have an old piece here I take a picture for you. I braised the bottom 2 corners.
  2. Ron’s been busy making parts again. 👍👌 New crank hole cover for Terry Making wind screen post rubber gasket for a D B 2249 Senior Phaeton,( Tourer in Ozz) Edges chamfered Bottom of block ground to shape of the cowl All of this was done on this gizzmo All finished Now to Post them off the Anthony akka gundog I experimented with recessing the second one by using the milling machine Worked great much more control over the Dremil Hole cut with hole saw marked and recessed with a Dremil
  3. Thanks fellas I’ll see what this Vimports can find for me and go from there. I’m sure I’ll get it done some how. Probably take till the dead of winter when it will be to cold to take it out. 😂 My brother is coming to visit soon and I wanted to have it finished so he can take it for a drive.
  4. Yer mate I didn’t think it would be that difficult. The problem I have is I have no proof of anything other than buying it out of a paddock. They have no record of the chassis number. It could well of been parked up for 50-60 years for all we know. I’m not sure how far back their records go.
  5. Well no luck getting registered today but had a great 2 & 1/2 hour drive in the old girl. Everything went pretty well. Dropped the oil out of it when I got back and put a slightly heavier weight oil in it. My oil pressure was a bit low once it was at full temp. After another bit of a run it’s at around 30 cruising at about 85kph. So happier with that. Vic roads have no record of my chassis number ever being registered so I have to do a bit of searching and contact Vic imports or get an engineer certificate to say it’s compliant with Australian standards of 1929 , what ever they were
  6. Haha yer sure does , always in the back of your mind something going wrong after you completely rebuild a car.
  7. So I got the RWC ok today but it seems like getting a car registered in Victoria at the moment is almost impossible unless you choose to wait about 3 weeks for an appointment. They don’t answer the phone you just get a message saying how busy they are and go to their website and then you get disconnected. How bloody ridiculous!!!! Ill try in the morning by just going there but I don’t like my chances. Bit disappointing but I’ll get to drive up to Warragul about 45min away. I was having a bit of an idling problem but Dodgy Pete pointed me straight in the right direction and said clea
  8. I hope I can do as nice of a job as the wood work. Have to be the nicest bit of timber body work I’ve ever seen Rich it’s a real credit to you. 👌
  9. Hahah!! thanks absolutely , I have some seat belts I’m going to put in it just for safety sake. But I’ll put them in after it’s registered as it will cause way to many problems with them not being original. They came with proper anchor points and everything so they will be a good addition. I got 4 lap belts for it.
  10. Thanks Terry it’s been a joy to do it all. Im sure yours will come out just as well mate. There’s definitely something about bringing an old rusty wreck back to life.
  11. Had a pretty progressive day on the roadster today. Got the seat all finished and I’m pretty happy with it. I’ll wait for a sunny day and let the seats warm up out there to smooth them out so thought I better get an unregistered vehicle permit and take for a decent burn up the road. But first had to take the grandkids for a ride in the dicky seat around the yard. Took it for a run down the highway with my son and she drives so smoothly I was actually surprised how nice it was at highway speed. The overdrive is a great addition to these old girls. Just let’s them run at a much bette
  12. Got my seat frame ready for upholstery today. What a pain it is making them. So many little parts, I made it as close to the original as I could. Started covering it this afternoon and hopefully I’ll get some more done tomorrow. my old one I had to copy. Lucky to have enough to go by. The new one finally finished. Hopefully my leather work on this will be a bit better than my base. Hasn’t got those round ends so hopefully be ok. Trying to get the padding right and I might put a bit of lumber support in there before I cover it. The roadster seems to be a much better d
  13. Thanks for the info John. Hopefully someone in the club can pin stripe it for us. Doing all that is out of my league. The wheels are pretty easy I find on the turn table. That tape sounds like a good idea I’ve seen a similar thing on YouTube. I did a bit of a pin stripe on it today but it wasn’t good enough I thought. An old sign writer mate of mine came down and had a look and told me to keep going but nah don’t think so.
  14. Thanks Bullfrog that will give us a great guide to go by. It looks good and almost identical colour to docs dodge. leave those pinstripes to the experts I think.
  15. Thanks fellas it looks to be on the round part of the bead doesn’t it. I wonder how the pin stripe finished on the cowl, being that It completely leaves the edge of the bead. It must just curve around in the middle to a point.
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