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  1. Looks like you're missing the control levers, I think it should have 3 levers, Lights, Throttle and Advance/Retard.
  2. Mark, You'll have that finished in no time, have you given any thought to want you'll be doing with all the free time you'll have once it's all done. Would you consider working out a quote to do the upholstery for my 1929 model 65 Chrysler tourer? just saying you could put that new skill of yours to good use considering it looks like we'll be in lock-down till Christmas. Great job mate!
  3. Ron, you may not be a snow flake, but a truer Gentleman has never been!
  4. Yeah, don't you hate it when you put a screw in your trouser pocket and forget about it until you sit down and then the damn thing bites you!
  5. Thanks for setting me straight Matt, as you know being a Chrysler man I might be a bit slow, but it's hard to believe that Ron is the chief inspector of the screw police, he is such a Gentleman, he sent me some parts for my Chrysler a while back and didn't want any payment for the parts or the postage, so it very difficult for me to believe that he is part of the feared Screw Police. A true Gentleman in my opinion, but you never know maybe after a Shandy or two??? haha 😂
  6. Looks like a Dead Ringer to me, couldn’t image anyone questioning your workmanship, well… maybe the Screw police? Pardon me for saying but you do have a tendency to use Phillips Head screws Haha! Looking good Matt.
  7. Congratulations Alain, You did a fantastic job to bring it back to life again, it's hope the FEDCO plate I sent will be enough for the authorities to pass it for registration so that you can drive it on the road again.
  8. I keep saying it, Beautiful work Mark! Looks like I'm going to buy a sewing machine for myself LOL 😂
  9. Looking good Matt, the way I tackle a problem like this is to ask the question: if they had Led globes back in the day would the Dodge Bros. have used them? My guess is anything that made their cars safer they would have gone with it. What are he specs for the globes?
  10. Hi Tom, Not clear about what you are asking, but here is what your Bleeder Valve should look like, you should have one screwed into each of your 4 wheel cylinders, as far as a tube is concerned any tube will do as long as it fit tight over the nipple at the end of the valve (screw) and is long enough to drain the Brake fluid into a container. Yes start at the furthest wheel cylinder and work your way to the nearest to the Master cylinder, hope this might help you.
  11. Fermato is this the post?: https://forums.aaca.org/topic/364277-1928-chrysler-oil-canister-on-firewall-original-or-retro-fit-trying-to-find-suitable-filter-element/?tab=comments#comment-2230407
  12. Hi Dave, They say that a picture says a thousand words so please have a look at the photos to give you an idea of how it works, from memory the povit bolts are Right hand threaded, hope this will help you.
  13. I would add that once you have your pivot mounts off you might spray a lubricant in the holes just to ease the brackets out. GOOD LUCK!
  14. Hi there, I think you'll find that the item that you refer to as the nut is actually a bolt head that is screwed into a 90 degree steel bracket that is inside of the frame at the top, this is how the pivot mounting is held in place, once you unscrew that bolt (if there's another one on the other side you'll have to undo that one too) and when both bolts are out the pivot mounts can come off and you can gently tap the top frame away the the rest of the frame , just make sure to do both sides evenly you don't want to twist or bend the frame
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