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    I have been collecting and restoring cars since 1972. Currently I have 1929 Chrysler 65 5 window coupe, and sports roadster, 1929 Lincoln 5 passenger coupe ( imported from USA 2013), 1930 Austin 7, Australian built 1973 Monaro (purchased new by me), 1976 Valiant Charger, 1968 MG Midget 1944 Case tractor and 1952 Dodge truck.

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  1. You are probably correct about the price but if you want to send me details privately, my email is
  2. Yes we did. That's when I bought the Lincoln. As we have 2 x 1929 Chrysler 65's, a 1954 Fargo 6 ton truck and a 1976 Valiant Charger (Australian car), I would be very interested in an early Maxwell.
  3. I am looking for a one or two cylinder car. I would prefer an older restoration. As I am in Australia, the exchange rate hurts me a lot so be gentle! thanks, Bill
  4. Wouldn't the rubber be a bit hard by now? Seven years since original post.
  5. Keiser31. I don't know what we would do if you weren't putting up these links for us dummies.?
  6. Have you tried Gary at Vintage Auto Parts? He is local to you in NZ. His number is 33598592.
  7. Sorry not an interested buyer in that price range. One can only speculate why the photo was removed. However I do like yellow on cars having owned the attached car since new. MY opinion is that yellow probably is not appropriate on a highly priced mid 20's "full classic". A quick squirt of paint would fix it though.
  8. The carb on mine is an O-3 as in "OH-3" not "zero-three". Rand should be able to assist you.
  9. Billety


    I am looking for a radiator shell for a 1932 Studebaker Rockne.
  10. I thought it was interesting that he purported to be an "Ebay Power Seller" with "100% positive feedback" and "Top Rated Plus" which requires an extensive reliable trading history, yet he has not sold a single item! Sounds like a crook to me. I don't buy from anyone on Ebay without a "track record".....just my opinion.