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  1. Roger Hartley of the DBCA put out a chart some years ago detailing the requirements in particular the importance of long reach.
  2. I believe the original spark plugs were AC76S I am not sure that there is an exact modern replacement however the change in fuel design has altered the combustion process somewhat.
  3. A new, four cylinder head in aluminium with the spark plug over the piston is available to suit the Dodge Brothers car in Australia from Ralph Provan.
  4. This is what the Dodge Brothers membership is all about. well done folks 🙂
  5. Hi Chuck, Myers have them as a reproduction item.
  6. Hi Chuck, I hail from Melbourne Australia. Yes, normally things are straight forward but when things are in rotation the action of the rotation can cause fasteners to loosen so on occasion we have items that are left hand thread. It can be confusing with the water pump remembering which nut is left hand and which is right hand so I use the KISS priciple. Keep it simple. Nige.
  7. All the water pump nuts turn the same way Looking from above under the bonnet (Hood) To tighten turn towards the engine block To undo turn away from the engine block easier than remembering which is left hand and which is right hand
  8. There is a really useful booklet available from both the DBCA and Myers I think.
  9. Hi Willy, were you able to find a drive plate? Apologies for the late response, I have only just joined the forum. i have one here in Australia.