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  1. Video of car running is now here: https://youtu.be/S4hOgv9qTKM under "1923 Chevy Superior"
  2. Car is for sale and bumping up to the top for fresh eyes and offers.
  3. Thanks Gary, its all there and in pretty good shape. I would keep it, but I have a couple other balls in the air financially that are pressing. If I only had more space and was independently wealthy, (sigh)
  4. (SOLD) 1923 Chevrolet Superior 490 Touring Car. Original motor and 3-speed transmission. Runs and drives, clear open title. Newer roof, new head gasket and valve job, interior upholstery and wiring. Starts and runs well, I am having the carburetor professionally cleaned and will be back any day now. Need to sell for financial needs. Has demountable wheels. convertible roof, original horn and has recently had the radiator cleaned and re-cored by a shop. A bit of damage on the passenger side in front of the running board and tires look decent but are older. There are gobs of Model T's out there
  5. Anyone know if anyone rebuilds or makes a rebuilding kit for the GG?
  6. Looking fr a rebuilt or rebuilder for a Zenith 04 half-brass carburetor. Came off a '23 Chevrolet Superior. Contact Jim at 630-935-8561
  7. I have a '23 Chevy that has an old Zenith 04 carburetor that needs a full rebuild. Just wanted to see if someone does this or has one rebuilt for sale? Thanks, Jim Chochole
  8. Yes, the paint is a deep blue metallic. The original color of the car was blue in 62. Price lowered to $7K or best offer.
  9. Thanks fellers! Much appreciate the compliments. Would possibly also trade for a 1920s or 1930s car. YouTube.com short video:
  10. **car has been sold***Nicely restored 1962 Dodge Dart for sale. Starts, runs and drives well. Smooth and quiet running 318 Poly V-8 engine with about 100K miles. All seat upholstery re-done in period fabrics, solid floors, metallic deep blue paint, new wheels & tires, good manual brakes. Original Poly 318 and push-button trans are solid. Shifts perfectly. Newer dual updated exhaust, cleaned gas tank and rebuilt carburetor.
  11. I have a friend who owns this GP 1929 612 Roadster and wondered if someone has a value ballpark? It runs and drives but has had the trans replaced with a more modern 4-speed. Can anyone ballpark an estimate? Thanks, Jim
  12. So sorry guys, that's an important detail left off. Mercer is right, asking $9500 but open to offers. I am headed towards a Model T Ford instead of an A.
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