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  1. Ron Lawson

    FS 1927 Fast Four engine and transmission

    Mike I had a crack in the block of my very rare 1913 Mors And I used a product that is Aussie made called Youngs Superseal Worked a treat Guaranteed NOT to clog radiators All I had to do was block off the over flow tube so that the system presureized enough the make the sealant flow to the crack and seal it Twenty mins later all fixed This crack was 2 inches long
  2. I have a friend here in Ozz that is looking for new front outer wheel bearings for a 29 roadster that he is restoring Are these bearings available in the U.S and if so does anyone have the number for the bearing and cone Thank you Ron
  3. Ron Lawson

    Senior Six Questions for Car and Truck guys

    My book lists the manifold gasket to block as #201653 This is for the 2249 through to the DB
  4. Ron Lawson

    Senior Six Questions for Car and Truck guys

    30 DP The manifold that is in the Manual that you have posted is identical to the one fitted to the Senior Six engines that I have The Car engines that came "Downunder" did not have the heat control fitted
  5. Ron Lawson

    1927/28 Tourer windshield / windscreen

    Rich the rubber across the cowl looks good I am only going by the way the one is on my wife's 27 Chev I can't comment on the side rubbers as the Chev doesn't have any
  6. Ron Lawson

    1927/28 Tourer windshield / windscreen

    Looks bloody great cobber
  7. Ron Lawson

    Another Brake adjustment Post

    Most "Modern" brake people put a too hard of a lining on them The linings should be soft The may wear a little quicker but at least they work on the steel drums
  8. Ron Lawson

    Senior Six Questions for Car and Truck guys

    Checked in my master parts book for my 2249 Series Senior Six and the head gaskets are the same as the part # i posted previously However there are two Cylinder Heads listed part# 201754 for cars up to and including IS 24721 ans Cylinder head part# 201767 for cars above IS 24721 I hope that I have been of help piecing the pieces together The DB world is one big Jig Saw
  9. Ron Lawson

    Senior Six Questions for Car and Truck guys

    The information that I have shoes the same part # for all the Senior Six engines and the # is 201646 and there appears that there was no change in production of these engines I have another source of information that I can access in the morning so I will check that and let you know if there are differences
  10. Ron Lawson

    1927/28 Tourer windshield / windscreen

    Rich How did you reshape the bottom and the sides to suit your requirements?
  11. Ron Lawson

    Heat riser on DA

    That's what happens when one makes an observation with sleepy dust still in their eyes
  12. Ron Lawson

    Heat riser on DA

    Just my observation The manifold that Dodgenz is chasing the outlet is t the rear The one that John has the outlet is at the front
  13. Ron Lawson

    Senior Six Conrod

    Glad that you have found some spares SSC
  14. Ron Lawson

    Starting Dodge Four restoration.

    Glad the wedding went off well Matt You didn't need any more headaches like you had on the way to the rally
  15. Ron Lawson

    Senior Six Conrod

    I am led to believe that the Senior Series engine was designed by Dodge Brothers and was manufactured by Continental The Chiltons Interchangerbitity book would soon clarify the problem