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  1. That is just beautiful work you should be very proud of that. How many hours work went into doing it all, or did you not want to know. Haha. Its just amazing.
  2. Once the axle retainer is undone the axle should just pull out. I would still pull all the bearings and inspect them. My axle bearings looked ok but the cups had some pitting almost as if they hadn’t turned for many years. The pitting was the same spacing as the rollers. All my carrier bearings were toast.
  3. You need to use automotive paints not house paint. A good automotive paint shop if they want to take the time can give you a list of the colours and grams to make your colour match. I highly doubt you will get a colour code for your car unless you can match it close enough from a colour swatch booklet .
  4. All you can really do is go to a good paint shop and get them to eye match it.
  5. Ho reely cars as longe as wee get thu gist. I cant spell for shit but I’ve managed to get this far in life. Lol
  6. I used a scribe to mark how much I wanted off and cut and linished it perfectly to the line. I then mounted it in the vice and checked each blade was within a millimeter front to back & side to side with a stationary steel rule. I use to balance mower blades on a cone balancer but don’t have that anymore. It would of been perfect for the job. It spins perfectly on the engine when you shine a torch light on it. The amount it could be out of balance with what I cut off would be very minimal but more then possibly out a fraction or two. Looks and seems to spin very nicely.
  7. Sticking with the original rear end would probably be more cost affective. You could run into unexpected expense changing it to something else. Nothing like that ever goes smoothly. Lol
  8. I got my new fan fitted today and it bolted straight on with a small enlargement of the centre hole. It was almost twice as loud as the original fan so off it came immediately. I cut 1/4” off the trailing edge to give a little more clearance to the belt and then pressed out some of the pitch in the blades. It’s now very quiet but still pulling enough air at idle. Actually looks ok in there too. At least there’s no risk of cracked blades anymore.
  9. Your is different to mine but my bearings alone were a touch under $900. Pray that it comes apart ok. I think with mine the front bearing collapsing caused the bulk of my grief. Good idea to do it all at the same time.
  10. Yer don’t they!! They might know somebody that knows somebody. They do some great kits.
  11. You may of already come across these pics. They are a little older but let’s you see with the body off.
  12. Might be worth contacting these guys to see if they can point you in the rite direction.
  13. Well done she has come up very nice. Got anymore pictures for us.
  14. I’ve just bought one of these fans. Hopefully it will be a little quieter and hopefully look ok. It’s a little unorthodox looking but rather that, then watching it fly through the bonnet. Maybe up sizing the top pulley would cut a bit of noise out. It looks like it’s about 3:1 on mine any wonder it’s noisey.
  15. To be honest I think I would of done the same if I knew about the little buggers. When I saw the oil coming out I had a look in the other diff housing and saw them. I’ll see how my little felt bandaids go and if they leak I’ll end up pulling it out again and weld them up.