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  1. Do you mean one of these??
  2. When I worked summers at a state park in the redwoods, the Maintenance Super used baking soda in water to age new redwood shingles before installation. It seems to neutralize the acidic resins in new redwood to make it grey. You might try it on your maple to see if it works.
  3. Kevin, Water stains can also be safely removed with oxalic acid. It removes the stains and leave the original wood color. If you want to try it, I have some left over from doing the steering wheel on my 15 speedster. .
  4. Use the citrus to remove the finish and remove the sticky with acetone or lacquer thinner.
  5. I use silver paint from rattle can before mounting tires. The paint gets chipped and scratched during tire changes, so I use a brush to touch-up afterwards. I know others have nickel plated their rims and leave them un-polished for a more durable factory original look that is better than powder coating.
  6. The rockers are manually oiled with the oil can located on the firewall in the early Buicks. Matt, Send me a PM with your email address and I will send you the info you need.
  7. Jack, Thanks for the correction, but January is almost over. Why does it take you three months to post the minutes when the last BCA Secretary did it in just over a week?
  8. Misinformation is one issue. No information is another issue. As of 1/25/2020, the BCA Board Minutes were last posted on the BCA website five months ago on 9/18/2019.
  9. My Buick Barn is a 40' X 60' metal building only ten blocks from home. I often have to go home to get that one tool I need to work on something. So, I suggest you keep a duplicate set of tools at your new shop; floor jack, air system, hand tools, etc. Also, replace the florescent lights with "high Hat" LED lights to get more light for less $$.
  11. The photo indicates the hinge pin is severely worn because the center part of the hinge is not aligned with the pin. Soak it with 50/50 Acetone and ATF with and without heat for a day or more. Then, center the parts & drive the pin out with a flat punch.
  12. Thanks Brian, A 3-in-1 jump starter is less $$ and provides power for any 12V accessories while providing an air pump to keep your tires properly inflated! You can also easily use the clamps to connect your car's electrical system instead of a car battery. I plug mine in at the hotel to recharge overnight when needed. If it isn't used to jump a dead car, it has enough power to run my GPS, car lights, etc. for a typical 3-4 day car tour. I have rescued many on tour who needed a jump or air for a flat tire. This is the one I carry: