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  1. Hi Tom they are the victory 6 bumperettes. The roadster has a full width bumper but I’m not going to part with that.
  2. It’s missing the bottom tank. I’m going to see if I can swap the top and bottom tank of mine and use the core as it’s in really good condition.
  3. That’s pretty cool I’ve been looking out for a dodge sign for the shed. At the clearing sale a Golden Fleece sign went for over $30,000. They’re getting very collectible the old signs.
  4. No I don’t think it’s for the victory. Probably a DA or standard six because it has the smaller male screw top. The victory has the large female thread.
  5. Thanks Ron, I just sprayed a bit of lube in there to let them slide in nicely. Once I have them all hooked up after the chassis is painted I will probably put fluid in then. That’s still a bit away yet though. How’s yours coming along?
  6. After receiving my new brake parts I got them all assembled back together today after work. Also made a start on the master cylinder and got it all pulled apart and ready for rebuilding.
  7. This is the numbers of the one from the clearing sale and also the grey one is out of the roadster. what is the difference between them, is it the gearing?
  8. I got this cover with some stuff I bought so if anyone needs it make me an offer and I can post it. I’ve sandblasted it and painted it satin black so it’s ready to put on. In perfect condition. I think it’s for an 8cylinder please correct me if I’m wrong.
  9. Yes as soon as this stuff comes up you have to grab it even if you don’t need it. It may help someone else one day and it saves if from the scrap metal guys that go to clearing sales. The poor old fella had his license taken off him and I think his family had talked him in to getting rid of a lot of stuff. A bit sad really. I’ve steam cleaned it all and put it all away until they probably take my license and my kids have a clearing sale. Hahaha. Hopefully that’s a few restorations away yet.
  10. I got a second hand electroplating kit yesterday to do all my small parts in nickel plating. I was amazed how quick and easy it was to do, once I got my head around the sequence and technique of doing it. I tried it out on the headlight nut and after cleaning it up i nickeled it first then copper coated it after that. Polished the copper to a mirror finish and the nickeled it again. very impressed with the finish but I should of prepared the nut a little better but it was just to test it out so I may redo it yet.
  11. Picked up a few bargains today at a local clearing sale. got 2, 6cyl engine blocks one almost complete, 3 radiator surrounds, gearbox from a 29, a reasonably good radiator, victory 6 rear bumpers and 3 or 4 , 6 cylinder manifolds. All for $225 which is pretty cheap for all that.
  12. Made some good progress with all my brakes today. Got them completely disassembled sand blasted and ready for paint. I gave all the brake cylinders a light hone and they are in amazing condition. I have new kits coming for them and I’ll have them all back together after some paint. Machined all my drums So the brakes will be as good as new. Outer Axle bearings in the diff are as good as new also. I think this was a well serviced car in its day.
  13. There’s nothing like pulling apart a rusty old car to find some brand new brake linings and a new clutch. I was pretty happy with that. The front right lining still has an ink stamp on it. Kinda makes you wonder what happened for it to have near new brakes and clutch and then be parked up and left in a shed or paddock.
  14. I’ll see how they are sitting once I do all the bushes and remove the extra leafs in the rear. I’m a bit hesitant getting them reset or a new set. The old girls ride so nice over the bumps just they way they are. I will definitely check them of all the info supplied thanks fellas.