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  1. Ron’s been busy on the upholstery for above the dashboard. Got the bugger cut out and glued the two of them together Now for some covering Got the leather glued onto the front edge Now I have to tack it in then spray the front edge with glue and then tack it on The reason I am doing it this way is the first lot of tacks will be hidden Fingers crossed that it works Hope the rest of this is not as hard on the fingers
  2. Got the colour on today and all the repairs are done except the luggage box. Very happy to have that dint out of it. Give it all a polish tomorrow with the wind here at the moment I got a fair bit of shit in it but it will all polish out.
  3. Got stuck into the repairs today and managed to get the luggage rack all back as good as new. Took a fair bit of work but I didn’t want to waste it without trying to straighten it. I already had some mounting brackets made so that was lucky. After 3 hours of masking it all up I got the rear panel straightened out. It came out remarkably well with no major stretching of the steel thankfully.
  4. Cheers Terry appreciate it mate. How’s your holiday going?
  5. Well I feel like I’ve gone back in time by 3 or 4 months. Got the approval to start on it today. I’ll get started on all the panel and paint work tomorrow.
  6. Yes I have a small home plating kit for Nickle and copper. I reckon it has saved me thousands of dollars. It’s so handy not having to send anything out and getting bits lost. still working on the whitewalls Doug 😂
  7. Well I thought while I’m waiting for the ok to get started on my repairs the roadster needed some more bright work on it. 😁 with the generosity of some of the guys on this forum I was able to finish of my cowl lights to be used as fog lights mounted of the front bumper. Derek was very kind and sent me a heap of parts, some which were better than I had. I’ve been able to replace my headlight bezel with a better one, fix my fog lights and replace my klaxon horn. . Ron sent me some bumper mounting brackets which worked out perfect for the fogs. Sasha39 (Alex) sent me a little dodge badge that I put onto my oil can that I have also refurbished. It had a few leaks and needed soldering. I’m going to mount it on the fire wall. Thanks heaps fellas for your generous gifts I’ll take good care of them until someone else gets the job. ohh yes I also have a beautiful spare left hand cowl light ready for my next victory 😂
  8. I agree definitely easier to keep the polished alloy clean although alloy no matter what you do deteriorates over time. At least it would be easier to freshen up each year if it’s polished. Is painting it the same as the block an option.
  9. She did a great job , looks fantastic. I can imagine how that felt thinking the engine had to come out. Thank god it doesn’t.
  10. That looks to be in great condition as far as the pot metal goes. The one in my sedan was like that. Funny how one can completely crumple and then another is like new. I guess it depended on how much crap went into the pot metal mix on the day. If you pull yours apart carefully you should be good. Just lay it all out as you go and take lots of pics.
  11. I’m not going to comment I spent the whole day refurbishing 2 left hand side cowl lights today. 🙄 Had to start again on a right hand side one. What a twit!! Back to the fender guard wing thing.
  12. Shouldn’t the fixing holes be on the top inner side for a tourer, sedan or roadster. it might be for a Ute or pick up or something like that. It looks to be rolled both sides. Not that I’d really know. 😂
  13. Here’s a few pics, I hope it helps. Get the welder spotting on a piece of scrap like this first. line up your material with your clamps or magnets. Tack every 3/4 or so. From middle out. Tack in between each weld again and again until they all join. Doing it this way prevents to much heat getting into the metal. Clean up with sanding disc and finish off with a soft pad sander.
  14. If you have a bubble in the centre it can be lack of gas or a dirty surface and the burn is normally some impurities burning. Clean clean clean. 😂
  15. Those clamps work quite well but I prefer to use rare earth magnets, that way you can set your gaps to what you like. Every welder will need to be set differently. Set you gas between 15-20 and then on some scrap do a few quick spot welds until you get a even little lump about 2mm high. When you weld you panel in, start in the middle and work you way out spotting it about 3/4” apart. That way it allows the metal to move to where it wants without being locked in at each end. If when you spot weld and it blows a hole in the sheet turn your wire up a little and maybe amps down a little at a time. You should get a nice even sound when you spot. Once you’ve tacked it all the way along do it again all the way across in between each tack. I start in the middle and then work each side of the centre just tacking in between each weld. It lets it cool enough to help stop distortion. If you have a thick bit of metal like a dolly you can put that over your weld to help pull the heat out of each weld. Go slowly to let it cool. Make sure both side of your metal is clean and free of old paint. It must be cleaned back to shiny metal. You may have a bit of old paint on the inside of the cowl that will cause you grief. Keep practising until your happy with your welder settings. I normally tack all my jobs with a mig and then finish weld with a pulse tig but that’s a whole other story. The mig welder will work just fine. I’ll do a little scrap panel this morning and post a picture for you.
  16. I had to pull mine to bits and clean it all up. It took a while to get it all right they are fiddley bloody things.
  17. Totally agree I think that first little break might of happened when the lady crashed into me and drove up my running board. The inside of the tyre hit the inner guard. It would of completely maxed the suspension out.
  18. Nice job Rich, isn’t it incredible how they designed and built the actual odometer back then. I know when I had mine in pieces I was amazed at how intricate it was with all those little cogs in there. Mine was all seized so it also needed complete disassembly.
  19. Sounds your heading in the right direction to knock it over. I’ve actually never used flux core wire before so I don’t know what it’s like. Im positive the rewards of completing it yourself will far outweigh the expense. Good luck with it 👍
  20. Looks great can’t wait to see the fabric on there.
  21. Looks very original, nice job.
  22. That’s good you got out just in time Terry. Hopefully you’ll have some success getting through tomorrow. Still waiting on Shannons to get back to me but that my fault as we only got the quote into them on Thursday.
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