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  1. Lamar, Yes, it does effect what people post & where they post. And, no it isn't a simple issue. Now that you recognize that the prewar part of the forum serves more than just technical issues, please advise Peter to remove the technical title as I originally requested. Since it seems you initiated this, please ask Peter to change it back. Thank you.
  2. Correct! Unlike magazines and monthly or quarterly newsletters, this forum provides prewar Buick owners a more immediate prewar focused resource for activities, parts, and technical information. It also serves as a meeting place for owners with similar vehicles to connect with each other. The BCA Prewar Division leadership also uses this forum to publicize prewar activities like prewar swap meets where our members often meet each other personally. It is not just a technical forum.
  3. Bruce, As stated above, there are several times more surviving postwar Buicks. So, there are several times more posts that do not relate to prewar only Buick owners. Many prewar Buick owners (like me) do not own postwar Buicks. We have enjoyed having the prewar section for all activities involving only prewar vehicles because it was user friendly to prewar owners by making it easier to find information and activities related to our vehicles. The change to Prewar Technical means we can only post technical information. That is not in the best interests of most prewar only forum users.
  4. Lamar, As you know, the vast majority of the posts in the general forum are about postwar Buicks. It is simply because there are several times more surviving postwar Buicks than prewar Buicks. Having a prewar section for only prewar activities (including a few technical questions) makes it much more user friendly for prewar Buick owners to find information and activities for their vehicles.
  5. The Prewar Buick forum operated for years for all aspects of prewar Buicks so those with only prewar Buicks didn't need to wade through all the post war Buick posts. The moderator made a change that negatively effects the prewar forum users. If the moderator then refuses to respond to the effected users, who is responsible to work it out?
  6. I know a car guy in Lewiston ID & will forward this thread via a link. Stay tuned...
  7. Peter, As you probably already know, the BCA Prewar Division has been using this forum to replace it's emailed newsletter. The primary focus is not on technical issues. Please reverse your change so we can continue to use this forum for all subjects relative to prewar Buick owners. Thank you,
  8. I have a jar full of lug nuts. CTCV; Are you saying they are 7/8" across the flats? Please confirm & I will check.
  9. Peter... It's been over a week. How about answering my question?
  10. Very interesting find Terry. I have a Lucas "King of the Road" horn if you are interested in British brass.
  11. Your original post: Where has all of the interest gone in Pre-War Buicks? The number of Buicks (1916 and older) listed in the 2017 BCA roster = 145. The number of Buicks (1916 and older) listed in the 2016 HCCA roster = 490. The HCCA roster does not list nickel era 1916-1942 Buicks, but it would be interesting to see the total pre-1942 numbers. However, this clearly shows that the HCCA holds much more interest for prewar (brass era) Buicks.
  12. Removing the water pump is much more involved than removing the S/G. Remove the S/G coupling & slide it back to the tightened packing nut to remove the S/G. (Only 4 bolts; 2 vertical on engine side & two horizontal under the S/G). Then, slide the coupling off the end of the shaft to allow the packing nut to be removed for packing access.