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  1. That'll work! As long as you have multiple anodes along the length, that was my main concern. You'll find a way to make it work mate, you always do!
  2. Give it a crack Matt. Worse case is, it doesn't work and you've gotta send the big stuff out... You really make a huge saving doing the small stuff. I really like having control of the quality as well after paying for some crappy plating previously. As long as you have the solution circulating enough it should work I reckon.
  3. Yeah I've done one bit of pot metal on an autoreelite. My kit is a triple chrome kit so has a flash copper and a copper plating tank, so I do both of them before the nickel. The pot metal came up well, but you've gotta be real careful when you dip it in the caustic cleaning bath, as it just chews it up in no time! I actually wrecked one as I chucked it in and walked away and left it, came back and it was shagged! Luckily I had a spare. The copper coating allows you to fill some of the pitting that old pot metal generally has.
  4. Looking fantastic Matt! Brilliant idea with the hand held English wheel and your plating is looking great! You're right in your comment about getting everything clean with the plating kit, I didn't realise how clean "clean" was until I got my plating kit up and running. Every finger print shows up etc. Good practice for coronavirus hygene!
  5. Fantastic mate! Looking good!
  6. This is awesome Matt! Nickle plating kit will be the best money you've spent, takes a while but very rewarding work. Car's looking great mate! I'll be back to keep up to date!