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  1. Call Dave Tachney 763-427-3460.
  2. I am not suggesting total consolidation, just consolidate the less active categories to the level of the active ones. What we have now with so many categories requires everyone to wade through all of them.
  3. The bar chart shows that IMO, only up to Buick Post War justifies their own category. There simply isn't enough activity for each of the others to have it's own. Perhaps these another categories could be consolidated to reduce the total number of categories users have to wade through to find the category they want.
  4. Try here: http://www.zenithfuelsystems.com/prod_carburetor.htm
  5. I got an MP3 player with AM/FM radio the size of a matchbook. I plug it into a pair of speakers with a 6 VDC amp & the whole thing fits in the glove box. It could be hard wired into the car, but I like to move it from car to car.
  6. Frame numbers for 1928 Standard Six with 114.5" Wheel Base start with 1901476 and end with 2137872. So, based on the Std Catalog of American Cars, your chassis is an early production 1928 Standard Six.
  7. Chanchan, Based on the photos, if it wasn't already "Uted" I suggest you go ahead and do it now that most of the body is missing. The cross-bar between the front frame horns indicates a Master series chassis. The body lines are very similar from 1924-1927, so correct ID is difficult unless you can find a number plate on something. Look for a riveted VIN plate on the side of the frame behind the left front wheel. You could more easily make a Ute like mine:
  8. Larger fans help during slow driving (parades etc.), but they do not help much at highway speeds. Some remove the engine pan to increase air flow out of the engine bay. If you still overheat at speed, you might try to advance the timing. That is about the last inexpensive option left before installing a new radiator core.
  9. Warren, Most run about 180F. These cars run better as they get hotter until they go over 210F.
  10. I'm with Mike on this one... The really great thing is seeing a couple of real Buick Buddies sharing a beautiful rare car and having a really good time! Thanks for posting so we can all enjoy it too!
  11. These are fender photos from Buke
  12. Don't forget to sign up for the PreWar AfterTour with John Scheib. We leave Sunday for three days of touring in old Buicks. John has planned a great tour with lots of cool places to visit. Everyone is welcome with any year Buick as long as you don't mind driving leasurely with the prewar cars....
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