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  1. I'll make a packer for it - someone who wants it, send me an address, and I'll see what it will cost. Willy
  2. Came across a bent - up, beat - up radiator shroud, and wondered if anyone had any need for it. Free, but pay for the shipping. I'm in northwest Montana. No response in a couple of weeks, I'll take it to the dumps. Call me at 406-854-2088. Willy
  3. Allen, I sent photos to your email address. Willy
  4. TPW, I sold a couple of cars, 24-25 DB, and there was an engine. He was buying them to resell. His name is Gene French, and lives in Colorado, I believe. If you can't contact him, get back to me - I might have a phone number. Willy
  5. Still have a hood and radiator to a 1940 Olds. $100 each, plus shipping. Photo is representative of the hood. Mine is not painted, but no through rust. Some trim attached. Can send actual photos, if interested. Willy
  6. Moose50, thank you for the hub! Willy
  7. Moose50, where do you live, and will you sell me that one? Willy
  8. Thank you RAH! That's what I needed!
  9. Came across the original owner's manual for my 1969 Dodge Coronet. Perfect condition, but has that old smell. Still in original plastic envelope. $5 plus shipping.
  10. Before I buy this, does this car have two drive axles, and is "A" the right one? Anybody have a photo of their 1918?
  11. I converted my Dodge pickup to Jeep drivetrain (I wanted four wheel drive). Came across a box with a complete set of kingpins for my original front end. $50 plus shipping. Or offer. Also have the original steering wheel - make offer.
  12. Found a website for old Dodge trucks, but can't join. Is it defunct? I'm looking for replacement windshield wiper assembly - I have motors, but shafts going through the cab are shot. Any ideas?
  13. Mike, okay, and good luck restoring your car! Keep us informed on your progress. Willy
  14. Mike, if you still want the wheel parts, email me at: bryant@cyberport.net. I'll need your address to send them to. Willy
  15. Is that Stan Laurel, standing, of Laurel and Hardy fame? Sure looks like him!