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  1. I then pass them on to others who need what is left. I have acquired several parts cars over the years. I recently swapped engines with a 1930 parts car and resold it to another restorer (for the same $$) who needed other non-engine parts . So, although I currently have no parts cars; it is because I only own them until I don't need any more parts from them. However, I do have lots of hard to find spares on the shelf in case they are needed by me or others.
  2. Loading and unloading from a commercial address will salve lots of $$. Commercial companies usually get special shipping rates.
  3. Try Olsen's Gaskets... The may not show it online, so call them. Engine Gaskets for the Antique Market - Olson's Gaskets
  4. Pete, I am sure you are not using 12V cables, but are you using old 6V cables that might be corroded?
  5. Actually the weight of the car effects mileage more than you might think. My big heavy 31 & 38 Buicks only get 12-15 mpg.
  6. I had the same experience with a set of brakes. They don't bother to notify you when some of your order is on back order to them. Not the best customer service in my opinion.
  7. Tire size is 32" X 3.5" BW from the factory.
  8. I suggest a battery load test to be sure your spare is producing the amps needed.
  9. NADA values: (West Coast Location) Low $1,843 Ave. $9,950 High $18,400
  10. I took two of my son's kids for a ride in the 31 Buick yesterday... We just went around the block and across the neighborhood to see my son-in-law and one of his daughters too. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to go far without seat belts, so I guess I will have to install some.
  11. A great tool for those with dual points! I will look for one or somebody here in the northwest that has one... Thanks for posting this.
  12. Yes, there is a timing window (peep hole) on the passenger side of the engine. Your car has dual points, so if you have changed them in any way, you should google how to set them up. Good luck,
  13. I am surprised nobody mentioned to set the tires out in the sun to warm up before installation. Corn starch works great if you are allergic to the perfume in talcum powder.
  14. IMO, the TV auction market is over saturated and over commercialized.
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