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  1. Mark Shaw

    1929 master heat riser

    Alex, I don't know of anyone reproducing these. Most drivers have disconnected the heat system and blocked the exhaust ports to the riser. If your casting is still good enough to connect the carb to the intake manifold, just replace the internal tube and run it. If it is completely broken, you can still run a downdraft car by flipping the manifold. If you are building a show car, I wish you lots of luck in finding one. Mark
  2. Mark Shaw

    WTB 50-53 263 head bolts

    It would be helpful to post the dimensions and thread size.
  3. Yes, but I told Larry to look at the bright side: The seller saved him the time it would have taken to disassemble it for restoration! 😎
  4. And the generosity of it's members!
  5. Mark Shaw

    ID for light

    It appears to be a nice aftermarket stop light with a smaller tail light that was typically installed in addition to the single tail light on many prewar cars & trucks.
  6. Mark Shaw

    1934 Buick series 50 brake components

    Mike, If you plan to make this a show car, I understand why you would want to restore the original brake system. However, if you want a nice driver, you should consider what 1939 Buick would do & save a bunch of time and $$.
  7. Mark Shaw

    Brian Heil Official Announcement

    A hearty CONGRATULATIONS Brian! I too am so glad you will now have more time to enjoy our old car hobby.
  8. Mark Shaw

    What might this be ?

    The stock oil filler has a built-in funnel, so I doubt that a funnel would be needed. It appears to have a screw cap, so it may be an oil container. Since the owner added a shelf to hold the jack and this item, it is anybody's guess what it might be.
  9. Mark Shaw

    Oil Pump Screen for 32 90 344. Missing?

    It should be easy enough to make a screen. Just make it big enough to handle more flow than expected.
  10. Mark Shaw

    Fuel lines and fittings.

    Horizontal loops will not trap air when fuel enters the loop from the top.
  11. Mark Shaw

    1946 76-C

    It's calling to you Pete!
  12. Mark Shaw

    WTB 1925 Buick Standard Top Sockets

    Larry, John is his own boss and runs his business unlike others. I suggest you keep calling him until you get his attention.
  13. Mark Shaw

    Spam 🥧?

    We had "Deviled Ham" probably because my parents were from MA. William Underwood Company American Food Company The William Underwood Company, founded in 1822, was an American food company best known for its flagship product, Underwood Deviled Ham, a canned meat spread. The company also had a key role in time-temperature research done at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1895 to 1896, which would lead to the development of food science and food technology as a profession. Founded: 1822 Headquarters: Boston, MA
  14. Mark Shaw

    Spam 🥧?

    We visited the SPAM museum & it was a hoot! Note: The car on my trailer won the long distance award at the BCA National that year!
  15. Mark Shaw

    Spark plug wire history?

    Photo of the wiring harness for 1915 Buick C25 & 25 shows black rubber insulated spark plug wires.