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  1. Try Myers Early Dodge Brothers Parts in Mi or sometimes the come up on E bay
  2. I have purchased a pair of lights off Flea Bay One of them has a cracked lens and the other is good Most probably not the best way to get one but parts for the Senior Line are not very plentiful here in Ozz so all of the other little bits and pieces never go astray Thanks Pete K I will check your lead out as I don't have a spare lens.
  3. All the more reason to come back again Ian Put it in a car trailer and off you go
  4. That idea has crossed my mind . I am going to a meeting tonight and from memory one of the guys in our club has cast them out of pollycarbinate So I will see how i go there
  5. I am trying my best to have her going for the DB rally over here in October Still have the Bonnet Front Guards and upholstry to do Plus make a windscreen frame Are you coming over ?
  6. I am chasing a head lamp lens for my 2249 Senior The number on the lens is 200180 This lens is also in the 140 and 141 BBs made after June 1928 Thank you Ron
  7. You are very lucky I had to get all of mine done In the mid eighties The cost for 7 mains and 6 rods was 1636 dollars I have heard that it's about $450 per bearing now
  8. Looks a lot like a Senior tank
  9. Matt The radiator with the wide top tank Is that a Victory one?
  10. I envy you. It is a bit like me. Showing its age
  11. 1926 Chevrolets have a chain driven generator so not off a 26
  12. DC8 Dave and Bob, I would LOVE to be help but as the DC8 Marathon Car never came "down under" you are both out of luck I admire the task that Bob has taken on and one day I hope to be able to do the same on DB 2249 and 2251 Senior 6 Tourers Bodied by Holden Motor Body Builders in Adelaide Aust. There were only 250 bodies made for the 2249 and less than a dozen 2251s So far I know of 7 2249 tourers and one of those is in England. Wish me luck that I live to a ripe old age