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  1. very nice brass arm and cowl light shell. Threaded bolts are intact. Check the photos $35.00 plus shipping. Private message please for questions. Thanks, Terry
  2. Dave, I still have the 2 Byrne- Kingston oil vac tanks shown if you are interested. Terry
  3. keiser31, Thanks for the ID.
  4. This looks just like a DA Dodge with the exception that it has rivets instead of screws holding the light shell to the arm and has what appear to be carraige bolts that hold the light to the cowl. I have seen many of the carriage bolt style cowl lights, I have never seen a riveted light like this. The arm is brass. When I think about it I never checked any of the cars for rivets, I just assumed that they all used screws. Thanks, Terry.
  5. ply33, I appreciate your help checking the parts books. The search continues. Thank you, Terry
  6. Spinneyhill, The metal clamp may verywell be there to only retain the leather grease retainer. In the 1st photo I tried to show the order of assembly. 2nd photo shows asembled with ball stud and bottom race. You can see that there is a double step counter bore remaining above the bottom race. Most likely a bottom plate located there. 3rd photo shows grinding marks on the bottom of the forging where the bottom plate was removed. It appears that this was just like any other tie rod end. It has an expensive leather seal retainer clamp that was done away with. Interesting though, I have another tie rod end that has a leather boot that is swaged in place. Perhaps it was the next evolution in leather seal design. My 29 Dodge has no seals externally as these do. Things evolved rapidly in the late 20's and 30's. It is a shame that these cannot be identified. Thank you, Terry
  7. Spinneyhill, Bolt taper--- large dia.-- .683" small dia.-.600" distance between-- .780" Threaded end---.500"-20 TPI Is this a 3° taper? The threaded bore for the tie rod is .810" ID. with 16 TPI. The only choice from the charts for the actual tie rod is .875"-16 TPI. I hope this helps and I surely do appreciate your help. Thank you,Terry
  8. I picked up three of these years ago but never knew what car they were for. They are marked as a Chrysler product and the part number is showing in the first photo. All three are the same and although shelfworn they are NOS. I'm hoping that someone can use them. Thanks, Terry
  9. 60ch


    Restoration Specialties has what you need. Terry
  10. PFitz, Thank you for the photos and the explanation on the hidem. A hugh help for me and I"m sure others. Terry
  11. PFitz, Did you use a material folder to form the black hidem as you did the sewing? I am trying to reproduce the hidem used on the front seat side wings of my 29 DA dodge. I have a compound feed Consew machine but I cannot fit enough fingers into the the work space to get the consistancy needed for a nice job. Thank you, Terry
  12. Wood wheels were an aftermarket item available for model A Fords. Very scarce. Have only seen pictures of them. I suspect that the wheels on that car are not wood, but something else.
  13. Research this model car, past sale prices, parts wanted and parts for sale. Research the brake system. Is it mechanical or hydraulic, what is available? Is the body wood framed? You usually can't see the wood framing but it is very difficult to repair unless you are a serious wood worker. Right now it looks beautful, the interior is very nice as is the outside but unless you know Grahams or know someone that does, you are flying blind. A car is only worth what someone is wiilling to pay. You will be paying for it. Due dilligence is required. I don't think that you could do a frame off restoration for $20,000 today on any car even if you learned all of the skills required. If you buy it you may become the official Graham garu on this site. Good luck.
  14. Dave, Being 12" drums, are they the same as 29 DA model droms?
  15. How is the strap length determined to correctly set up these shocks on a car? I have no complete original straps but I do have all of the hardware. I had thought that with the car on flat pavement, the shock arms would be parallel to the pavement and the straps adjusted to hold them in that position. The strap material is expensive so I thought it best to ask. Thank you, Terry