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  1. Looks like it went for $6000 that’s pretty cheap I would think.
  2. No but it looks pretty good. Will be interesting to see what it goes for.
  3. The back section and corner is looking good mate.
  4. Are you making patterns or plans as you go or would all the bodies be a little bit different?
  5. It’s looking fabulous Rich. So much work getting that rite.
  6. Makes good sense, just keep it greased up a bit.
  7. Good stuff John. You would think it’s not the same car it was a week ago hey!! The difference is huge isn’t it. How did you go with the front mount? its definitely worth the effort.
  8. Also John when you go to put your floor back in just make sure there is enough clearance around the top of the gearbox. I originally made my floors to fit tight and after the rubber mounts it started to squeak. So I had to take them out and allow a little more clearance.
  9. The difference is amazing, so much nicer to drive.
  10. That’s where my 4 cylinder block cracked and was also deemed to be unrepairable.
  11. Metaltex in Dandenong just did an Izusu head for me with great success. It had 3 cracks. Depends where the crack is in the block doesn’t it.
  12. The guy I got my fast four engine of had a 6 cylinder block, I would of grabbed it if I had the room. I will see if I can find out if he still has it.
  13. It’s a dodge Dodge Victory 6 they had 19” wheels.