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  1. 1941 Buick Sedanette Crate motor. 1996 350 chevy 4 bolt. W/22,000 miles 700r4 trans 12 bolt 373 posi all changed to 4x5 1/2 Volare front end Chopped 3” with rounded door corners 1950 port holes and Pontiac grill Tan diamond interior Runs great Good Kustom cruiser Contact Mike:
  2. Al, My Standard Catalog shows all cars were chain drive with RH drive. The 1902-1903 Cleveland Touring was a 2 cylinder 15 HP, with a 78" wheel Base. The " " " Roadster was a 1 cylinder (no HP listed) with a 72" wheel Base.
  3. I believe only the engine bore changed in 1932. So, the exhaust manifolds should interchange. However, the intake manifolds may be different if different carbs. were used.
  4. Jon, That GMC may have a Buick engine too; because GMC used Buick engines in their trucks during the 20's. I am not sure how early they did this, but I have a friend with a 1929 GMC with a Buick Master Series Six.
  5. Jon, Since I only have Buicks , I do run into lots of odd ball threads on Marvel and Schebler carbs. My solution is to buy junk carbs and rob the parts, or just solder on standard connections.
  6. Greg, My 1912 Buick has a square drive into the torque tube. I replaced it with a U joint assy. made for PTO farm machinery.
  7. Al, Many restorations have been delayed due to lack of specs. If you plan to have it judged by AACA or others, ask them for the specs. (I doubt they have them) Since there really are none for your car, you can move forward unencumbered. If it were me, I would just build it to the best of my knowledge and have fun with it. Good luck...
  8. Try here:
  9. I have found that old bulbs simply do not last long... Convert to LED and you will see better and use less power.
  10. This is the website where you can see several body styles similar to yours; all made in Cleveland OH. Perhaps one or two coach builders provided bodies for all the car companies in Cleveland?
  11. Al, The Standard Catalog of American Cars has a right side photo on page 309 marked 1903 Cleveland, Tonneau, WLB. Like one of these?
  12. Al, If you ID the vehicle, someone here may have other photos...
  13. I am clearly a prewar Buick guy. Just look below to see my collection. And I use a GMC Denali for my everyday driver/tow vehicle because it fits in my garage and rides much better than a pickup.
  14. edinmass, No other truth has been better stated. 😎😎