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  1. I forgot to add I would love that car to restore
  2. I cannot understand why a car entheusiest that restores a car looks at the resale value I restore because I love the old cars and I do most of the work myself Because restoring is my love I do not put a $ value on my hours .To me its my hobby not an income
  3. If you would like to get 2 done of the one in your post I would gladly pay for it as well as postage to Australia. Talk to Matt and if he needs one then we can double up and post them together Thanks for your reply Ron
  4. Hello Ted, Firstly I must congratulate you on your restoration of the RR and also your Victory Coupe . I am asking a favor if possible as to whether you can email me a photo of your tank gasoline gauge face. I would like to have one reproduced for my 2249 Senior that I am restoring The one that I purchased from Tom and Cindy Myers is incorrect for my car My email is rlkl1@bigpond.com Thank you Ron
  5. Doug, Holden also bodied Dodge Brothers cars TJRs were the most common though except for my 2249 and they were all bodied by Holden There was also a sprinkling of Budd bodied DBs as well and to top it all off there were other builders that made bodies as well
  6. Gee mate they look the grouse It's a great feeling to see that they are being put to good use on what is going to be a fantastic car
  7. Hey Matt they cave come up a treat, Sorry Tez If I had have known that you was a lookin. Matt as John stated Acrylic is a good way to go
  8. Hey Doug We all walk around up side down here and that is so when we look at you guys you are right way up
  9. Matt In reply to our chat on the phone every one has used shock absorber oil and the question about how much varies from covering the piston to full right up I would say about 1/4 inch down from the top would be okay
  10. Hey Matt Don't feel bad mate I got these years ago as I said I cant see any sense in holding onto something that is of no use to me You won the raffle cobber and I know that if you cant use them you will do the same
  11. Thank you jpage I will check it out
  12. I am chasing a pair of wind wings to fit a car with tapered square section windshield posts I have a set that need restoring but they are for round or oval posts I have found a new home for these They are going to Matt for his Victory Sports Roadster
  13. Keep your chin up mate Our thoughts are with you
  14. Sincere condolences to you and your loved ones Ian We had a 43 in the shade here last Friday
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