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  1. You’ve been pretty busy though by the looks of all that. You do a much nicer job than me mate. That’s a shame about that handle they seemed to be perfect didn’t they. We might be able to tig weld it. I’m not sure about that stuff it will probably just blow apart. what if you drill it out an put a pin in it. She’s looking perfect mate 👌 Even the screw police will be happy with all that. 😂
  2. She’s all back together and everything is working again. Pretty bloody happy to have all done. I’ll get to the luggage trunk done during the week but at least the car is finished.
  3. She’s looking beautiful Rich. 👌 Bonnet???? I know it’s been painted 😂
  4. Definitely, that was like me spending a whole day polishing and Nickle plating 2 left hand side cowl lights. 🙄
  5. What about if you just glue the leather straight to it Ron and then run a bit of piping across the front edge.
  6. Ron’s been busy on the upholstery for above the dashboard. Got the bugger cut out and glued the two of them together Now for some covering Got the leather glued onto the front edge Now I have to tack it in then spray the front edge with glue and then tack it on The reason I am doing it this way is the first lot of tacks will be hidden Fingers crossed that it works Hope the rest of this is not as hard on the fingers
  7. Got the colour on today and all the repairs are done except the luggage box. Very happy to have that dint out of it. Give it all a polish tomorrow with the wind here at the moment I got a fair bit of shit in it but it will all polish out.
  8. Got stuck into the repairs today and managed to get the luggage rack all back as good as new. Took a fair bit of work but I didn’t want to waste it without trying to straighten it. I already had some mounting brackets made so that was lucky. After 3 hours of masking it all up I got the rear panel straightened out. It came out remarkably well with no major stretching of the steel thankfully.
  9. Cheers Terry appreciate it mate. How’s your holiday going?
  10. Well I feel like I’ve gone back in time by 3 or 4 months. Got the approval to start on it today. I’ll get started on all the panel and paint work tomorrow.
  11. Yes I have a small home plating kit for Nickle and copper. I reckon it has saved me thousands of dollars. It’s so handy not having to send anything out and getting bits lost. still working on the whitewalls Doug 😂
  12. Well I thought while I’m waiting for the ok to get started on my repairs the roadster needed some more bright work on it. 😁 with the generosity of some of the guys on this forum I was able to finish of my cowl lights to be used as fog lights mounted of the front bumper. Derek was very kind and sent me a heap of parts, some which were better than I had. I’ve been able to replace my headlight bezel with a better one, fix my fog lights and replace my klaxon horn. . Ron sent me some bumper mounting brackets which worked out perfect for the fogs. Sasha39 (Alex) sent me a little dodge badge that I put onto my oil can that I have also refurbished. It had a few leaks and needed soldering. I’m going to mount it on the fire wall. Thanks heaps fellas for your generous gifts I’ll take good care of them until someone else gets the job. ohh yes I also have a beautiful spare left hand cowl light ready for my next victory 😂
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