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  1. Thank you all for your very helpful replies. Terry
  2. Does anybody know what the angle of taper the Chrysler corporation used on the rear axles of their cars? Was the taper the same for all of the cars? Thanks, Terry
  3. Have any of the 29-30 DA owners ever used the Ammco model 1750 brake gage on the rear brakes of their DAs? I have used this gage effectively on the front brakes on my DA but unless the gage is modified I can't see it fitting over the threads or taper of the rear axles. If anyone has devised a way to use the tool please let me know. These are high dollar tools and I don't want to make any permanent changes. Thanks, Terry
  4. 60ch


    Do you have any part numbers for the shocks you are looking for? Several cars could use the same shock hydraulic unit but may have a different supplemental bracket for attachment.
  5. 60ch

    29 DA dash pull label source

    Bullfrog and Bob, Thanks for the info.The order is in
  6. Can anybody tell me where to get reproduction dash knob labels or decals for the four dash pulls on the DA? Thanks, Terry
  7. What is the condition of the drums and backing plates and what is the price?
  8. Bob, I received the bushing yesterday and it fits perfectly. You did an outstanding job. Thanks again, Terry
  9. Bob, I have sent you a message. You are very kind and I thank you very much. I had considered using .875"" brass tube with an .030" wall. The plan was to remove a strip .198" wide to give it the circumference of the .812" tube. It would be easier to re-roll on the .750" shaft since it would just need to be closed up. After pricing brass shim stock I found that the tube from on line metal was only $5.22 for a 10" to 12" random length. Terry
  10. The original bushing/ bearing is a very thin brass sheet that is rolled to create the desired ID and OD. The dimensions that I took are correct. The wall thickness of the original is .031" . The bushings that are listed are cast and get weak when machined too thin. That may be the only option if originals are not available. Thank you, Terry
  11. I am trying to replace the clutch and brake pedal bushings in a set of 35 Chrysler C-6 pedals. I believe that most of the Chrysler product used the same master cylinder/clutch and brake pedal assembly mounted to the frame if they had rubber motor mounts. I had a complete bracket assembly from a 35 Dodge that was the same. These are thin walled split bushings OD to fit .812" hole in pedal, ID to fit .750' shaft. The bushings are 1 3/4" long. I cannot find these. Does anyone know who sells these? There are a lot of these cars out there. Thanks Terry
  12. 60ch

    Another one for Keiser

    The shape of the lights, the lenses and the broken die cast arms appear to be 1929 Dodge DA model after the switch from the earlier Two lite lenses.
  13. I would like to buy 4 Dodge DA brake shoes for relining. Looking for good ones with no damage to the anchor pin holes or wallowed out rivet holes. Thanks, Terry
  14. 60ch

    Cracked valve seat.

    Have a new seat installed. If you don't you will not have confidence in the engine and that takes the fun out of it. You didn't spend all that money for that.
  15. The trunk rack is not original for the 29-30 DA.