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  1. I have a 1938 Canadian Dodge D10. Great car.
  2. You could put the tyres in the centre seat and say you are being proactive on social distancing .
  3. Matt, What type of intake manifold are you using?
  4. Here are a few more shots of the car if you are interested I can send some of the inside.
  5. I purchased my Victory 6 in 1987. It took me another 10 years to restore it due to work and family. It is a mid 1928 131 series with the 21 inch wheels. I still enjoy driving the car. This picture was taken 2 years ago at a car meet in BC, Canada.
  6. Matt, I have been following this post from the start and I have to admire your attention to detail. These are truly a fantastic car and way ahead of their time. Truly inspiring.
  7. It is great to see the progress on this car and that man and machine are together.
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