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  1. There is a family with several vintage fire trucks, including a Stutz, just north of Vancouver WA. I do not recall the name, but I am sure if you contact the Vancouver Fire Chief, he will get you in touch.
  2. OK, I can agree only after the bearings are completely worn out with no more shims to remove. And then, change to inserts only if the inserts can also be inexpensively replaced down the road when needed. Note that Babbitt is actually the bearing surface used in new replacement insert bearings. The only real difference is the thickness of the Babbitt. IMO, poured Babbitt bearings offer more flexibility to adjust for wear by removing shims for individual bearing journals while insert bearings typically require replacement of all rod bearings when only one or two are worn out.
  3. How many shims were left when you pulled the cap?
  4. Try a local locksmith first. Early locks are not that complicated...
  5. Morgan, I guess nobody ever told you that adding cold water to an overheated engine is a good way to crack the block. You should add water with the engine running to mix the cold with the hot to minimize thermo-shock. Also, Buick's first electric starter came in 1914 Buicks; not 1915 as you stated in your video.
  6. Your machine shop should have access to valves that will fit.
  7. I do like the Chrysler Roadster of that era. Send me a PM with your email address. I am in Salmon Creek if you want to see some Buicks...
  8. Dave, The lid may be pinching the ends of the seal and preventing air from being released through the bottom of the side seals. What can it hurt to punch a few relief holes?
  9. All my Marvel carbs have a choke valve. I believe a better term for the button on the bowl cover is a "tickler".
  10. You might try poking some holes in one of the chambers so the rubber can compress.
  11. To find TDC, remove #1 plug, insert a straw or screw driver and rotate the crank until you see or feel the piston rise to the top with both valves closed. (This is also a good time to look for the timing marks). Pull your distributor cap and adjust the rotor to be lined up with the #1 plug wire. Replace the cap and spark plug and try to start. Good luck,
  12. Base Price $1,226 Original MSRP $12,000 Low Retail $22,300 Average Retail $29,800 High Retail JD Powers Ratings...