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  1. I am looking for very nice to NOS or restored brass top Champion spark plugs with red lettering (not the orange letters that some have). If you have any, please send PM with pictures and price.
  2. I have a bunch of 1929 Chrysler front and rear Lovejoy shocks. Some look better than others, I would assume they would need to be rebuilt. I am not sure but they also may fit other years. $50 each plus shipping.
  3. What is the correct color shift knob on a 1929 Chrysler 75? I have seen both black and brown on cars Did the factory use both and match them to the interior? Were these made of bakelite or something proprietary or?
  4. What a pain, it almost looks like after the crank was designed they found out the long rods needed more counter weight. The fun begins.
  5. I took off the oil pan to do work on the oil pump and noticed the counter weights are bolted on and the bolts are tack welded. This is the first time I ever opened up a early Chrysler motor and it just looked odd. For my general knowledge is this how the 1929 Model 75 crankshaft should look? With all of Chrysler's engineering prowess at the time, it just seems like a odd way of doing things.
  6. I can machine up a hub if its bad, any suggestions on getting the steering wheel off without damaging too much of it? Yep, its weathered bu the steering box is actually covered in a grease and what looks like rust on the column is a layer of years of dust over the black paint.
  7. I have started on the rebuild of my steering box / column and trying to figure out how to pull the steering wheel. My steering wheel puller won't work on this, is there a special puller or another technique to pull the steering wheel?
  8. You could also check with Roger Kruas Racing, they carry both Dunlop and Blockley tires and are the big race tire dealer up hear in Nor Cal. https://rogerkrausracing.com/
  9. Send it to Fort Wayne clutch, they can rebuild it. They have done several for me for my 1929 Chrysler https://fortwayneclutch.com/
  10. Have you tried Lucas tires? I think they are dealers for the Blockley tires, they have the old Grand Prix tread pattern. https://www.lucasclassictires.com/
  11. I am looking for the top irons for a 1929 Chrysler model 75.
  12. Sorry to here about the scammer. Sooner or later justice will be waiting for them. The picture with the crate looks like a bad photoshop, the AU for Australia looks like child did it. The shadows for the strapping is off and they used a blue pallet (chep pallet), these are leased pooled pallets that need to be returned. Overseas pallets need a certificate of fumigation and a bunch of other markings. Hope they catch the F*****S.
  13. That would work, as long as its not cracked. I will send you a PM this eavening.
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