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  1. Had the glass fitted to my windscreen frame yesterday. I brought it home and fitted it to the car. Boy I was disapointed when I seen that the frame was was our of square with the posts. I rang the guy this morning and explained my case. No probs bring it back and it will be fixed. To be sure I took the assembled screen out ,stripped it and removed the glass I then refitted the frame back into the posts and everything lined up prefect. Have taken it back and Paul assures me that he will sort it out Will keep you posted
  2. I am the other clown and idiot. In all of my life I have never tried to deal with such an arrogant rude up myself individual as you are Mr Morsher. Take note prospective buyers, when he says no messages here contact via email only. When you kindly notified me of your price you requested that I gift payment to you via pay pal. Is this so you can avoid paying tax on your sales. I have forwarded the copy of your email to the IRS so If you are contacted by them you know why. Some Aussie Idiot that is also a clown had something to do with it. Good luck in future sales Remember Karma has ways of dealing with rude obnoxious people
  3. I am not fussed mate By the time I finish this old tart I will be too old to drive her
  4. Mark I am trying to keep my DB 2249 Senior Touring as close to original as possible Heck It's still got the original air in the tyres
  5. Matt the LEDs might be okay for your DB as you have high /low beam globes The 2249 Seniors only have a single filament globe with dull and duller settings so how would an LED globe go being fed via a resistor
  6. It needs some sort of backing I will have another go at it and "blend" it in on the ends where it meets the kick panels
  7. Thanks Rich I used 2 thicknesses of the backing material so that it would match the kick panels but it doesn't look right so i am going to attempt a mark 2 version
  8. These old side bangers have a note all of their own
  9. Hey Dougie, I don know. No speeka much eenglish. Justa come here froma da Italy nexa week.
  10. That's an easy fix Don't answer the phone
  11. I would never laugh at Matt ,Doug as I do the same silly things I sewed up 2 left door pockets the other day at upholstery classes I hope my secret is safe with you too
  12. That has most probably been added to attach it to a replacement wooden running board The ones on my car had been "converted"
  13. Its a bit of a funny one I looked up the Senior parts book and they list 4 different fenders If the fenders were in primer that was one # and if they were black another # and so on I think that the coups and roadster fenders differ from the sedans and touring cars
  14. No I never mentioned the fast 4 but yes there is a possibility as well
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