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  1. Noy seen one of these before but it is for a four cylinder engine and the senior is six cylinders
  2. G’day, There were many different Stewart Vacuum tanks on many different marques of car. the early DB cars had one outlet on the base to the carburettor. The essex had two outlets, the one in the centre was the drain and the one closer to the side was to the carburettor. The centre drain allowed any water collected to be drained off. I am not sure if later DB cars had one or two. Regards, Nige.
  3. Any chance on posting to Australia please Kevin? Angle Vale South Australia 5117 if yes may I have a postage quotation and I will buy them. Thanks Best regards, Nige.
  4. My question, having also just received the club newsletter is why research for an aftermarket carburettor when the originals are easily available, very inexpensive to buy, simple in their operation and work very well?
  5. Hi DB26, May I request a PDF copy please? Thank you. best regards, Nige.
  6. Please be patient DodgeNZ I am in Australia and get items from Cindy and Tom (Myers) all the time. They do travel to swap meets and may well be away, (or, on holiday) the email does not bounce back from here, please give it another try.
  7. Please remember they run a part time business in conjunction with the farm so be patient if Cindy does not respond immediately. They are lovely people who provide a fantastic service.
  8. The smell of rubber is the tyres locking and skidding. the external shoes should be held off the drum in three places one at the top, one at the rear and the adjustment at the front so they should not be able to pulled on without mechanical leverage. the hand brake shoe is a single spring return shoe cast in one piece these can crack which could allow the shoe to catch and be pulled on by the drum rotation. pull the rear wheels off and inspect the internal shoe for cracks as a first step. i would also not discount the diff locking up.
  9. As I understand it the support ring goes between the engine and the gearbox bellhousing. There are dowel locators on the engine to locate the support ring and hold the engine in position while the gearbox is mounted.
  10. The starter generator requires a two piece angular bearing at one end to be able to withstand both the axial load and the radial load when combining the starter action and the generator action.
  11. Ralph Provan is the gentleman’s name He can be contacted on email. He lives in Seymour, Victoria, Australia.
  12. Perhaps check the float levels in the carburettor?
  13. More details on your system please. I am not sure how you can run the vacuum tank and an electric pump. The vacuum tank causes fuel to be drawn into the holding tank and monitored by a float providing fuel to the carburettor via gravity. fitting an electric pump provides fuel under pressure as the carburettor float lowers Any electric fuel pump would need to be under 2 psi but still not both pump and vacuum surely?