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  1. Looking for Zenith 30 DHK carburetors and parts. I need two of these, PM with price and pictures.
  2. Leo, I bought some blanks from Straight Eight for the 5/16 line and tapped the back and may also have the others you need. https://straight-eight.com/
  3. Have found a few, and still on the hunt to complete a set.
  4. Joe Gemsa was famous for putting his name on everyone ells patterns. He used to barrow patterns from other races at the time and soon there would be some parts with his name on it. But it was always a treat to go by his house and see some of the stuff he was working on. On one trip I remember seeing a handful offys sitting on the ground and cut down Miller Indy engine for a midget race car on the bench. Sure miss those days.
  5. Leo, I was referring to the hose itself also along with the ends. There have been some earlier replacement hoses that used the correct looking ends but the diameter of the hose is wrong. The original hoses I have have a flexible metal line on the inside with a heavy rubber covering. The later hoses eliminated the metal line and went with all rubber, but the outside diameter is smaller than the originals. They all work fine, but physically they are different than the originals and can be spotted very easily. Jay mentioned that some time ago there was company making the correct hoses but they
  6. Narve, I have run into the same, many of the parts that I find seem to be unimpressive. I may have to make my own, but I really don't want to make the mold to vulcanize if someone ells makes good ones. This stuff is over 90 years old and only a few companies will even do vulcanize rubber to metal.
  7. I am looking for the rubber snubber or or also called the rubber bump stop on top of the front spring and the ones that go on the back. I think my heading might have been misleading calling them snubbers like the snubber shocks. These are bonded to metal plates the front ones are held in with "U" bolts sand the rear are bolted in.
  8. I still have it, but the shipping will be more than the part as its heavy and will need a bigger box. If you have a shipping consolidator here in the states it would be a lot cheaper.
  9. Is there a company that reproduces the correct snubbers for the front and rear on a 1929 model 75? I believe they may be the same on other models but not sure. The picture is from the net of a model 75 with the snubber on the spring and above the axle.
  10. If you have a welder handy, its not hard to fab up something to hold the engine with some castors to move it aground. But if you are going to work on it , I would use two engine stands to support the front and back of teh engine and be able to rotate it. I am building one like the early Flathead Ford ones with a round cage in the front to clear the crank. You can also get a water jet cut plate to mount to the exhaust bolts and weld it to a round tube and mount it to a engine stand.
  11. After the year I had, out of principal I will never by a Chinese product. There are better alternatives.
  12. I have tried both brake hose unlimited and Then and Now Automobile Co and they both don't have them.
  13. I always thought it was a fancy term for a clevis pins.
  14. Our local Walmart has the high speed chargers for years and every local government school has them including grade schools. But it all comes crashing down with our states rolling blackouts.
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