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  1. Hi John, The colour supplied by Myers has been matched here in Australia to I am not saying it is “The correct Colour” but it does come close.
  2. I had my machine work done by Southcott in Adelaide and they procured and fitted the liners as part of the process.
  3. Hi John, I am not sure that there are any records of the original thickness but something to seriously consider is the corrosion that would have occurred inside the water jacket over the last 100 years thinning out the wall in pits and pockets. When I did my block I spent many long hours digging out the years of accumulated sediment in particular between each cylinder, I then had a sleeve fitted to each, not a huge extra cost. I would also recommend crack testing as there are several weak spots with these old blocks.
  4. Hi Mike, Most mufflers of the correct pipe diameter should work, a longer box will make things quieter, two in line is also a design used by luxury car makers to quieten the sound. Jaguar for the XJ6 used one at the bottom of the engine pipe split into twin pipes, another under the rear passenger cabin on either side and one more under the boot on either side. Under hard acceleration the intake roar from the triple SU’s were all you could hear. Do you have a leak at the manifold or engine pipe to manifold or a hole in the muffler body causing the excess noise? (A backfire can create
  5. Hi Richard, I am not a Dodge Expert but, The clip on the float bowl top indicates that it is before 1923 (I think) as the later ones had two screws. early. later. However the bell crank on yours is mounted on the side of the intake elbow with the butterfly horizontal so this is an example of the very first version of the Stewart Carburettor fitted to Dodge cars, my estimate would be 1915. My 1917 and later cars had the bell crank mounted on the top of the intake elbow with the butterfly vertical.
  6. Here is a picture of an older type but the fibre insulating washers can be clearly seen.
  7. It sounds like you may have shorted the battery connection to ground via the dash if the fibre insulating washers have disintegrated. I would recommend disconnecting / isolating the battery to avoid a fire. The ammeter maybe repairable depending on the damaged done but these are often seen for sale on ebay or perhaps obtainable from a fellow enthusiast. (Maybe be considerably cheaper to replace rather than repair) I have spares here in Australia if you are unable to find one in your locale.
  8. How cool is this? Great Job John, all credit to you. You will spend many happy hours polishing, driving, fixing, driving, fixing, driving. It is an addiction so don’t fight it. We look forward to seeing you in Mannum in September for the DBCA tweenie.
  9. This might be a little clearer. i am not sure that Dodge had specific torque pattern for their engines.
  10. Terry, Australia has a very good DB club, there are members with spares, alternatively, the president is a pattern maker and will make a pattern and cast an impeller if asked. I would encourage all Australian Dodge owners to maximise their membership and ask the local branch for help.
  11. Myers early Dodge (on google) will have a maintenance repair manual, give Tom and Cindy a call or send an email. They run a farm so please don’t expect an instant response.
  12. Regardless of what it is you could start by changing the oil. Check for compression. Should be around 50. To make sure you don’t have a stuck valve. Turn it over on the handle and check for spark. Put in fresh fuel. Yes, they had keys then. You will be amazed but if it was running when it went into storage it will run now. But please change the oil first. Good luck.
  13. The Dodge Brothers had never aspired to build an “Upper Class” car as you put it. In the words of the Dodge Brothers, “Dependable” was used the most. The Dodge Brothers were focussed very much on mass production and their dealership network was the envy of all, in 1920 Dodge was second in the USA in production numbers. The untimely early demise of both Brothers in 1920 caused a decline and in 1928 Dodge Brothers was sold to Chrysler, another company focussed on numbers rather than “Class” The 1933 Dodge was a car in the Chrysler range which included Plymouth and Desoto as wel
  14. Hi John, Both are Boyce made but rare and expensive, here are some better shots. Nige.
  15. Hi John, Option one. Option two. both are period aftermarket accessories however neither are cheap.
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