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  1. Mattml430

    Balancing 4cyl engine

    Thanks for all that detail Bloo it’s all great help in tackling this. What you have said is what I was planning to do. Other than doing a view things separately, which make good sense. I will I’ll do that Rich when I’m pulling it apart. I’ll drop the box and clutch off first and run it. The vibration is the same even when free reving it so that’s a good idea. I should shoot down to your place and go for a drive with you and compare.
  2. Mattml430

    Balancing 4cyl engine

    These engines don’t have a harmonic balancer. You can see here in the photo it’s a chain sprocket and timing gear. I’m not 100% but I think someone told me the D engine had the 5 main bearings is that correct?
  3. Mattml430

    Balancing 4cyl engine

    Thanks fellas that’s all very helpful. I understand these old girls have a vibration at certain rev ranges but mine is terrible through most of it. I was going to balance everything myself except the crank , flywheel and front gear. I was going to send that away to a old fella near me. I’ll read all the info on that site and learn a bit more about. Thank you.
  4. Mattml430

    Balancing 4cyl engine

    So I’m about to remove the engine in my 27 and balance it. Its a D series engine, and doesn’t smoke or burn oil. Runs really nicely but just has a bad vibration at certain rpm. Is there any tips or tricks you can advise my on tackling this job. Pulled many engines apart but not an old dodge to balance it. Appreciate any help in advance.
  5. Mattml430

    Spare Wheel Carrier - Disc Wheel 1925 Dodge

    Inside support
  6. Mattml430

    Spare Wheel Carrier - Disc Wheel 1925 Dodge

    Outside mount.
  7. Mattml430

    Spare Wheel Carrier - Disc Wheel 1925 Dodge

    Here is a couple of pics of the mounting for that bracket.
  8. Mattml430

    Spare Wheel Carrier - Disc Wheel 1925 Dodge

    Here’s some pics and measurements. I seem to be having issues uploading the pictures. Across the base mounts it measures 405mm to the outside. From the base diagonally across to the top mount is Approximately 480mm to hole centres. I’ll try reload the pics if not pm me and I’ll email them to you. Not sure where you are but I’m in Melbourne.
  9. Mattml430

    Spare Wheel Carrier - Disc Wheel 1925 Dodge

    I have a bracket and 5 x 21” wheels and new tyres. I replaced mine with spoke wheels. I’ll take a photo of it today with some measurements.
  10. Mattml430

    Oil pressure

    Yes that’s correct that’s the one. It looks like it had an aluminium washer there. I left it as it was and no oil leak before but I’ll have a look this morning it may of created a leak.
  11. Mattml430

    Oil pressure

    So in a previous thread we were talking about oil pressure and it was suggested mine was to high. Was running up around 60-75 cold and sat around 50 when travelling along warmed up. I changed the oil to a lighter weight with no real change in the pressure. Not totally familiar with these old girls yet and a lot to learn I turned to the book of information looking for a pressure relief valve somewhere. I knew where the 4 cylinder one was but not the 6. So once I found it I wound it back a little took it up to 20mph and eventually got it to sit right on 30psi after a few attempts. Sits on around 15 at idle and up to around 45 up in the higher rev range. I hope there has been no damage done driving it around with oil pressure that high as that’s how it was when I got it. I actually think it’s running a bit nicer but could be my imagination. Just want to say thanks for pointing me in the rite direction.
  12. I Have a D938-120 engine in my 27 sedan. Very close to yours. I used a timing light and the marks on the fly wheel to get it close and then just tweaked it from there. It is the engine I’m going to pull apart shortly and balance. It runs nice but the vibration makes it horrible.
  13. Mattml430

    DB and Ford

    It’s a great story isn’t it.
  14. Mattml430

    DodgeBrother emblem on jackets

    Looks great, she’s done a brilliant job.
  15. Mattml430

    Trailer build thread

    They might be better if you do them in satin black. They would definitely loose a bit of strength cutting the sides out of them. But if they are attached we’ll enough to the trailer sides it wouldn’t matter.