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  1. I have an Australian 63 S Series Valiant Very original car with 137,000 miles on the clock
  2. Ozstatman I am restoring a 1928 Dodge Brothers Senior with a Tourer body by Holdens in Adelaide and the handles on it are pot metal and bakelite
  3. There is a guy in Albany Western Australia by the name of Jens Gilling He is a member of the DBCof Aust and he repos new steering wheel rims 1st class work too
  4. mpgp Did you use soft lead solder or silver solder as used in plumbing to join copper pipes If you have used lead solder I dont think it can be nickled over
  5. Thank you John that is just perfect I have found one for a friend in N Z (I am in Ozz) and just wanted to make sure that it's from a D A and not a Victory
  6. Can any of you guys post a photo of a 29 D A gas tank cover Thank you Ron
  7. No problems Have you had the engine out of your car?
  8. I have some spares Anthony Do you need just the adjuster or the complete lifter
  9. On the Senior the fitting in the block that is the inlet line to the filter is a restricted fitting The original material in the filter looked like felt inside a perforated metal cage I have made a modification to mine and use a more modern filter cartridge
  10. A product called Hylomar is recommended for use on head gaskets
  11. I am looking for the Left and Right hood sills for a 1928 Dodge Brothers Senior 2249 series or 2251 series
  12. I will have a look tomorrow for you Tony
  13. Sorry Stakeside I am a technology retard when it comes to computers Can't work out how to post photos
  14. I am in the process of rebuilding the M/C from my 2249 Senior and I made a startling discovery The M/C on my car had the threaded plug hole with the thread external on the lid that is held on by 6 bolts I have 2 other spares that I have collected over the years and on of them was the same as the one from my car However the other one has the thread internal on the lid .I assumed that someone had put the odd one out together wrong until I checked the spare parts book and it clearly shows the thread internally in the M/C I wonder how many others are around with the M/C lid on upside down