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  1. How is the strap length determined to correctly set up these shocks on a car? I have no complete original straps but I do have all of the hardware. I had thought that with the car on flat pavement, the shock arms would be parallel to the pavement and the straps adjusted to hold them in that position. The strap material is expensive so I thought it best to ask. Thank you, Terry
  2. Stuart, I have a bracket that looks like the one you need. If you are still looking, check these photos and let me know. Thank you, Terry
  3. Spinneyhill, I cant find any identification of the manufacturer but you are correct about the lock ring land. I had originally intended to use the Lock ring on my 29 Dodge. I thought that they were all the same. I was surprised when I got the ring off. It is a really nice wheel and lock ring, no dents or bad rust issues. It is a heavy wheel, way heavier than the Dodge Budd wheel.
  4. Looks like a military tail light lens and rim. At one time it was olive drab in color.
  5. Thanks to all of you that replied. Checking the buick photos, It looks lke the rim is for a Buick. A friend had this by his barn. I noticed the lock ring and that it was a 19" wheel and thinking that the lock ring would fit my 29 Dodge, he gave me the wheel. I found that the lock ring was different than the ones used on the Dodge. I will post it in the Buick section. I hope someone can use it.
  6. Mark, Maybe you know some other Pierce Arrow owners that have wire wheels. Keep me in mind. Thanks for your reply. Terry
  7. Can anyone identify this wheel. 19", 6 lug holes on 6 1/2" centers, 8 1/2" hubcap opening, 40 spokes laced through the hub, welded to the rim. Lock ring mounts to the outside of the wheel. This wheel had a 6:50 X 19" tire on it. Thank you.
  8. I need to store a restored car outside on a concrete driveway for about 4 months. Can anyone suggest a manufacturer of well made water proof custom made covers?
  9. Thank you all for your very helpful replies. Terry
  10. Does anybody know what the angle of taper the Chrysler corporation used on the rear axles of their cars? Was the taper the same for all of the cars? Thanks, Terry
  11. Have any of the 29-30 DA owners ever used the Ammco model 1750 brake gage on the rear brakes of their DAs? I have used this gage effectively on the front brakes on my DA but unless the gage is modified I can't see it fitting over the threads or taper of the rear axles. If anyone has devised a way to use the tool please let me know. These are high dollar tools and I don't want to make any permanent changes. Thanks, Terry
  12. 60ch


    Do you have any part numbers for the shocks you are looking for? Several cars could use the same shock hydraulic unit but may have a different supplemental bracket for attachment.
  13. Bullfrog and Bob, Thanks for the info.The order is in
  14. Can anybody tell me where to get reproduction dash knob labels or decals for the four dash pulls on the DA? Thanks, Terry
  15. What is the condition of the drums and backing plates and what is the price?