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  1. Hooray!!! you can go to the top of the class Stake side
  2. DB26 You have learned nothing new at all All you have learned is that someone has put the wrong globes in the taillights on both occasions Stakeside has noted in his illustration for the main tail light a 6 volt 21/3 cp and a 3 cp for the vertical which would be the brake light Now in the Land Downunder the brake light is always brighter than the tail light If he fits these globes from Restoration Supplies the tail light will be the brightest WRONG However some folk just don't listen to the correct advice My old man used to call me a tail light Recons I was too dull to be a brake light
  3. You will find that the "second" contact as you see it is the feed via a brass connection to the upper part where the brake light globe fits It is easy to work out The lower section is the tail light which is not as bright as the stop light so why would the tail light part have a duel filament globe
  4. Just keeping you on your toes there cobber I knew that you would not lower the incredible standard that you have set with this restoration
  5. I hope that they are not metric bolts there Ian
  6. Good luck Anthony I hope you have fixed the problem These little njggly buggers can be very frustrating
  7. Your picture answers my question The sediment bowel that I have won't fit
  8. Anthony, Does your Vac tank have one single outlet in the bottom or two If you have a one hole version I can send you a sediment bowl to suit
  9. Matt I can remember things from years ago as if it were yesterday ask me something about yesterday and i haven't got a clue
  10. Matt back again I have a photo of your car when it was driven to Western Australia in 1979 for Rally West Boy its a small world I will post them to you
  11. Wow Matt, That is so special When I bought my 2249 donkeys years ago the Cockie that was the new owner of the property gave me the previous owners name and phone # When he sold the farm he was a Widower and he retired to Exmouth I rang him and introduced myself over the phone and asked him about the car He asked Which one I bought and when I replied the Dodge he sad "You've got a bloody good car there mate and proceeded to tell me the history of the car that they had owned since 1946 I asked him if he had any photos of the car and he said yes and he would find them and pass them on to me The poor old bugger passed away 2 weeks after I spoke to him He was 92 So I never got my photos But it was so up lifting to speak to him and boy did my car have an interesting life
  12. Make sure you put a new rubber washer on the new plug
  13. I can vouch for that Ian. Anthony Bryant aka Gundog has been of immense help to me with my 2249 Touring. As you said a photo or some measurements are just the ants pants especially when there was so much of the rear part of my car that was missing These forums get a big thumbs up from me