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  1. I was lucky that I was able to make up a set from the two bodies that I had but that is beautiful work Rich Its no easy feat making those fiddly little boxes and the caps look like you raided the Holden Body Works back in 27 Just great workman ship with a good eye for detail
  2. I would think the engine side Most other applications I have seen are that way
  3. Don't chuck them out cobber just in case I make a stuff up
  4. Rich the profile is different or that beautiful 27 four on that I have would have been cut and extended for more width The curve on my up rights are not as severe as on your one I can see that I will be sealing one end and packing it with dry sand then sealing the other end before attempting the make any bends At present I am rust repairing doors from a 4CV Renault tis very hard welding tissue paper and while doing this I am pondering ideas on how to attack this frame
  5. Sorry Matt The tummy has got the WRONG profile
  6. Looking good Matt That was all missing out of my car but remnants were in the wreck that I bought My late Father in law made one for me and it became a birthday present
  7. Thanks Rich I have seen that I have tried to get in touch with Rob without any luck I believe that he has shut up shop Dont know if it's temp or permanent
  8. Sorry Rich I have just given you another job They are worn, should be parallel. I dismantled all of my locks because they were so worn in the same area as yours and also on the part that where the outside handle fits in was crook Welded all of them up just like new ones now Word of warning if you have to dismantle them heat the little tangs up to cherry red before you try to straighten them . If not they will snap off Hope I have been of some help
  9. Do you know which company made the original ?
  10. With this shot it looks like you're goin down hill
  11. I am helping a mate with the restoration of a 29 Buick Standard He is missing the 2 brackets that come up behind the front door pillars and follow the curve of the cowl This bracket doubles up as a windshield support Does any one have a pair to spare or I will have to fabricate a couple
  12. Aunty Norm said to me that they look long They are just under 4 inches by 1 3/4 wide You need a good light with the idiots that we have to contend with
  13. Rich, If you set every thing up with your body on the chassis then remove it for painting I can't see any major problems as it will be going back with the same spacers etc
  14. They are both originals Anthony The "Senior " was on the car when I got it and the crank hole cover came from Dick Perry I did reproduce the word Senior for my old mate Terry Carol Aka "Aunty Norm" for his Senior sedan I don't think that I could do another one as the arthritis in my hands is getting worse There was a lot of work in making it using small Jewelers files to get the shapes of the letters
  15. Even folks from the Land Down Under have been worried for all of you Bush fires are scary things As you all know we have our share in Aust. So glad and relieved to hear that prayers have been answered For many the loss and devistation is cruel Four years ago the little town of Yarloop where I was born was raised to the ground and I still feel the pain Take care everyone 2020 can only get better (We Hope)
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