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  1. Thanks Mark, I will post a message on their page!
  2. Does anyone know if there is a difference in gear ratios between the 1927 Reo Flying Cloud transmission, and the 1929 with the silent-second transmission? I can find the ratios for a 1929, (1st 3.13 to 1, 2nd 1.66 to 1, top 1:1) but I cannot find any information for the '27! Any help would be appreciated, Matt
  3. Sasha, could you keep us posted on the outcome? We had a spare 65 engine, and the head off that engine is now on a model 70. The early 70’s engines are about an inch shorter than the later models. The later model 70’s share the same engine as a 77.
  4. Hi Sasha, what body style is your 77 that you are fixing up?
  5. Try vintageandclassicreproductions.com They have new impellers listed under Chrysler parts.
  6. Hi Graeme, Any idea when the heads will be available, and what the cost might be?
  7. If you have a look at www.crankshaftcoalition.com (click on 'engines' then, 'MOPAR inline flathead engines') there is a table listing all the models of the Chrysler flat head six, giving - year, model, displacement. It could be a handy reference point to compare models!
  8. Wow, that's very interesting that your car has the Locke body tag! I didn't realise Locke made bodies for the 75! I will look forward to hearing more about the research of your car. If I can locate a picture of the cabriolet I mentioned earlier, I will add it to this post. The car is sitting in the back corner of my friends shed, waiting to be restored!
  9. Hi Piston Broke, Nice Car! Was this car in Victoria? If so, I believe this car started out as a Cabriolet, that has been modified with a solid roof (maybe off a sedan)! Does the chrome frame disappear into the door body when you wind the front windows up and down? I only know of one 1929 model 75 cabriolet in Australia, so this car would be very rare! Does the car require much work to get it road worthy, as it looks very solid and complete in the photo's?
  10. If you plan to compete in VSCC races, maybe you should research Ray Jones, Australia. Ray was well known for building and racing very competitive 75's Unfortunately, Ray passed away some time ago, but I'm sure you wouldn't need to look too far to find some helpful information. Your 75 should definitely perform a lot better! We have several 20's and 30's Chrysler's, and they all climb well, and cruise comfortably at 50mph. They are not modified, except for changing to 12volt. I have friends that have fitted twin carbies, and they do improve performance, but all retain thei
  11. Hi Mcgoo, Have you considered measuring your wheelbase? 65 and 66 are 112 3/4 inches Engine numbers for 65 start with a 'P' and 66 start with 'C' 70 is 116 1/2 Engine #'s start 'V' 77 is 124 inches Engine #'s start 'W' The 77 have quite long doors, and a smaller back window. The lovely red sedan that is pictured above is a 70 (not 77). Hope this helps.
  12. Thanks for the for information, I will try Steele Rubber, as I just need the bushings. Thanks again Matt
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