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  1. I think I have got almost all the parts I have needed Bar a few for all 3 of my dodges of Pete. It’s normally an all day visit to Pete’s when you go to his place, so much to see and learn. I feel pretty lucky with the knowledge and information he has shared with me about the victory six roadster. What he has gathered in 15 years of working on his, he has passed that on to me so he can see another old dodge brought back to life correctly. Very hard to repay such help. Great fella 👍
  2. The indercator lights have arrived Now to work out how I am going to mount them
  3. Pete called in yesterday Terry and had a look at it, and thinks it’s a better block to use than the original one. He also had a look at the crank and bearing and said they are ok. Not perfect but ok. We are going to get JP pistons to make a few sets of pistons as he needs a couple of sets himself. He actually went through a few of his tricks with me yesterday on getting them to run and perform a bit better. Pete is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to the Victory six. I couldn’t of got this project to where it is without his help.
  4. Yes thanks for that , The place that I’m sending it to will check all that for me. I actually picked this engine up from a clearing sale. The bearings are in great condition but the crank has a few water mark imperfections but I’m hoping they will not affect it to much.
  5. Made a start on preparing my engine to be sent away and machined. Now I have it all pulled apart I’ll measure it up to see what size I need to get it bored out to. I’m going to get new valve seats put into it and just deck the top to the minimum I can. Have to wait until we are out of lockdown before I can do it but hopefully it won’t be long. The bearings are all in good condition so I’ll just put a new set of lungs in it. Balance it all up and hopefully she should be good for years to come.
  6. I would start by checking all the earth connections. Pull them off and clean back to bare clean metal. Make sure there is no paint under the connections. If your using original old switches the contacts could be either worn or dirty so they may need to come apart and be cleaned. good luck, finding wiring faults can be a pain especially when they are intermittent.
  7. I asked Ron yesterday if he had a patent on that wheel rack because I want to copy it for when I have to paint the wooden spoke wheels I make. It’s a great idea.
  8. You’ve done an amazing job Ron. You’ve really had some challenges making some of that stuff. Those bonnet sill would not be easy to make , I looked at making some new ones for mine but decided to repair the ones I had. They are tricky.
  9. There are more of these about Found this photo in a book that was printed for a Rally in 1988
  10. The tubing to make the windshield frame Have yet e tackle this job Any tips on how to bend it without creasing I am thinking of packing it with dry sand then heating to bend
  11. The bonnet back.from the painter Assembly was rather trickey No paid was chipped
  12. Firewall insulation made and fitted. Started to work on the upholstery
  13. Repairs to the bonnet The last segment hinge was missing Fiddly job to make a new piece and rivet and weld it in
  14. The rear guards back from the painter. On the body I found the piping a bit of a bugger to do I don't think that my swear words helped but it made me feel better
  15. Test fitting the rear bumper after straightening and grinding ready for the chrome plater. Both front and rear bumper mounts all painted after straightening the fronts were a mess. The original bumper was very badly pitted from rust so I machined up two new bars in the milling machine then had the spring works put the eyes in each end and shape them Then off to the chrome man. Rear bumper on. Nice and shiny
  16. Making of the bonnet (hood) sills. The green piece is my template The tape line is the bend line Once cut out and bent the part was clamped to the former and the rest was formed using a wooden mallet The round p bit was used to get the shape for the bar near the front of the frame The other two bits were used as guides for the curve at the front. The best of the two rusty relics that I had to go by
  17. The reproduced running boards Many thanks to Aunty Norm for a sample I had started to make them out of timber.
  18. The terminal block was the first and easiest piece to fit. Valance panels painted
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