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  1. Hi Bob. Thanks for that. Very quick replay. Yes both bolts missing and one broken off. I thought about looking at the other engine i had in the garaqe and discovered those bolts. Amazing, they are not a standards size squares, but managed to get them out with a 7/16" open ender. Got the sump off in the end but I should have removed the oil pump first, which was a little awkward hanging onto the sump as well. The block was full of black sludge. Yuck what a mess. All looks well otherwise but I am going to Plastiguage the bearings anyway. Most modern engines have about 1 thou" clearance. What should I expect with this engine? Lots of work to be done. repair front guards. Make up new hood stays and make new hood. I have been advised the 24" tyres are hugely expensive and have sometimes been replaced with 21". Mine has been a 4 seater, cut down into a flat deck truck, and 21" wheels fitted to the rear. What are the prices and availability of tyres over there. 525x21 and 5.00 x 24. Dereck PS My other automotive interest is Norton Commando's.
  2. Hi. i have just joined this forum and hoping for some advice on the above engine. I have owned this car for a long time [ in New Zealand ]and now I have retired have started to finish off the restoration. I have never had it running so want to remove the sump to check the crank and bearings. There are 2 holes at the rear of the sump on front cover for the flywheel [ it has been soldered to the sump ] where I suspect there are 2 bolts or screws. Very hard to tell, but with all visible bolts loose, the sump is free all around except at the rear. Can someone verify that and let me know what they are, or suggest where I can get this information. many thanks
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