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  1. Wire is currently favored for lighter weight in older cars. Neither wood or wire will fail if kept in good condition. Pressed steel wheels are just cheaper to make.
  2. Rod, Maybe I have your Buick truck... And it is for sale...
  3. I did a temporary field fix on a 1912 Oakland by using a soda pop can. Cut the middle section out of the can and butt one side against the key. Wrap it around the taper and use a sharp blade to cut it so it butts against the other side of the key and re-install the wheel. This field fix move the wheel away from the backing plate enough to drive the Oakland for the rest of the tour. The owner still using this car with the temporary shim. If your taper is badly worn, you may need thicker shim material. So you might try other cans for shim stock. I expect you will need to have a new axle made.
  4. Dave, Look under the seats and inside the door panels etc. You might get lucky and find an inspection paper or a parts tag that is dated.
  5. Back in January, Steve Fowler (new to the forum) posted that he needed info on 1913 Buicks to help with the restoration of his grandfather's Buick. I have owned a 1913 Model 31 Buick for many years, and have acquired lots of information and resources that Steve needed to restore his car. So, I emailed all the digital files I had on 1913 Buicks along with some of useful Buick websites. The other day, an unexpected package arrived with two jars of delicious jam & jelly and a small loaf of chocolate chip banana bread. In the bottom of the box was a hand written thank you note from Steve. I don't know how Steve knew I was so fond of banana bread and berry preserves, but What Lamar says is true. And it is even more rewarding to give to another giver like Steve... Thanks,
  6. Most early cars came with plain radiator caps that were later replaced with Motometers. My Buick also has the acetylene starter with the 1/8" tubing installed, but I don't use it. The special priming valves with the side inlets are hard to find.
  7. This would make for a good article in The Bugle and/or Dean Tryon's newsletter. Good job!
  8. The fuel pump rod must be angled up slightly (higher end to the center of the engine).
  9. Marty, I am running a Marvel-Schebler in my 15 Speedster. This later version seems to work OK in the shop, but I have yet to get this car finished and on the road. Stay tuned...
  10. Welcome Mike and thanks for the photos of your Buick. All good advice above. Also look at the Prewar Resources on this site to find parts, manuals, etc. There is an abundance of expertise on this site, and all will be helpful if you just ask. Enjoy the ride!
  11. Probably not. I bought a Buick front axle/springs for my 29 Buick from a salvage yard in Pittsburg CA when I lived in Fairfield over 25 years ago. It was slim pickins back then and is probably gone now that real estate in that area is so high $$$.
  12. Steve, Here is another good resource for you in Canada. Our good friend Bill lives in Toronto and may know of more Eastern Canada craftsmen to help with your restoration.
  13. I have a pdf with lots of info on your car. Send me a private message with your email address so I can send it to you...